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Perfectly Imperfect

A relationship develops more trust when two people are having conflict and resolve it together than when they don’t have conflicts at all.

More often than expected, imperfections of things, situations, and people lead me to having second thoughts on pursuing things involving them.

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I fail. 

No matter how I try, it doesn’t matter how fucking hard I try. I fail.

My ultimate goal is to keep her happy but yet. I fail. 44 more words


Reframe: I'm not a broken man. I am imperfect, and that's OK.

I’ve done a good amount of self reflection since I started this journey to improve my heath and wellbeing. Along the way I’ve had to face some things about myself, like my unhealthy relationship between food and emotions, my history of self-sabotaging many of my efforts, my behaviors that make it difficult to live in and enjoy the moment, and difficulty remaining open and friendly as an adult. 322 more words


My perfect imperfections

When I first started blogging I have always believed that all those who will be reading my blog, should be my friends and that I will be sharing all my secrets and the things that only those who truly know me have an idea about. 688 more words


Don't give your power away

it means so much for your soul to admit mistakes and stop the blame game. When you blame others and make up excuses you give your power away. 98 more words


Selfworth: Why is our worth never enough for ourselves?

We are all beautiful in our own way and smart in our own way. We have characteristics that others don’t obtain. We have traits that others don’t obtain. 437 more words


I’m truly different than a lot of girls. – I have a way about me that isn’t normal to a typical girl. 

I’ve been doing a lot research on sexuality lately. 597 more words