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Service updates.

This post is mostly about playing catchup with a few models that I painted recently but never wrote an article for. I also played a pair of games yesterday that happened to use all of these models, but more on that later. 750 more words


Assume the Crane Stance.

The Crane Agent is here to solve Yu Jing’s problems, with style.

Having started playing 40K around the time that you were meant to ask permission to use special characters, I always had a nagging subconscious discomfort that the only Lieutenant option I had available for Imperial Service was a character, Sun Tze. 662 more words


Imperial Love

Pair of OC’s from Swtor.  The one on the right is a character of mine I haven’t played in a really long time but really wanted to draw.   17 more words


Sith Intelligence: The beauty of Balmorra

My agent was sent by Sith Intelligence on a new classified mission back to Balmorra. I figured that was a perfect time to highlight the… 117 more words


Spending Some Quality Double XP (and Agent) Time

Since my hubby and I celebrate “Rebel’s Valentine’s Day” in March, rather than this trumped up love day in February, I’m free to spend some time in SWTOR gaining double XP this weekend. 169 more words


The Coffee Break. 22 December 2014.

Hello folks,

Slow day with regards to news – apart from the usual: “Sony vs North Korea hackers” scenario. Frankly this fight between freedom and censorship is oddly amusing – the freedom for artists to express, against this monster that is the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). 349 more words


Weekend Recall: Imperial Tauren Thunder

In SWTOR news; Imperial Agent On’mitsu reached level 53 and I completed the class story quests. No spoilers, but I will say that the overall story is good with the ending being a bit anti-climactic. 152 more words

Weekend Recall