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Curtains For The Boy Wonder!

As you can see, Robin never had a chance.

Even The Dark Knight was no match for the assailant.

Soon the culprit was located. Not The Joker. 34 more words

Ranty life updates & peace offering

I feel like I haven’t posted anything in such a long time, but in actuality it’s been just four days! I completely blame #blogging101 for making me dependent on having someone tell me what type of posts to do. 733 more words


If The Guilty Side-Eye Didn't Give U Away...

….the garbage can lid did. Just sayin.’

(No sound on this one; Andrew Y. saw it on 9Gag.)

Poll: We're Gonna Do WHAT?

“This is Camilla Barker Freckletocks. She wakes up like this! Thanks for allowing me to share the cute!” -Joy

More importantly, what did CBF just hear that gave her this expression? 16 more words

"Hey Honey? I Left Some Tater Tots™ In The Kitchen For You"

“I’m in the kitchen. I don’t see any Tater Tots™. Wait a minute. Someone looks guilty. Hold on. Ralph? Get over here STAT.”

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(From RantPets.)

The Robots are Coming! - A Review of Rise of the Robots by Martin Ford

Armies of metallic soldiers attacking fleeing humans, monotone machines refusing to open air lock doors, malfunctioning androids on murderous rampages – popular culture has done much to disseminate anxiety inducing images of the dangers posed by robots and artificial intelligence systems. 3,423 more words