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Rocks or ticker-tape? A review of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by Douglas Rushkoff

Digital technologies are often touted for their transformative potential. The Internet has made a massive amount of information easily accessible to its users, social media provides new ways of connecting, rebelling and keeping in touch, while digitization means that you can carry a whole bookshelf worth of books in your pocket. 4,146 more words


Where Is Your Promised Land?

I live in a desert.

I don’t say this just because I actually happen to live in an actual desert (which, I do!). I say this because I am living in both a physical and mental desert. 1,131 more words


New Users Please

Manager: We need two new users by tomorrow setup with email and accounts.

Me: We don’t have the user licenses for that and the order will take until at least Tuesday to get here. 91 more words



In a world where IT runs a large majority of EVERYTHING, most companies need an IT person. When they get one, it is standard practice to ignore everything they are saying. 63 more words

Impending Doom

AI and Drones and Bio-engineering, oh my! - A Review of A Dangerous Master by Wendell Wallach

Popular culture is lousy with tales of techno-science escaping human control. And as these stories — involving rebelling robots, murderous artificial intelligence systems, and genetically modified chimeras on a warpath – testify, the results of these creations breaking their human made shackles is rarely particularly good for humanity. 2,916 more words


Prefixes in Uncertain Times: Reconfiguring the Human in the Human-Built World

One could be easily forgiven for thinking that the present is a troubling time to be human.

The specter of catastrophic climate change looms larger by the week, rapidly appearing technological advances threaten to destabilize societies that already look quite unstable, while individuals come to feel ever more entangled with their various techno-gizmos.

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stands vigilant by white fence
tense with thoughts of impending ruin
din of banshee
hoary wails
jackals calling out
knout the mind

purblind soul seeking solace… 78 more words

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