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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Bioengineering @ Imperial College London, UK

The Department of Bioengineering wishes to appoint up to six individuals at Lecturer or Senior Lecturer grade (broadly equivalent to Assistant/Associate Professor) with the possibility of appointment at a higher grade (Reader/Professor) for outstanding candidates.  89 more words


Playing Chinese whispers with science headlines

A couple of months ago I started working as an intern with the communications team of Imperial College London. I write articles for the news site… 739 more words


Physicists plan to test a new theory about the speed of light to explain what Einstein’s theory can't

One of the oddest things about our universe is that it has some fundamental constants. These constants—such as the speed of light in a vacuum—have numerical values that don’t change no matter what conditions you test them under. 609 more words

Essential things you will need to kick start at a UK university

You have gone through the admission processes and finally been accepted into your dream university… Now, it’s time to move to the UK.

Packing can be stressful but it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your Uni life. 378 more words

A USB stick can show HIV test results in under 30 minutes

Though there is no cure for the human immunodeficiency virus, we now know enough about it to slow its growth within the human body, and to prevent its spread from person to person. 541 more words

Flying drones could soon re-charge whilst airborne with new (old) technology: Inductive Coupling

Scientists have demonstrated a highly efficient method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone while it is flying.

The breakthrough could in theory allow flying drones to stay airborne indefinitely – simply hovering over a ground support vehicle to recharge – opening up new potential industrial applications. 600 more words