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Processing after KBKN, Part I

This post has been a long time coming but it’s surprisingly hard to get down on paper. Even virtual paper, lol. As I’m sitting here writing this, a part of me still can’t believe that I’m back in the Philippines so soon after I just left. 1,131 more words


Stop the drive to bombing

The Communist Party has written to thousands of its members, supporters and subscribers to its internet ‘News and Views’ , calling for a mass mobilisation this weekend against the drive to war. 357 more words

Labour Movement

Sleep walking into another bloody and pointless war

Isis and its demented ambitions can only be uprooted by forces with recognised legitimacy. Unrepentant colonial powers do not fit the bill, writes Andrew Murray… 1,232 more words

Labour Movement

uncreative misunderstanding of "Paraguay"

Barthelme’s short stories, anachronistic, alienating, disorienting, amusing, edifying, esoteric, referential, really weird, were kind of exhausting to go through all at once. Clearly it was a different time, when these sorts of pieces could run in the  1,822 more words

US Lit

The chronology of insanity

It is supposed that all has begun three days ago. Three days ago, Turkish F-16 shot down Russian fighter Su-24 . This writing is about the sequential chronology of this insanity. 1,889 more words


A footnote on the pathology of imperialism part 1 - Lance Armstrong

by Belfast Plebian

Just a few nights ago I watched a television programme broadcast on BBC Four about the career of Lance Armstrong, the many times winner of the most gruelling sporting event known to man, the Tour de France, and was riveted by it. 1,101 more words


China's quasi-continental character

Visiting China’s southern provinces of Yunnan (云南) and Guangxi (广西) puts in sharp the relief the vastness of the country.

China is not a normal nation. 241 more words