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Autumnal Stardust

The wind rushes through the yellowing leaves, swaying the trees to a slant. The unhindered sunshine fools the world into thinking its warmth will be enough to cut through the crisp autumn air. 268 more words

A house that talks

I went away for my birthday last weekend and returned to find the walls of our house, previously bare, covered with photos and artifacts from our travels and pictures of… 677 more words


Prince Charming Who?

Maybe he was stuck in a tree while on his way to rescue you? Beats me.

One of the things that plays around my mind on those late, slepless nights is this: Why am I not in a relationship? 695 more words


© Chris Sam

I am fallible
Born into a world that is gullible.
Even when friends remain irresponsible,
My focus will keep me accountable.

I am not perfect, 111 more words

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God's Appointed Seasons

There was not the usual gentle, graceful swaying of tree branches on the lake today. Gusty autumn winds prevailed as if driven by a higher power with a divine purpose. 309 more words

Our supernaturally imperfect world

The world of the paranormal is full of imperfections.  There are no really concrete ways of proving ghosts or aliens are real (not yet, anyway).  The firm believers would probably say that they can prove certain aspects of the paranormal but the “proof” they offer isn’t concrete enough for the average person. 257 more words



See only beauty.

Deny false imperfections.

To know love, just love.

© Paul Nichol.  2016