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An Ode to Chinua Achebe's Greatest Character in Modern Literature

Today is Chinua Achebe’s 87th birthday. Although he’s not alive to celebrate, he has established a legacy as the father of modern African literature. His works have defined an era that deals with themes such as masculinity within African culture, the sociopolitical effects of colonialism in Africa, and coming to grips about culture change. 704 more words

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Hurricane Maria Proves Puerto Rico Needs Socialist Revolution


No electricity, no running water, mounting trash and spreading disease.

Imagine being forced to live under these circumstances weeks after being struck by one of the world’s deadliest hurricanes. 690 more words

Blog 1- Introduction to Empire

Empire, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is “an extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state.” The application of empires throughout human history has been able to unite all people since imperialism has played a crucial role in the development of every state’s or country’s’ history. 1,024 more words

Learning to Divide the World

As the Europeans began their exploration, their main discovery was essentially how wrong they were and how little they knew. You would hope they would use this shock to be humbled and learn from those around them. 550 more words

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We must acknowledge, not celebrate, our colonial history

Colston Hall, a renowned music venue and concert hall in Bristol, is once more the target of a petition to have its name changed. Colston Hall was named after Edward Colston, a rich official of the Royal African Company, which held the monopoly on slave trading in Britain during the 17th and 18th century. 44 more words