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Rogue Words from A to Z: If Wishes Were Wanting...

One of my readers suggested that I write about when to use were with a singular subject (heard in the classic song from Fiddler on the Roof: 615 more words


Functional Doubly Linked Lists

It’s often been said that functional programming just isn’t cut out for certain tasks. File IO? Please… Databases? Forget about it!

I’ve always figured that the humble Doubly Linked list was on this list. 619 more words


The World is Watching and Listening

Peter continues to reveal to the beloved Christ followers how they can live, behave and react to those who live in a darkened world. Our walk with Christ begins in the home and moves on to those beyond to the entire world. 212 more words

Thoughts While Running - Why I NEED This

I really can’t believe how much of a difference running can make. I know I’ve said it already but running was never in my plans. The thought of running alone was enough to make me feel exhausted and made my lungs hurt. 521 more words


Latin and Greek for your pets

Your dog can learn Latin and Ancient Greek! And everyone in the family can pick up a bit of Latin or Ancient Greek along with you and your four-legged pal. 530 more words


Homework for Monday March 30

Hi guys,

Great to see so many old AND new faces! Today we finished unit 4 with a test. So do you know how to use the past tense and some/any now? 324 more words