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An Implosion of the Soul

An implosion from disruption of the soul
As the weight of waiting weighs heavily
And the events of the world spin round
And my spirit feels bound… 95 more words


An impending implosion

I’m worried. I have a lot of stress from work, I’m juggling a lot right now while not actually doing the thing I was retained to do. 235 more words

Le parti socialiste espagnol au bord de l’implosion

Sans gouvernement depuis neuf mois, lEspagne senfonce dans une crise politique de plus en plus aigua«. Mercredi 28? septembre, la moitia de la direction du parti socialiste a damissionna pour provoquer la damission de son secrataire ganaral qui, pour linstant, rasiste.


Implosion -Action Game You Really Need to Play

​Never Lose Hope is an ambitious game for mobile devices which, unsurprisingly, falls a little short. The game itself released some time ago, but it’s been getting regular updates. 556 more words


The Implosion Of The Global Markets Has Started & Can’t Be Stopped

Source: SRSRocco Report, by Steve St. Angelo

The world doesn’t realize it yet, but the implosion of the global markets has started and can’t be stopped.  426 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

15 Nov 2016

We do it every day, don’t we, Marcus? Walk down the crowded street, in the morning rush hour, completely invisible. The man with whom I did a tiny sidestep dance as our impatient courtesy tried to hurry on, or that lady who swayed and ducked under my umbrella, swearing under her breath, didn’t see me. 145 more words


Colour Implosion

As a photographer and visual artist I have often had a penchant for fascinating backgrounds. In fact, my journey into the world of photography and art began and evolved from this practical need for digital backgrounds for various video projects. 12 more words