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We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" Video

On Sunday, August 31st, I watched the MTV music video awards along with several friends. We sat together and watched the A-Lister filled night unfold with various awards, performances, and drama on poor quality cable TV screen. 1,086 more words


Holidays in the Sun

Pete asks, “Is it actually possible to go any lower than to post pictures of dead children to make a political point?” Well, yeah, it is. 1,008 more words

Politics & Current Affairs

Yes , Obama is Correct- Indigenous Names Should Rule

Israellycool hits this one out of the park…

With much ballyhoo this week, President Obama restored the name of  America’s highest peak from Mt. McKinley to the ancient Native Alaskan name, Denali. 83 more words


How Yankee imperialism spoiled my arrival in Cuba

Virtually anyone who visits Cuba in 2015 has this in mind: getting a glance of the country before it becomes the playground of the United States again, as it was before the Castro-led Revolución of 1959. 148 more words


From Last decades of twentieth century America is
employed in self proclaimed War Against Terror
.But some
scholars of modern era label it as War Against… 396 more words


In the Name of the People

San Salvador rings in ears
silent and forgotten,
Just as missing billions
and unidentified bodies,
Hiss and snap on
proud dust for streets,
Codes bleeding radio… 58 more words


The Hegelian Dialectic

This term (and its attribution), is generally a misnomer in its application to issues regarding socio-political cause and effect, however, it is contemporarily used to describe a process by which an individual or a group can be manipulated, over time, to reject their current beliefs and convictions, and to accept and replace them with new ones. 583 more words