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Trust those people around you, they exist for a reason…


Working with each other is simply trusting each other skills… It might not be the way you wish but the solution was definitely produced after hundreds of trial and thoughts… Accepting is also part of the process… Discover the beauty of imperfection…





Cottage-by-the-Sea, #9, 3/23/17

Abba Father,
You know it is there,
This hunk of indescribable pain.
Questions, some claim
Faith would never give name.
That to do so acknowledges, 255 more words

Faith Life

We are Confident Because: He loves us more than life itself

As we bustle through each day, focusing on one task then quickly moving on to the next, we may sometimes lose sight of the bigger spiritual picture. 501 more words


Right Where I Need To Be

Most of my childhood I struggled with the need to blend in, I desperately wanted to be one of crowd. It didn’t help that my mother was one of the biggest abusers to my ego stating plainly that I should be just like so and so. 595 more words

This And That

A King Among Men

Via: Daily Prompt – Luck

“Do you understand what I’m saying? For some reason, the Almighty has granted me the kismet to work with all these great men and women,” proclaimed the subject of the autobiography I’m commissioned to pen at the end of epitomizing a long list of Bangladeshi industry leaders and their various contributions. 353 more words

Creative Writing

One of the most over-used and misunderstood phrase used when it comes to issues relating to emotions and love is ‘follow your heart’.

But your heart will tell you things that you want to hear, not things you need to hear. 581 more words