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Michael A. Dashkov, Captain of the 9th Russian Army under the command of General Lechitsky

Капитан 9-ой русской армии под командованием генерала Лечицкого Михаил Алексеевич Дашков. Фото сделано 19 ноября 1914 года в городе Жешув (Rzeszów) в Карпатах. 

History Of Russia

1917: Rasputin and the Great War

“Dear friend, I will say again a menacing cloud is over Russia lots of sorrow and grief it is dark and there is no lightning to be seen. 907 more words


“That’s not gone well” Thursday

“I thought we were empty nesters?” edition

A playful Russian Bébé. Regrettably, I’m not sure if this “well-nested” Nieuport was an 11 or a 16. Only minor and subtle differences between the two models and the Russian played quite a bit with their aircraft. 12 more words