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The Imperial System of Measurements = A Royal Pain

One hundred ninety-three countries use the metric system. The United States is not one of them. Three countries don’t use the metric system. The United States… 605 more words

Complicated Still Life and a Rant about Imperials

So we did another still life today at “Drawing for Interior Design” featuring far more complicated still life objects.

The drawing before I shaded it. 162 more words


Conversion Chart.

One thing I find annoying when finding a recipe online is that sometimes the measurements are not used in the metric system. You will find some cookbooks/ recipes that have all the different measurements to suits everyone but some don’t. 246 more words


14 Quirks About Americans I've Learned From Traveling

1. Americans are finicky.

We demand that things should be exactly to our liking. This is most apparent in ordering food and beverages. My German friend pointed this out in the Philippines when I asked a waitress for salad dressing on the side and no milk and sugar in my coffee. 745 more words