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Yolanda Soryl follow up.

I was going to put up my notes from Yolanda Soryl‘s course, but they contain multiple pages of a workbook from the course that I photographed and annotated as part of my learning (un unavailable for purchase unless you do the course). 293 more words

Reflection: Analysis Of Practice

E! Online: Emotions, not Entertainment

“My favourite language is body language.” – Mel Burke, Melissa and Joey.

You said it, Aunt Mel. Granted, you were making a sly innuendo, but this statement is the life-long motto of the Emotions Headquarters, and this is the mantra that expressive language devotedly chants every morning. 539 more words

School Improvement: Key Factors of a School Context

School Improvement: Key Factors of a School Context
Effendi, T. (2015). School Improvement: Key Factors of a School Context. EDST5461 course assignment submitted to UNSW. … 2,502 more words

Indigenous "enoughness": Perspectives are more complex than they seem.

Why do I have such ambivalent reactions to this video “Enoughness”, when it is so obviously a splendid film to take to a TOK class?   760 more words

IB Theory Of Knowledge

Germany’s Pegida: “groping in the dark of logic”

(by Theo Dombrowski) “As a default, we humans are notoriously irrational,” writes Adam Fletcher. “Many of us suffer from something called dysrationalia which is being unable to think and behave rationally despite having adequate intelligence. 1,807 more words

IB Theory Of Knowledge

The Implications of Unsecure Webservers & Websites for Organizations & Businesses

Read about the impact security breaches had on popular organizations and companies. We analyze the top causes for business losses after a security breach and show why most security breaches could have been easily prevented.

The Implications of Sleep Apnea Treatment in Indianapolis for Women

These findings are highly significant, especially because of the prevalence rate of the condition. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep apnea affects around 7% of men and 5% of women – millions of individuals – in the country. 85 more words