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Square One

Here i am. Square one. Unfillterated. Un adulterated. Transparent. Me.
I always find myself coming to this. Having this conversation with myself. This time its in the middle of a different conversation that I'm having with my friends. 139 more words

The Apocalyptic Turn

It is a desperate deed
to upbraid despair
for despair makes our life what it is.
It thinks out
what we flee from.

– Erich Fried…

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Amazon is hungry for more

Here is a joke:

Question – Why did the online retailer renowned for its super cheap prices buy a brick and mortar grocery chain known for its ridiculously high prices? 1,671 more words


Apple is all ears

Once upon a time, if somebody claimed that there were microphones installed in their home that were listening in on their every word they would be dismissed as a paranoid kook. 1,671 more words


"Thinking ad pessimum" - Notes Towards a Productive Pessimism

Even the Flood
Did not last for ever.
There came a time
When the black waters ebbed.
Yes, but how few
Have lasted longer.
– Brecht (“Reading Horace”)

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When God Says, “Enough!”

Woe to the bloody city,
    all full of lies and plunder—
    no end to the prey!
The crack of the whip, and rumble of the wheel, 1,588 more words


It's ok if you want to cry...

If a message were to suddenly appear on your computer screen informing you that all of your material had been encrypted and that you would have to pay a ransom in bitcoins to decrypt it, chances are you’d have several questions. 1,274 more words