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Verbs: Imperative

Two lessons. No notes. We should review some:


The imperative mood is used to express commands. Sometimes the speaker is proposing something to one or more people and also including him- or herself. 1,356 more words


Subjective Captivity

In our rush to move toward an objective, impartial vantage; in our haste to shed ourselves of this supposedly polluted subjectivity, we forget the constraint of the situation in which we find ourselves. 237 more words


Confusing forms with imperatives and present participles


imperative, mid. 3rd. pl. or pres. act. part. gen.pl.(masc. or nt.)


imperative mid. 3rd. sg. or imperative act. 3rd. du. or pres. act. part. 17 more words


the imperative forms of √kṛ (the 8th class)

Imperative active (karo- / kuru)

Sg Du Pl 3rd karotu kurutām kurvantu 2nd kuru kurutam kuruta 1st karavāṇi karavāva karavāma

Imperative middle (kuru-) 29 more words


Mood and modality: what is the difference?

You may have come across the terms mood and modality and wondered what is the difference between them.

Mood is a grammatical notion, whereas modality is a semantic notion relating to such concepts as ‘possibility’, ‘necessity’, ‘permission’, ‘obligation’, etc. 512 more words


Yes, ‘quoth’ is a verb, but it’s so much more fun to say than ‘quote’. Just think of it as an imperative, if you must. 75 more words


Anti-carbon crusade declared a moral imperative

Declaring it a moral imperative, California’s leading figures have embarked on a crusade to “decarbonize” the state, sharply reducing emissions of gases they say threaten to wreak havoc, even extinction, on the globe’s human population. 98 more words

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