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In a Rut

From time to time I get these weird hunches. Gut instinct, I guess, or a feeling like something isn’t right or something is gonna happen. 289 more words


Niko...Did YOU Chew Up The Pen?

Come on now, little guy. Was it you? Did you- wait, Niko! Where are you going?

Headline THIS: Day 11: They Still Think I’m A Hairball. Disguise Working.

Maggie and Ella The Goldies are oblivious to the world, and Dave The Cat is…somewhat disgruntled. Write up your best headline, and we’ll post the best one at 1pm PT… 59 more words


… Springing through fated infinity

Fool’s fearlessly rush to and fro…

How could youth have escaped my embrace?

Did I protest or simply let go? 85 more words