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Impermanence, by Yangsi Rinpoche

We have been talking and reflecting so much about impermanence in our classes and in teachings and studies of Buddhism. But we have been actually shown impermanence in real life by the passing of our dear faculty member & friend Jim. 118 more words

Yangsi Rinpoche

Now is the most important thing. Right now.

Why is this moment the most important moment ever?

1. Your precious human birth makes this moment the most important ever. There is no other moment because it is only NOW that you are alive. 154 more words

Funerary Flux

My beloved and I had plugged along through August, and we were juggling the here and now with the there and then when everything imploded. A phone call early on the last Friday in August told us my beloved’s mother had suffered a heart attack and was pending emergency open heart surgery. 401 more words


Bilocated Flux

When I started this blog over seven months ago, I had so many words to express all of my anticipation at the new life just on the cusp of budding. 688 more words


Befriending Flux

Initially I intended for this blog to go live on March 15, 2014. I intended to create a space where I could explore my life in transition. 507 more words


The World We See

As our journey through A Course in Miracles progresses, the lessons have not only become longer, but more expansive and in depth. Themes and concepts repeat… 757 more words

A Course In Miracles

The Four Reminders that Turn our Minds Toward Sanity & Cheerfulness

Note: This piece first appeared on elephant journal, here.

Find the place inside where the awareness waits to be discovered.

It is there, always, underneath the sediment floating in the pond of our minds. 420 more words