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Caturday Night: Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark

“I couldn’t find my cat, Elvira… she’s always hiding, so that’s nothing new, but we live in a small apartment, and there aren’t that many places for her to hide. 28 more words

The Weight Issue

Doesn’t that sound like the cover of a trashy magazine!

US weekly brings you the weight issue! Nicole Ritchie only 3kgs! And a healthy looking actress! 159 more words


Five Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

Let’s face it, they march to the beat of a different drummer. As a rule, they’re rather inscrutable and hard to read. What’s going on in that little noggin? 6 more words

Living in the Exterminable Epoch

The end of the world comes in a variety of flavors: the wrath of god, catastrophic storms, gigantic asteroids, unstoppable plague, climate change, nuclear Armageddon…and the list goes on. 1,903 more words


Cold As Ice

That Big Bull Mastiff Puppeh has NO problem dropping a dime on the Toilet Paper Caper Culprit. #Payback

Towards a Bright Mountain: Laudato Si' as Critique of Technology

“We hate the people who make us form the connections we do not want to form.” – Simone Weil

  1. Repairing Our Common Home

When confronted with the unsettling reality of the world it is easy to feel overwhelmed and insignificant.

7,624 more words