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stands vigilant by white fence
tense with thoughts of impending ruin
din of banshee
hoary wails
jackals calling out
knout the mind

purblind soul seeking solace… 78 more words

My Poetry

Oh My God, I'm Going To Die!

Do you ever find yourself having a totally exaggerated thought responses? I mean ‘Man Flu‘ is a great example – guys, you’re with me when I say that when you’ve got it really bad the thought ‘ 805 more words

What to Do When the Internet Stops Working in Your Library

There may come a day when you find yourself happily sitting in a library only to have your pleasant feelings disrupted by the recognition that the Internet has stopped working. 2,141 more words


it's just the worst joke ever

seriously, any american friends that wanna shed some light on their crazy politics?  send me a message.   Why am I nervous?  it’s not even my country you say?   8 more words


Facebook Reactions Are No Laughing Matter

Prepare yourself for a not particularly shocking observation: when it comes to interpersonal communication, there are certain types of information that are not conveyed particularly well by information technology. 3,714 more words


The Winters Of Cindy's Discontent

Link To Today’s Strip

Uh-oh. Cindy’s always-troublesome insecurity issues are about to come racing to the fore again, as her beau Mason will be co-starring with the “cute” Marianne Winters, as opposed to whatever old tired hag was originally scheduled to play the part in the film that never, ever will be completed. 153 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

looking back. moving forward

I forgot how exhausting counseling can be. in a good way. but exhausting none the less. I had plans for this afternoon but seriously spent all afternoon in bed, talking with a few friends, trying to nap. 332 more words