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27.0 Problem-Solving: When It Makes Us Stressed?

27.1 What is “Problem-Solving: When It Makes Us Stressed”?

Problem-solving involves two elements of focus: the problem and the solution. When dealt wrongly, it will imply negative stress.  361 more words

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Implications of using "factory reset" on Android phones.

Using the “factory reset” option to wipe Android phones may leave behind valuable data, warn security experts. 148 more words


Round 1: Why Does God's Indwelling Presence Matter?

I have spent the last two months posting on the grace of God provided to us through indwelling. Indwelling being that merciful commitment of the Father and Son to send the Holy Spirit to take up residence within those who trust the gospel. 644 more words


Gmail learning

Below are a series of screenshots representing my learning around Gmail. The clips generally originate from the Google training site. It has become much easier to make sense of since I actually started using it (as opposed to just reading about it). 112 more words

Professional Learning

We digitize our own minds by using the Internet

“Most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, but by people being fundamentally people” – Terry Pratchett… 668 more words


Myths of scientific discovery

“The mythical stories we tell about our heroes are always more romantic and often more palatable than the truth. But in science, at least, they are destructive, in that they promote false conceptions of the evolution of scientific thought.” So writes Leonard Mlodinowmay in… 320 more words

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Made in China: A Behind the Scenes Tour of Internet Addiction

Three little words. You see and hear them everywhere. Made. In. China. These words appear everywhere, inscribed on the bottom of your favorite bathtime rubber duck, written in the fine print of your iPhone’s instruction manual, and sneakily attached to the American flags you wave on the 4th of July. 1,233 more words