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Colonial Languages in Africa (Map)

This is my first post on WordPress and I must say that I am very happy that it will be on one of my favourite topics. 565 more words


'The democrats attributed an almost mystic importance to recognition by the Entente'

What was the real constitution of the country after the inauguration of the new power?

The monarchist reaction was hiding in the cracks. With the very first ebb of the wave, property owners of all kinds and tendencies gathered around the banner of the Kadet Party, which had suddenly become the only non-socialist party – and at the same time the extreme right party – fill the open arena. 3,249 more words

Brexit Begins

by Martin Odoni

It’s Brexit Day!
Yes, it’s Brexit Day!
It’s Br-br-br-br-br-br-br-br-Brexit Day!

(If you have no idea what the reference is, watch this.) 1,427 more words


Russia after 1917: International Communism, Colonial Questions & Upsurge of Anti-Imperialism

From a report delivered by Abayomi Azikiwe to the Midwest Regional Conference on Socialism and National Liberation held in Detroit, Michigan, at Wayne State University on March 25-26, 2017. 6,222 more words

March 22, 2016 (Brussels Bombings)

This was the first "blog post" I wrote. Seems a bit dramatic now but was fitting at the time. Taken from my (deleted) Medium page.
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