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Who's to blame?

Who’s to blame?

There’s been an upswing in discourse about racial injustice and racial politics over the last five or so years. A lot of it can certainly be tracked to the democratic election of the first black president of the united states. 1,270 more words


Watermelon War

This is the first foray into an episodic retelling of the history of the world. It is intended to entertain, provoke thoughts, and evoke emotion. Should it do so, please comment. 369 more words


Reflections on the British Museum

When I walked into the ‘Asia’ section of the British Museum in London, I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping for a glimpse into the rich, vast histories of India, Pakistan, China and Japan, and to come away understanding the background of my origins much better than I when I walked in. 572 more words


Rainbows and Weddings: The Neoliberal and Imperialist Politics of LGBT Rights

Just three days before the Supreme Court announced its decision to legalize same sex marriage in the U.S., President Obama ordered that an undocumented transgender woman be escorted out of the White House Pride celebration because she interrupted the President to raise her voice against the torture and deportation of LGBT people sanctioned by the state. 3,571 more words

Noam Chomsky: The US Empire: "We Own The World"

Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

Brave New Films on Jul 6, 2015

Many Americans are not accustomed to the idea that America sits atop a global empire, but with military bases and forces spread out across the world, interventions in dozens of countries – there’s simply no other way to describe our “empire.” Expansion is the path to security, and to achieve security you have to control everything of value.

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Notes on the Crisis of Imperialism: OXI

Yesterday, Greece said no (or oxi) to austerity. 61.3% of the vote rejected the repayment terms put forward by its creditors – the Troika, the European Central Bank (ECB) & the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 775 more words