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When Vietnam beat the empire

As the Obama administration gears up for an escalation of Cold War style military escalation in Europe it is worth reflecting on how the empire was defeated by the Vietnamese people. 28 more words


Deciphering American Empire: #1

“Vanity of vanities, says the Teacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity.”

(Ecclesiastes 1:2 Holy Bible NRSV)

To imagine life after empire is to presume the current condition of imperialism, US imperialism. 545 more words

War Culture

Shameless interventionist cheerleaders, coming out once again (this time for Syria)

The 2011 NATO intervention in the Libyan Civil War was launched based on extremely shaky humanitarian justifications–if not outright lies.  As Hugh Roberts sums up in his… 498 more words

Great Speches in American History

A great speech may be one which is to be admired for its beauty or one which is simply to be noted for its impact. The one I choose to begin this series — notable for its impact, certainly not for its beauty —  would be comical were it not so tragic. 612 more words