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When God Says, “Enough!”

Woe to the bloody city,
    all full of lies and plunder—
    no end to the prey!
The crack of the whip, and rumble of the wheel, 1,588 more words


It's ok if you want to cry...

If a message were to suddenly appear on your computer screen informing you that all of your material had been encrypted and that you would have to pay a ransom in bitcoins to decrypt it, chances are you’d have several questions. 1,274 more words



From time to time I fantasize about buying a rental property for a little side income, but then I talk to someone who made that mistake already and decide against it. 190 more words

Signs Of The End TImes

A Conversation With Myself After Being Told I Had 24 More Credits Until I Graduate

Are you scared?

I have never been more terrified.

                                    I feel as some people do about tight spaces,


                                    Or heights.

But this is part of life. 47 more words

When real life emulates dystopia...it isn't a good sign...

“If people are not aware of the direction in which they are going, they will awaken when it is too late and when their fate has been irrevocably sealed.

2,676 more words

The problem isn’t the robots...it’s the bosses

Let us begin with two stories:

Sam is nervous. Having applied for a job, Sam is now waiting to be interviewed for the position. Fidgeting slightly in the waiting room and running over the questions that will probably be asked by the interviewer, Sam tries to remember that there’s no reason why Sam wouldn’t get this job. 3,424 more words


The Internet of Things...that spy on you

There is a sequence in the horror film 28 Days Later in which the protagonists find that they have to drive through a dark tunnel. As the car idles outside of the tunnel’s opening for a few moments it becomes obvious to the viewer that driving through the tunnel will not be without incident. 1,191 more words