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Contemplating my options on a Wreck-Free Sunday

At this point I still Haven’t been contacted by the surgeon who will handle my case, so I don’t know when I get cut open. I only know I will get cut open and that ugly hunk of fat removed at some time in the near future. 520 more words

Wreck-free Sunday Post


Of my prophetic friends, I have a 50/50 chance of hearing such an announcement.  But honestly what I hear is the computer on the bridge of the starship Enterprise. 574 more words

Faith Living Now


How then can we see our way when life’s problems afflict us, when we are storm tossed and our boat is about to overturn? We must remember the… 213 more words

But on the other hand...it's a really nice day

“I do not believe that things will turn out well, but the idea that they might is of decisive importance.” – Max Horkheimer

1. Nice days can be disorienting.

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Wonder What Happens If I Does THIS?

“This is my kitty Rosie. She is a rascal! She turns on the water herself for a drink or a bath!” -Alana P.

Bellwork #15

Read Demon Lover and choose one literary criticism, explain why you think that fits the story best, then give 3 examples.

First, before I do a literary analysis of Demon Lover, I will describe my personal response. 266 more words