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im done


pulsated the windows;

an implosion

 of emotions shattered

 what little restraint

I had left.


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And boom goes the dynamite...

There’s something to be said about the first article you write as a journalist.

Now, I’ve actually written many articles before my Ottawa Sun days. To get my name out there as soon as I could, I was freelancing since I was in college and had a couple of internships here and there. 612 more words

Dani-elle Dube

The Cheating Heart

Have I cheated?

Oh, don’t even go there. I have not purloined, snatched, unintentionally nor intentionally pilfered someone else’s work or ideas as my own. Not only is it dastardly wrong and cowardly to boot, I honestly believe my head would implode from the very guilt of it. 126 more words


Old Hulton Bridge Implosion Set For Jan. 26

OAKMONT (KDKA/AP) – PennDOT will implode the 107-year-old Hulton Bridge in Oakmont on Jan. 26.

The bridge is being destroyed because a replacement span built next to it is now… 262 more words


Say goodbye to the Riviera and watch it implode

The Riviera — one of the last classic resorts still on the Strip — officially closed its doors in May. It was bought by the LVCVA (Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority) who plan to tear it down so the Convention Center can expand and reach all the way to Las Vegas Blvd. 36 more words