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In Honor Of Our Impending Doom...

“Around the world the nations wait
For some wise words from their leading light
You know it’s not only madmen who listen to fools”

Some classic Iron Maiden right here. 31 more words

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The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.

One of my favorite quotes from Dodie Smith. 

I had a great weekend to say the least. I spent enough time at home and in my own bed to rejuvenate. 595 more words


"Atomic warfare means universal extermination"

In 1946, Lewis Mumford penned an article in The Saturday Review of Literature under the none-too-subtle title “Gentlemen: You are Mad!” Over the course of two pages Mumford denounced as “madmen” those who were dreaming of researching, building, and perhaps using atomic weaponry. 1,880 more words


A chip off technology's block

Of the various characters who populate our computer dominated society, one of the most curious sorts is the “early adopter.” These are the figures found sprinting headlong to the frontier of technological advancement eagerly purchasing, signing up for, and excitedly embracing whatever manner of new doodad they find there. 1,704 more words



Today’s strip severely undersells the concept of miracles.

“Hmmm… we may have just gotten one.” For serious, Jeff, that’s your reaction to information that may well have just saved your son’s livelihood and your nostalgic obsession? 101 more words

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Valentine's Day, August 1

Today’s strip was not available for preview. It will, almost assuredly, be about Max Murdoch’s imperiled Valentine Theater though.

But before The Valentine was Max’s imperiled theater, it was… 149 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

The Loan Punman

Welcome, everyone, to that damn Crankshaft theater. Today’s strip finds us back in the middling maudlin morass that came to define this strip during Act II. 105 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky