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A Labour solution to Britain's social crisis

Britain’s deepening social crisis confirms the urgent need to replace Theresa May’s minority regime with a left-led Labour government, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths said at the weekend. 464 more words

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In Defense of the Upcoming Multipolar World Order

Amerikkka is often presented as the global peacemaker in sympathetic circles. If we take a cursory look around the globe today, however, we can see that every single conflict has the fingerprint of the United $tates in some capacity. 584 more words


Austerity Apparatus (J. Moufawad-Paul)

In the political sphere, we are used to Left-wing literature. The controversies of such surround us whenever we hear of a protest against a book launch or death threats against an indigenous author critiquing settler-capitalism. 1,003 more words

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The dead end of 70s childrearing

People often raise their children with ideals that they don’t really hold themselves, either because they on some level think they would be better people if they shared these ideals and hope their children will be better (tolerance, patience), or because they think these ideals are particularly appropriate to this stage of life (sharing, studiousness, Santa Claus). 428 more words


Modern Mission

The world is changing, and often the Church has struggled to meet these changes. At a global level, the West, for a long time the base of Christian missionaries, has become increasingly secular and liberal, while the rest of the world has seen growth in indigenous Christianity free of past colonialism and imperialism. 572 more words

Hugo Chavez Legacy Examined

In this article, the legacy of Hugo Chavez is examined. The sadly deceased leader of the Venezuelan people was a giant within Latin American politics who left behind not only programs for advancement, but also a psychology that demanded better for all of the population. 19 more words


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In the late 19th century, the Congo was ripped open for its large rubber resources to satisfy capitalism’s new found demand for tires, leading to the death of millions of Africans.

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