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Perfect Imperfections: Beauty in Our Flaws

For the longest time, I didn’t smile. People who know me now may find this hard to believe, but I just didn’t. Not as big as I smile now, I would smile a closed mouth self-conscious smile. 434 more words


Know thyself

Ven. Analayo recently said: “If I knock myself for being angry each time anger arises, eventually I won’t see anger arising.” When we chastise ourselves for having defilements (which we all do), then we are training ourselves to ignore our defilements so we won’t be (self-)punished. 376 more words


April 23

Nobody is perfect. As long as we continue to strive to be better, our imperfections are part of our journey.

How many times we have done something “wrong” and then regretted it? 47 more words

When my dentist suggests I whiten my teeth & consider fixing the crowding...

I love my dentist but, it makes me want to run for the hills when they start talking to me about whitening my teeth a couple shades. 311 more words

Body Image

The Art of Imperfection

I love sewing. It is my safe place, my “me time”, my sanctuary. If I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed or low on spiritual energy, I like to turn to my sewing machine. 497 more words



I tremble beneath his gaze

As he looks into the windows of my soul

Imperfections transparent

You are beautiful

Just as you are

Intent makes me believe… 47 more words


We Are Stars Searching for Light

Alise Versella is a new author I just discovered.  Love this beautiful quote.

I hope we all find our star-souls, however hidden they may be.  And as we unfold a little more…and more…may our glimmers call to others, and awaken a forgotten flame.