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The Hard Truth: No One is "The One" for You!

The title of my blog is literally straightforward. Haha! Kidding aside. Have you ever asked yourself when you are going to meet the one you will spend the rest of your life with? 1,750 more words

Unrequited Love

The King of These.

Show me your imperfections, I promise I’ll have no questions. Cause baby Nobody’s Perfect. I’ve got scars too, but I wear them openly. Baby I’m the king of these, falling head over, over trusting my heart, straight into the flames I run. 32 more words



This photograph captures just one moment, but in it, there are a lot of little imperfections that have been pointed out about me in life. However, I have finally reached a point where I am okay with them.



In drawing portraits, a type of eraser known as the kneadable eraser is an essential tool to make beautiful artworks. For me, it is probably one of the most unique tool to use. 287 more words

Portait Drawing

Come On, Stop It!!

Stop telling me I am so imperfect,

When all I have is myself…

Stop making me feel any less in life,

I know who I am, 56 more words


The imperfect, rough and broken tart.

Imperfect, Rough, Broken.

I often identify myself this way. Things were never easy at home. Dad and Mom, working professionals themselves back then were always asking for nothing more but perfection from us. 170 more words

Little Joys

Keep Me Off Your Pedestal

This blog is in response to a comment that an acquaintance made. I told him that I have made mistakes in my life just like everyone else has. 572 more words