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Edward Snowden just made an impassioned argument for why privacy is the most important right

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Edward Snowden came to Hollywood Wednesday night, although via webcam.

The American NSA whistleblower, who’s currently living in Russia, joined a Q&A for a screening in New York City of the new Oliver Stone-directed film “Snowden,” about Snowden’s life and his decision to leak NSA documents in 2013 exposing the extent of government surveillance on private citizens. 749 more words


Bill Clinton, After a Year of Restraint, Unleashes an Impassioned Self-Defense - NYTimes.com

From his speech:

“Did I solve every problem? No,” he told a crowd on Wednesday in Orlando, Fla. “Did I get caught trying? You bet.” 146 more words


the fragrant candle splutters in its sconce,
silken nightgown slowly slithers to the ground,
wantonly grin, pleased at your body’s response,
for such impassioned blood, through veins must pound. 85 more words

Erotic Poetry

Afternoon Delight

The vision of love made this afternoon is embedded in my memory.

The view of your body writhing in pleasure aloft my rod is seared into my retina. 34 more words


Wedding Memories

White shimmering silk not seen since our wedding night, gently packed each day to mark another year of covenant. Opportunity presented itself, but snow like intimate covering never utilized. 114 more words