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Twinship in Flux

I was born a fraternal twin. When we were born, our parents couldn’t decide which one of us would be Kim or Carrie, so while we matured under incubators for three weeks, the nurses had named me Night because I had dark hair, dark eyes, and darker skin and her Day because she had light red hair, light eyes, and fair skin. 1,810 more words


Accepting the Impermanence of Life

Separation challenges a systematic belief. When we walk into a marriage we tend to see ourselves growing old together. We come to believe this is how life should be. 853 more words


Where is your life now?

The Materialism of youth,

The changing Missions you laboured over

The Meaning you ruminate on but could not find


Farewell Flux

As you read in the previous post, the last three years in the Pacific Northwest have seen me face some of the most challenging life events a person can encounter. 1,161 more words


A Rose's Funeral

a sad rose
losing its petals
one by one
on a stormy night
like an old widow
shedding her
strands of white hairs
over the years… 178 more words