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An Inspiring Work Environment

I’m actually jumping off the schedule for today’s blog post. We had a career workshop today at work (well, I selected today from the options) and it still has me thinking. 388 more words

My Lifestyle Moments

All Present and Correct

After introducing a lot of new ideas in recent posts I thought we could just pause for breath here.  Today I’d like to show you the huge importance of knowing the various forms of the… 710 more words

French Language

Test: how good is your grammar?

Answers to follow.

Una storia incredibile

Completa it testo con i verbi all’indicativo presente, passato prossimo e imperfetto, al gerundio e all’imperativo.

Maurizio racconta:

Ancora non riesco a capire esattamente quello che e successo. 226 more words


Declarative vs. imperative mismatch

Notes from Jenkov.com : http://tutorials.jenkov.com/angularjs/critique.html about AngularJS Declarative vs Imperative. Couldn’t say this better…the art is to find right balance. Neither XAML , nor AngularJS found it yet (too declarative): 333 more words