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The basic goal of #imperialism was to provide more markets and natural resources for a country. One nation who adapted to imperialism was Africa. The #Boer War caused tons of outsides to rush into Africa because of a diamond and gold discovery. 139 more words

Berlin Conference

Modernity meets roadblocks

I find it disturbingly surprising how those in the West look upon the dysfunction in many third-world countries (most notably the Middle East) and ask what is wrong with… 732 more words

UCT students in poo protest against 'white imperialism'

Students threw human excrement on a statue of Cecil John Rhodes on University of Cape Town (UCT) campus grounds during a protest on Monday.

Two members of the dozen protesters threw faeces and urine on the base of the statue.

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Beyond Dew and Doritos: Modern Propaganda 3: Advanced Imperialism

Written by Jack O’Leary

I remember Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 being released. How could I forget, I was 14 and studying at an all-boys school where the only thing more impressive than violence was playing Xbox and bragging about your sexual encounters. 1,101 more words


A Case of Identity: Why Columbus Day holds Americans back.

I just spent my third Columbus day since coming to America bathing cats and surfing the internet. As cleaning a cat is simultaneously upsetting and boring I spent a lot of time reading articles and Facebook posts on why the federal holiday is an embarrassing aberration in this day and age. 1,247 more words


A Concise History of the Middle East

Before Islam,  Arabs extolled 3 virtues: bravery in battle, patience in misfortune, and persistence in revenge. Muhammad changed the world forever, but these three virtues he did not change, nor did he want to. 1,472 more words

Wrestling With Books