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IVF#1 Eight Days Past Two Day Transfer - 8dp2dt

I have turned a corner! My positivity is back! And it’s all thanks to a trip to the bathroom…TMI alert…I had some discharge that was tinged light brown. 203 more words


4w5d: Still Bleeding

I think I’ve exhausted all of the forums online that come up when you google “red bleeding but high HCG”.

Thank you everyone for your support during all of this. 346 more words


The early weeks

Pregnancy – so you’ve managed to be in the same place at the same time, not only that but it’s the right time, you were awake enough to have sex and all the right bits of yours have met all the right bits of his – not as easy as it sounds (or they tell you in sex education at school) but you think you’ve done it. 540 more words


The Dreaded TWW - Again

Before I started IVF, I read that the TWW was the worst part. I couldn’t believe this. There is no way sticking yourself with needles every night and morning is easier than just waiting. 329 more words


implantation bleeding

the odds are you do not have implantation bleeding.

if you have to you a tampon or pad you do not have i.b.

Implantation Bleeding

Stupid Uterus

       Now wouldn’t be the ideal time to get preggers, but the cavewoman in me can’t help but want to be fertilized. I’m planning a wedding, we just got a house, and I have no insurance. 663 more words


The Most Common Causes of Black Vaginal Discharge

While black vaginal discharge is not typical for most women, its occasional appearance is rarely cause for alarm.

In most cases, it is old blood left over from menstruation or implantation of an embryo. 389 more words