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The problem isn’t the robots...it’s the bosses

Let us begin with two stories:

Sam is nervous. Having applied for a job, Sam is now waiting to be interviewed for the position. Fidgeting slightly in the waiting room and running over the questions that will probably be asked by the interviewer, Sam tries to remember that there’s no reason why Sam wouldn’t get this job. 3,424 more words


The Internet of Things...that spy on you

There is a sequence in the horror film 28 Days Later in which the protagonists find that they have to drive through a dark tunnel. As the car idles outside of the tunnel’s opening for a few moments it becomes obvious to the viewer that driving through the tunnel will not be without incident. 1,191 more words




She walked near the meadow alone, her pen tucked
Neatly behind her ear,
Her inner timer set to ‘soon’. Along the garden path, 93 more words

Don't like what you see? - A review of Season Three of Black Mirror

“The future is not a blank page; and neither is it an open book.” – Lewis Mumford


When the daily news takes on a particularly grim sheen it can be oddly comforting to seek the escapism provided by dystopian science fiction.

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IG: Instant gratification 

We celebrate every moment. Back in the day, there was no time to stop and take stock. Freedom came with a lot of free time. Small achievements feel like lifetime victories. 77 more words

Well...that happened - reflections on a joke

The guileless word is folly. A smooth forehead

Suggests insensitivity. The man who laughs

Has simply not yet had

The terrible news.

– Brecht (“To Those Born Later”)

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Understanding Fascism - making sense of dark times

“No other method exists for acquiring knowledge about the human heart than the study of history coupled with experience of life, in such a way that the two throw light upon each other.

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