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Interview: Alex Benjamin of TwT's 'Impending Doom'

We sat down with the co-director and creative genius behind ‘Impending Doom’ Alex Benjamin.

What was your inspiration?

A while back I did an adaptation of one of the Grimm fairy tales- Godfather Death-where the figure of Death was humanized. 744 more words


What's Wrong With This Photo?™ (Vol. 1)

Today, we roll out a new feature post called, “What’s Wrong With This Photo?™” Now let’s examine this photo as spotted on Reddit. Our contestants are a big doggeh rockin’ some wicked side-eye, … 16 more words

If U Hoped Yoda Was In The New Star Wars...

….I think that ship has sailed. Killed him, he did. (DP&F.)

Headline THIS! (So Much Is At Steak Right Now)

(*Update 1:10pm PT:So much is at steak right now” from Phoenix (in the grand Oakley tradition) scores in today’s Headline THIS! Thanks to everyone who commented! 57 more words

Let Us Away

Let us away and make hay

For tomorrow we must pay

Let us frolic the live long day

But tomorrow we must pay


Review: TwT's Impending Doom

Photo credit: Theatre with Teeth

The lights flicker on to show two young men sitting at a table strewn with old newspapers and celebrity magazines. There is an oddly tasteful combination of a Star Wars poster and a grisly depiction of the Apocalypse adorning the back wall. 438 more words