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Effective SEO in Kent: New, Better SEO Tactics to Implement This Year

Online marketing trends come and go, and search engine algorithms get major overhauls from time to time. Yet the overall goal of search engine optimisation (SEO) endures. 86 more words


Constructors in C#

As we know a constructor is a special type of method in a class that is called every time an instance of the class is created. 257 more words

C Sharp


Inherit means to derive something from parents/ancestors. That something can be properties/traits. Similarly, In java we can have a parent class from whom the child class can derive its properties. 218 more words

Core Java

How to Implement a Loyalty Program Using Social Media

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your social media followers? Have you considered launching a loyalty program? A loyalty program is an excellent way to gain audience insights while rewarding your most engaged fans. 51 more words

Call Python from Java

It is said that Python’s syntax is the best for engineers and such professionals, because it has a very steep learning curve, easy syntax and good documentation. 350 more words


What is a Singleton? How do I implement it? And when do I use it?

This explanation will use C# to explain the basic ideas of a singleton and the singleton pattern. Keep in mind that if you re using a programming language that doesn t support classes, this explanation may require a bit more analysis. 127 more words