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Bolivia: Amendments in customs duties

Supreme Decree 3069 was published in the Official Gazette on 1 February 2017. The Decree amends the customs duties charged on imports of, among other items, centrifugal dryers, vacuum cleaners, monitors and projectors, electronic equipment, mobile phones, image and sound recording and reproduction equipment, blenders and microwave ovens. 7 more words


USDA-FSIS Quarterly Enforcement Report: Downloadable Raw Data and 10 Year Trends

In my mass of emails from the government each day, every quarter I get one from FSIS letting me know what they’ve released their quarterly enforcement report… 810 more words


Ninja Gaiden (Ryūkenden) (1992 PC Engine) vs. The NES Version

Hey ho! Did you know that the PC Engine had some pretty good NES ports? I have already mentioned the Double Dragon II port, the Nintendo World Cup port and the River City Ransom port briefly in the Top 10 Turbografx16/PC Engine co-op games list but there is more! 1,049 more words

PC Engine

IMPORT BOOK 그럴 때 있으시죠? - 김제동

perhatikan tanggal preorder , batas pembayaran dan detail lainnya.

!!! harga bisa berubah kapan saja, tergantung dari supplier Korea.

sudah termasuk EMS dan bea cukai. belum termasuk ongkir dari lokasi admin ke alamat pembeli. 15 more words


"Have Racecar" Part 2

If you thought all the hard work of importing a car had been covered in the previous post on this topic, oh how wrong you were. 1,490 more words

Logistics & Bureaucracy

Running from __main__ in PyCharm

This applies to PyCharm 2016.3.2.

Sometimes it’s useful to run a module, that is part of a bigger project, directly from PyCharm. To prevent that code from running with the module is being called from elsewhere, you can use something like this: 110 more words


Import Briefiew - IA/VT Colorful

Back when I did my first “briefiew” of a rythm game I mentioned how I wasn’t really the biggest fan of the genre until very recently. 1,050 more words