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Flowers - Part II

I showed you pictures of the new plants I planted on our deck. I took some pics a couple of days ago of the flowers I just planted in the rest of the yard, plus a couple of others I wanted to share with you. 201 more words


Chic Hen

colorful chic hen
ceramic tattoo plumage
blooming impatiens


New Plants!

Yesterday I told you I spent the afternoon and early evening planting new plants, mostly on the deck.

We have two of these pretty burgundy wave petunias. 193 more words


Lunch with a Blackbird

A warm day meant the sliding door was open.  Near this door  is our dining table.  Just outside this door is a collection of potted plants and a plastic bowl full of water for the birds to drink from. 33 more words

A brief houseplant tour - early 2017

A tour of my modest collection of houseplants so I can record and chronicle their growth.

Pothos vines:

Tropical hibiscus plant:

Banana tree:

Peace lilies: 102 more words


Yoga in the Garden

Winter has been surprisingly warm this year; the end of February is a balmy 60 degrees. In my neighborhood college students are wandering around in shorts, kids are out on scooters, and Canada Goose winter jackets with coyote fur trim have been temporarily put away. 915 more words