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Find the Clues

This is good for prepositions and the imperative at the A1-B1 levels.

  1. Choose a short story or easy joke. Type it and cut it into strips.
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Grammar-based Activities

How to survive Wild Animal attack

This is a great video to learn how to survive and to practice our Imperatives


We Must Die on the Way of the Cross

“All God’s plans have the mark of the cross on them, and all His plans have death to self in them.”   E. M Bounds

“Christ is Lord and can make any demands upon us that He chooses, even to the point of requiring that we deny ourselves and bear the cross daily. 769 more words

Relating To God

My students are creative, but they’re not accustomed to showing it in class. That means I’m always looking for ways to get them to put a little more of themselves into their work. 225 more words


In the Absence of Formal Training

I have the sensation of flailing in pitch blackness, grasping outward with probing hands, motivated to discover the wall before it finds my face. Methodical, patient, geometric patterns in the air; a cautious shuffle on the ground. 241 more words



Dejo aquí la receta que hicimos en clase de las tostadas!

No olvidéis hacer vuestras tortillas. Quiero probarlas :D


Programming paradigms : Part 1

Programming paradigm is as style or way of programming.

If you are studying a programming language, in its feature list the first place is always reserved for programming paradigm it follows. 2,076 more words