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Two Blue Lines? Get ready...

Congratulations on getting a positive pregnancy test…

Now what? Everything is up in the air and you may be wondering what to do?

I like to be prepared… but I wasn’t when I got pregnant for the first time. 787 more words


Fruit Loopy #1 Apple Seed

From microscopic pair of cells to an apple seed sized embryo… The last six weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings…

First there was the… 789 more words


It's over... or is it?

For every cycle that we’re are trying to conceive there is a definitive moment where we know it’s all over… or so I thought!

Each month we brave the two week wait with some degree of madness… trying not to spot symptoms, reading too much online, wondering, hoping… when really all we can do is wait. 623 more words