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One Quick, Two Slows For A Good Reason

I like how practical some people can be. Take for instance the apostle James. In the first chapter of his book, he introduces one imperative applied to three actions: “let everyone be……..quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger”. 353 more words


Moved by moral imperative, Canadian synagogues sponsor Syrian refugees

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Temple Sholom and Peterborough, Ontario’s Beth Israel Synagogue couldn’t be more different. One is the largest Jewish congregation in one of Canada’s largest cities, while the other has a membership of only 35 families, employs no professional clergy, and attracts at most 100 worshipers for High Holiday services. 1,160 more words

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Szállj fel magasra. Felszólító mód - Imperative

Ez egy nagyon ismert (és szép) magyar dal. Töltsd ki az alábbi dalszöveget a felszólító módú igealakokkal! Alatta egy kis nyelvtant is találsz :)

This is a well known (and beutiful) Hungarian song. 676 more words


Imperative vs Declarative

Let’s generalize and say that there are two ways in which we can write code: imperative and declarative.

We could define the difference as follows: 1,807 more words


Imperative vs Declarative

Wikipedia defines imperative and declarative programming as:

imperative programming is a style that uses statements that change a program’s state … focuses on describing HOW a program operates.

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Verbs: Subjunctive / Imperative


Duolingo tosses us in the deep end of the Subjunctive and Imperative moods without any notes, so here are my notes. First we’ll cover Subjunctive and then follow that with Imperative: 1,653 more words