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Prescience and Pessimism

Truly, I live in dark times!

The guileless word is folly. A smooth forehead

Suggests insensitivity. The man who laughs

Has simply not yet had…

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What could go wrong? Another question to ask of new technology

Those who spend a lot of time traveling by airplane steadily grow accustomed to the standard spiel issued by members of the TSA and airline personnel. 1,722 more words


Into and out of the woods - a review of Captain Fantastic

Supermarkets, strip malls, smart phones, school – for many, such are the unexceptional features of daily life. And though some people may occasionally experience dissatisfaction with the society in which these things have become commonplace, to genuinely reject any of them would seem odd, laughably idealistic, or dangerously antisocial. 2,851 more words


Owning Our Oddities.

(Here is a post from guest blogger, Corey Rotella! I hope you enjoy this.)

Ah anxiety. It’s good to see you, old friend. I felt that nagging vague fear attempt to sneak in the back door of my mind. 931 more words

Rocks or ticker-tape? A review of Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by Douglas Rushkoff

Digital technologies are often touted for their transformative potential. The Internet has made a massive amount of information easily accessible to its users, social media provides new ways of connecting, rebelling and keeping in touch, while digitization means that you can carry a whole bookshelf worth of books in your pocket. 4,146 more words


Where Is Your Promised Land?

I live in a desert.

I don’t say this just because I actually happen to live in an actual desert (which, I do!). I say this because I am living in both a physical and mental desert. 1,131 more words