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Latin and Greek for your pets

Your dog can learn Latin and Ancient Greek! And everyone in the family can pick up a bit of Latin or Ancient Greek along with you and your four-legged pal. 530 more words


Homework for Monday March 30

Hi guys,

Great to see so many old AND new faces! Today we finished unit 4 with a test. So do you know how to use the past tense and some/any now? 324 more words


Guest with allergies in Laurel, MD

Guest with allergies in Laurel, MDIt is always imperative to know who…

On the bare hill

(painting by Turner)

On the bare hill

 There was no possibility of rest.
 Rest was death.
 They were born to move
 until the last lifting of ribs
 and the falling back. 52 more words

Hot Tub Covers and When To Replace Them

Hot tub covers are imperative, if you want to keep that water warm inside the hot tub. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Despite what your spa dealer could possibly have promised, there shall come a season that you are going to be in need of a replacement hot tub cover. 136 more words

While Wandering Which Way...

May be its imperative to go through all the shambles…
God knows where is he taking his kid who only rambles…

May be everything happens, cause simply it’s meant to be… 98 more words


An Inspiring Work Environment

I’m actually jumping off the schedule for today’s blog post. We had a career workshop today at work (well, I selected today from the options) and it still has me thinking. 388 more words

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