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Oppose India's river-linking project: Bangladesh opposition

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) late Wednesday expressed concerns over India’s fresh move to implement the controversial river linking project and urged the government to take strong action against it. 162 more words

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Social Responsability or Sustainability Program

In the next few days I hope to encourage upper management to implement a sustainability program. I think a sustainability program can strengthen our companies brand image and positioning. 175 more words

సెక్షన్: 8కి వక్రబాష్యాలేల?

సెక్షన్: 8కి వక్రబాష్యాలేల?

గవర్నర్ నరసింహన్ కేంద్ర హోంమంత్రి రాజ్ నాద్ సింగ్ తో డిల్లీలో సమావేశమయి తిరిగి వచ్చిన తరువాత సెక్షన్: 8 అమలు చేస్తారా లేదా? అని అందరూ చాలా…………..……….Read More………….

BKT Has New Radial Tire for Farm Implements

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) has introduced a radial tire for farming implements featuring increased flexion (IF) technology. The new RIB 713 tire, size 280/70 R 15, is designed to reduce soil compaction and withstand punctures. 279 more words

The Cost of Not Using an EMR

Pretty alarming statistic here and a nice case-builder for the value of implementing an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. If you are questioning the cost of such an investment, balance that with the cost of not using an EMR. 20 more words

Make A Move In Internet Marketing: Implement These Excellent Tips

Lots of people today are trying to find various methods to make extra cash, one method is with advertising and marketing through the Web-based. The issue some individuals deal with is that they have no idea where to begin. 24 more words