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Our International Relations Are Built Upon Lies by Dennis Kucinich

Dandelion Salad

by Dennis Kucinich
World Beyond War, Oct. 20, 2016
October 21, 2016

The most consequential statement by Secretary Clinton in last night’s debate was her pronouncement that a no-fly zone over Syria could “save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” that a no-fly zone would provide “safe zones on the ground” was in “the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria” and would “help us with our fight against ISIS.” 322 more words


Offensive War...Only Against the Bad Guys (WPMY 139)

A government in perpetual offensive and imperialistic war with other nations will always be just as destabilizing, oppressive, and predatory to their own citizenry. It may be masked more in a psychological shroud of brainwashing and patriotic indoctrination, and present itself in a very different light and context to the people, but it will be present. 29 more words

Burkina Faso has foiled a coup plot by forces loyal to ousted President Blaise Compaore, the interior minster says.

At least 10 of the plotters had been arrested, but the top suspects were still on the run, the minister said. 188 more words


South Africa has formally begun the process
of withdrawing from the International
Criminal Court (ICC), notifying the UN of its

South Africa did not want to execute ICC arrest warrants which would lead to “regime change”, a minister said. 829 more words


European Imperialism Notes & Crash Course

Please see today’s notes if you weren’t present in class; see me (or this website!) for copies of today’s readings: Lenin’s “Imperialism, as a Special Stage of Capitalism,” Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden,” and Morel’s Black Man’s Burden. 47 more words

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Debunking the “Islam is Not a Race!” Argument – Muslim Reverie

by Mast Qalander
October 15, 2011

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Islamophobes think they have it all figured out.  After they read the works of anti-Muslim pseudo-intellectuals and propagandists, they become self-proclaimed “experts” on Islam.  2,501 more words


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