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The War Between the Jews: Its Reflections and Implications in Our Modern History


Renegade Editor’s Note: It is my contention that the war between zionist jews and globalist jews is simply theatre, and that they use this manufactured conflict to further their ultimate goals. 1,945 more words

The Jewish Problem

Colonial Mentality Syndrome: Description and Implications

What is Colonial Mentality Syndrome? How did it evolve? What are the implications of Colonial Mentality Syndrome?
What is Colonial Mentality Syndrome?
Colonial Mentality Syndrome which herewith I will term in abbreviated form as “CMS” can be described as: 9 more words

Jeremiah calls out Hananiah (Jer 28:15-28:15)

“The prophet Jeremiah said

To the prophet Hananiah.



Yahweh has not sent you.

You have made

This people trust in a lie.’”

Jeremiah went to Hananiah to call him out. 38 more words

God created the universe and didn’t get money!

But He’s God, He doesn’t need any money. Shouldn’t he be able to provide for himself?

Exactly!! On this earth we work most of our time… so much so that most tend not to look at what work actually is – well at least what the Bible says it is (which is what I believe it is, but not everyone agrees). 793 more words

Creativity Challenge Day 19

Creativity Challenge 19

The Challenge here is to use your creative talent to bring light into the current distress in the world around you, in whatever form that talent takes. 312 more words

Creativity Challenge

Different Implications

If p and q are two statements then a general implication statement can be given as if p then q, i.e. p→q.

The different forms of implications are as follows: 172 more words

Logical Framework

21st Century Cures Passes House -- with Pros and Cons

For those returning to their jobs on the Monday after Thanksgiving, there was a surprise. A compromise version of 21st Century Cures legislation had been crafted and was now moving forward through the legislative process. 415 more words

Analysis And Commentary