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Workers, farmers and war: New Zealand in 1914

Of all the questions confronting the working class in New Zealand in the decade beginning 1912, as it set itself on a course toward political independence, none was more decisive than the question of imperialist war. 3,103 more words

Class Struggle

War Crimes for Idiots: The New Zealand SAS and the War on Terror

17 years after 9/11 and the official launch of the War on Terror (WOT) NZ finds itself facing for the first time the undeniable proof that it was recruited by the US (“for us or against us”) as mercenaries in the US campaign to avenge itself against ‘Islamic Terrorism’. 3,817 more words

Statement of the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) on criminal aggression against Syria

We condemn the attack on Syria in the strongest terms!

Finally, after several days of false propaganda of western imperialist’s media about the use of “chemical weapons” by the Syrian regime and shedding crocodile tears for “innocent children of Syria” the U.S launched an air strike against Alshariat airfield. 187 more words

Imperialism & Colonialism