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Deathcore band As Earth Fades releases new single

Christian deathcore As Earth Fades, who recently came off a brief hiatus are back at it again with a new single , “The Great Falsehood”. 125 more words

Christian Metal

Falling Backwards: Satanic Stage Theatrics and the coming deaths of apostates

Trinity Broadcasting Network-“TBN” has the Father of the Roman Catholic Church (Pope “Francis”) as it’s highest spiritual authority, and one of the most iconic and influential ministers of darkness in the kingdom of “Babylon the Great” is none other than Benny Hinn, priest of the false god baal, deceiver of the flock, wretched apostate, child of the Whore and mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. 1,068 more words

Ruach Hakodesh/Holy Spirit

What If...


Sitting at a wooden table supported by metal legs, a young student spreads his thoughts across the lines of blank white paper. Black clothing covers the teen’s body, making the student look like a shadow in the dimly lit room. 229 more words

Technological Resolutions for 2018

The early weeks of January represent a precious liminal period in which many people seek to establish new patterns that they hope to follow for the new year. 2,603 more words


From Net Neutrality to the Net's New Reality

There is a chance that this page took quite a while to load. Or that this particular site is now taking longer to load than it did in the past. 2,626 more words


To-do List

The postman arrives

with the to-do list of doom

holding it out like the poison it is,

dripping its case for me to assess

as I take it from his trembling hands. 56 more words



I Am Heir is a metal/deathcore band from McAllen, Texas. I spoke with vocalist Matt Klein about their new EP, living out the Christian faith and upcoming plans on touring and music. 1,391 more words