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Two cents | On: The US policy in Syria is not novel; The reasons for the Iran deal (and a brief explanation for the rise of ISIS)

So I have a habit of writing oversized Facebook comments that aren’t quite articles, so I’m going to start a (lazy way out) series called ‘two cents’ when I find something that I would like to blog, but can’t quite be bothered to turn into a proper article. 1,165 more words

Book Review (analysis and synthesis): Those Terrible Middle Ages! by Regine Pernoud

Author: Regine Pernoud. A French woman who lived from 1909 to 1998. She was a Doctor of Literature, Archivist, Medievalist, Historian, Curator, and Writer.

Year Published: 3,796 more words


Corbyn needs you to fight Labour

It’s hard to think of a better parliamentary member than Jeremy Corbyn to rally behind. That he has polled so well and campaigned so inclusively has turned many a head, and for good reason. 1,044 more words

A Tale of Two International Communities

When western leaders speak of the “International Community”,they are mainly concerned with western nations. Statements such as “the international community will not tolerate this or that”, for example, can be translated as : the US will not tolerate it. 375 more words



di Antonio Moscato

Questo articolo è uscito sul n. 14, nuova serie, di “Marx centouno”, novembre 1993.

Nel nostro paese la spedizione in Somalia è stata presentata spudoratamente come il coronamento di una lunga tradizione italiana di solidarietà con i popoli. 4,497 more words

Why is capitalism in crisis?

Why is capitalism in crisis? C’est la question du jour! Various reasons are given, and in my opinion, all nonsensical. We are led to believe it is the fault of the oligarchs, politicians, governments, opposing ideologies, etc. 489 more words


Sunrise Over the USA

for Barbara Mor

In place of the old dream
and the old lies,
I wish for my country of origin
a new story,
one that goes like this: 176 more words