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The Imperfectly Perfect You

“Oh my God!” a friend of mine exclaimed, trying hard to hold back a fit of laughter. I looked up from the burger I had been ceremoniously stuffing into my face, smirking as I did at my friend’s mirth. 781 more words

Cloacal Exstrophy

The Perfect Imperfection.

She ..

I can tell you a lot about her. She’s someone with a huge heart. She will bend over backwards and fold herself in half helping out someone if she can do anything. 197 more words


Commitment Issues

Fear holds people back and this is mine. Help me out here?

I’m a declared commitaphobe, at the first sight of commitment I’ll run and hide even though it’s not something to be afraid of. 526 more words


The Character of Imperfections

I have often had a hard time determining who was genuinely for me, and those who just hung around.  You see, I suffer from what is known as… 361 more words


He Hated...

He sees you. And now that he does, it saddens him that he wasn’t your first kiss, your first love, your first. An anger so raw, so intense it coloured his heart black whenever he thought about it; its not your fault, he knows that, he doesn’t blame you. 653 more words


Why I Don't Feel Like a Christian

We are called to be light of the world, yet I still find myself slipping from lifestyle to religion. I desperately want to see people come to God and leave their lives in chains, but the thing is my words are empty if I don’t act upon them. 375 more words

I will Love you

I will love you

with your pointed claws

with your sharp teeth

with your untamed tail and horns

I will love you

with your unloosen darken soul… 85 more words