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While German capital shows the refugees as reason, it sets it's eye on workers' rights

The president of Germany’s most influential Institute for Economic Research IFO which gives advice on capital organizations, Hans Werner Sinn, has suggested a new business and social reforms policy implementation on the canceled of the minimum wage, with reason of refugees.

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Moan McVulpine: Stop mentioning 'social justice' as SNP exposed as exploitative predators

SNP DRONES have been warned against mentioning ‘social justice’ while Michelle Thomson’s business affairs are given the once over:

By Moan McVulpineproviding succour for charlatans everywhere… 600 more words


The Incomprehensible Idea: What Opposing All Wars Means by David Swanson

by David Swanson
Writer, Dandelion Salad
World Beyond War, October 5, 2015
October 7, 2015

The world’s two big nuclear militaries are in the same war now in Syria and, if not on opposite sides exactly, certainly not on the same side. 1,490 more words



Join the Boston IWW on Friday, October 16th at 7:30 PM for a screening and discussion of Shin Eun-jung’s Verita$, a film that exposes Harvard University’s 300+ year history of wide-ranging political influence beyond its Cambridge gates. 558 more words

US Lies about Murders of Doctors in Afghanistan

The timing of events could not have been any better. As the U.S. condemned Russia for taking a proactive stance against ISIS in Syria with bombings, it carried out a actual bombing crime. 1,852 more words


Visit Mission Concepcion on Oct. 16

One of your extra-credit opportunities is to visit one of the San Antonio Missions (a visit to the Alamo doesn’t count). Take a picture of yourself next to a sign indicating which Mission you visited, show it to me, and you get an extra ten points towards your final grade for the semester. 77 more words