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Implosion – Never Lose Hope – 1.4GB

Bringing AAA console gaming experience to mobile devices.

Implosion best Action Game…

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Trump's Criminality and his Immoral Actions Will Destroy the Republican Party

When Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan decided to become hypocrites and support the most hated man in the world, they made another decision; to end the party of Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan. 374 more words


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Today’s Quote

“When dishonest people reign and good people do nothing, implosion occurs, leaving the real work upon the backs of the poor, innocent, workers enslaved within the greed of power, prostitution rings of gamblers, hustlers, murderers, liars, con artist, and thieves who run their business, governments, clubs, and crack houses.” ~ Jon Barnes…

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Daily Devotional

Controlling the Anger and Mania

Sebastian Shaw from X-Men: First Class resonates with me in this gif. If there is one way I could describe controlling bipolar anger and mania, it is this gif. 107 more words

IMPLOSION Demo Now Available In North America And Europe

A demo for IMPLOSION, a sci-fi hack and slash game that’s currently available on Nintendo Switch, is now available to download in Europe and North America. 72 more words


How can Rotary stop its implosion throughout the Anglo world?

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON

For the past three decades, Rotary as an organisation has been imploding throughout most of the English speaking world. 681 more words


Here we go again: Georgia Dome implosion set for Wednesday morning

As the dust cleared on the morning of Nov. 20, onlookers – myself included – wondered if they meant to leave that one wall standing on the east side of the Georgia Dome. 204 more words