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Runaway team

Why do I hold up a vast array of masks to my sticky face one after the other? While I’m showing someone else’s face to the world, behind my fear erupts like a team of runaway horses. 658 more words



built into each structure
is its own failure
the baking of sun
splatter of rain
fragility of wood
crumble like empires
the wilds remain wild… 33 more words

My Poetry

A way back to the Flinders Ranges

I’ve been to the Flinders Ranges twice this year. I walked the creeks and ranges of the Warraweena Conservation Park in the North and the country around Elder Range just South of Wilpena. 897 more words



{One of the most imporant messages I have ever set out to write}

We focus so much time on things that will be dust, and comparatively little time on Scripture and souls – the only things on earth that are lasting and eternal… 548 more words

The Delicate and the Dead

This delicate hangs in morning light,

suspended in some spider’s spun delight,

a wispy statement of fragile beauty,

from some web-based arachnid cutie.

This dead was laid upon a lava shore, 97 more words


The Flowering Of Life and Death

To die with grace, without regret, to accept the beauty of impermance. To burn away gloriously without fear, as the ashes of our demise are carried off upon the very same winds that gave us our blessed rise. 10 more words

Passing Pleasure.

Passing not clinging.

Change is a law of nature. Everything changes with time. Everything alters in some way; impermanence is the nature of things. Realising nothing is permanent everything is passing, in a state of transition. 512 more words