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World Refugee Day: What do our categories leave out?

Today, a PS to this past week’s posts on classifying human beings. What do our categories highlight, and what do they exclude? My past two posts have used current examples from the media to raise knowledge questions about “race” and the contentious balance between biological heritage and culture or ethnicity (a balance that carries varies labeling in various contexts). 805 more words

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Implications - Soul Searching (Ft. Bradley Cooper of Amongst Heroes)

Band: Implications
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Classification and implications: Who is black, or indigenous, or Jewish?

(by Eileen Dombrowski) I ended my last post with questions about Rachel Dolezal’s claims to be black: “Are her personal knowledge claims the deciding factor, in your mind, for determining her racial identity? 675 more words

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"Passing" as black: classification and social implications

A story currently running in the media jolts me out of summertime diversions, straight back to TOK. I find knowledge questions about classification magnetic, especially when the categories constructed have social and emotional resonance as they are applied to human beings – as has the categorization of “race”. 669 more words

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27.0 Problem-Solving: When It Makes Us Stressed?

27.1 What is “Problem-Solving: When It Makes Us Stressed”?

Problem-solving involves two elements of focus: the problem and the solution. When dealt wrongly, it will imply negative stress.  361 more words

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Implications of using "factory reset" on Android phones.

Using the “factory reset” option to wipe Android phones may leave behind valuable data, warn security experts. 148 more words


Round 1: Why Does God's Indwelling Presence Matter?

I have spent the last two months posting on the grace of God provided to us through indwelling. Indwelling being that merciful commitment of the Father and Son to send the Holy Spirit to take up residence within those who trust the gospel. 644 more words