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I often watch YouTube videos to get make-up tips, or to learn how to use different colours or new products in my make-up routine. There are a few beauty gurus in particular that I go to first, simply because I like the way they do their makeup, but I often get sidetracked and end up two hours later, having watched 8 different beauty gurus and a skateboarding cat. 322 more words


One Way Up, One Way Out

It is heavy
this door is so heavy
and all these things that I keep behind this door
have become trademarks of the past
things that no longer fit under the bed… 53 more words



** This post was mean to be part of the Daily Prompt, but took much longer to write out.

Scar, flaw, mark, injury, memory, defect, fault… 1,038 more words

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Late Night Thoughts...

Why are people so quick to define others by their imperfections, addictions, or flaws?  Are people less worthy because they are not perfect?  Is someone less of a person because they don’t excel in all areas of life? 189 more words

7 Signs That You're Falling Out Of Love

We all think we met once the true love in life. The one that knows no distance, no barriers, no fear, no boundaries. The true love that makes you feel in heaven. 656 more words


Be Patient . . .

Be patient . . .

Be patient with your flaws. Be patient with your bad habits. Be patient with your shortcomings. Be patient with your goals. 33 more words