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I’d rather be a charleton who shows people fleeting dreams.

– George Koizumi in Paradise Kiss


Perfect imperfections....

A scribbled painting, a thousand colors..
On a paper so young, colors picked from flowers..
Those chubby fingers, holding that wobbly crayon..
All such efforts.. in drawing MOM.. 113 more words


Wabi Sabi

There was something about photographs that had fascinated her. She’d go through her collection of photographs, reminiscing her childhood and teenage quite often. Maybe that was why it didn’t come off as a surprise when she finally pursued photography and became a closet photographer, shying away from sharing her work. 817 more words


Imperfections in a Pinterest- perfect world

Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you’ve probably heard of it by now. It’s basically a virtual “corkboard” where you can pin things that interest you from around the internet so they’re all in one location. 847 more words

Little houses with imperfections

I don’t want a cookie cutter 4×2 in a new development where the eave of your house holds hands with the eave of your neighbours house. 145 more words

You & I deserve ...

-In this life you and I both deserve people in our lives that love us not despite our imperfections and vulnerabilities, but because of them.- 93 more words


The lovely imperfections...

Hello, my dearest readers and friends!

This will be a quick read. I just wanted to share some flowers from my mom’s garden. :)

Aren’t they just absolutely breathtaking?!?? 241 more words

A Bowl Of Life