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Prince Harry 'anyone can suffer from Mental Health problems'

This month the Prince hosted a BBQ with sports men and women in aid of Heads Together charity.

He spoke how ‘for the first 28 years’ of his life he did not talk about his Mother. 476 more words

Be Afraid of the Unlived Life

A few days ago, I wrote a post entitled Don’t Let it Control You, and because of the big response it received from so many of my fellow entrepreneurs, I decided to dig into the concept a bit further this morning. 701 more words

Daily Life

To be - I am

“I am broken.I am damaged. I am defeated. I am depressed. I AM…”

You fill in the blank. In our culture, we are always on a constant search to either define our being or to un-define ourselves in order to avoid societal pressure. 220 more words

Life Truths

Train conversation, overheard.

We sat in front of a lovely family on the train from Canberra to Sydney. Two little girls and their father, travelling up from Jindabyne (if I remember rightly) via Canberra. 465 more words

Evening sky

Have you ever sat outside and look up at the evening sky to see ripples in the clouds? Flowing from solid white shorelines to gently fading into the clear blue abyss called the sky. 122 more words


A Call For Truth.

They crowd in the streets
talk in a low voice
Is there anything around?
they crave for news,
Is it really?

Sieving through the imperfections… 106 more words


366 Poems: July 13th, 2016

One Step Away

Isn’t it that we always seem

one step away

from a great adventure?

One star away

from a perfect night?

One tear away… 80 more words