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15 Nov 2016

We do it every day, don’t we, Marcus? Walk down the crowded street, in the morning rush hour, completely invisible. The man with whom I did a tiny sidestep dance as our impatient courtesy tried to hurry on, or that lady who swayed and ducked under my umbrella, swearing under her breath, didn’t see me. 145 more words


Colour Implosion

As a photographer and visual artist I have often had a penchant for fascinating backgrounds. In fact, my journey into the world of photography and art began and evolved from this practical need for digital backgrounds for various video projects. 12 more words


Caltrans Blows Up Old Bay Bridge Foundation

OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — State transportation officials have used thousands of pounds of explosives to implode part of the old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge as part of an ongoing demolition project. 155 more words


All Hallowes Eve is on the way....

Are you ready?                   

Its such a fun holiday, I’ve been having a great time coming up with new and different ideas, like these little ghosties.  Only after I’d taken the last one out of the kiln, did I notice a couple of them could be mistaken for clans men. 70 more words

Fun Stuff

Fallen Angels

The fallen angel is a new design I’m refining for Halloween. I love making implosion/compressions items; however, it can be a finicky technique in lampwork. These are getting better with each one I make, as I’m starting to find out which colours come through the best… 30 more words

Fun Stuff

Caltrans Implodes Support Pier Of Old Bay Bridge East Span

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A controlled, underwater implosion just after noon on Saturday took out a massive support pier of the old Bay Bridge eastern span. 123 more words


Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business

Deutsche Bank: The Painful Dying Of Shady Business

14th of October 2016

Lady Luna in her positive transit phase is surfing through Aquarius, passed up the dangerous DragonTail and entering the constellation of Pisces. 606 more words

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