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Most Wanted Customs Launch UK Website

The new website for most wanted customs UK has launched, at http://www.mostwantedcustoms.co.uk

Make your 2015 car dream a reality, and see current models in stock ready for immediate purchase

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Welcome to ‘Dream Machine Investments’.. Your first stop for highly sought after rare classic and sports car gems from around the World.

Dream Machine Investments are a ‘Classic Car Hunter’ Service, that peruses the world in search of extremely rare classic and sports cars, and matches them to prominent individuals who wish to invest their hard earned wealth in an investment portfolio that will accelerate irrespective of the financial climate of the world’s economy. 458 more words

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Cool Facts

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The Old-Timers vs. The Know-It-Alls

I am approaching 23 years of age and only being involved in the import community for nine years (more like four when I subtract the years spent in college and removed from the car scene), I am receptive of the idea that I do not know an ounce of what my peers and the elder car guys have learned. 563 more words

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Can You Lose That Spark?

Throughout my early car guy years as a high school know-it-all, I lived and breathed everything automotive. Although my car of choice back then was a beat-down Honda Civic (automatic 1.6L, non-VTEC, SOHC, other technical car dribble, which all basically meant my baby was the rolling definition of “slow”), I still beamed with pride whenever I was walking up to it, driving it, or talking about it.  550 more words

Tran's Thoughts