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Monday VLOG #2 PSP Bargains, New Game and BIOS Failure

We look at some bargains I got when shopping for new PSP games, a new game I imported a physical copy of and my adventures in a BIOS update failure.

The Stable

3DS Has a Future Yet

If you hang around Nintendo news sites—and sometimes the comments sections can question your sanity—you’ll see quite a bit of buzz about NX, what it is, and how both of the current systems are dying. 164 more words


Importing Cannabis into the United States

By: Joseph A. Celeste

If you’re taking the time to read this post, it is likely that you are an up-and-coming international cannabis company that seeks to sell your medicinal cannabis product for medical purposes in the United States of America. 554 more words

More sewing projects!

I just got some fabric in the mail and I am super excited!


AWS Import

AWS import

aws ec2 import-image --cli-input-json "{  \"Description\": \"source\", \"DiskContainers\": [ { \"Description\": \"First CLI task\", \"UserBucket\": { \"S3Bucket\": \"des_s3\", \"S3Key\" : \new_source.ova\" } } ]}"

aws ec2 import-image --cli-input-json "{  \"Description\": \"source\", \"DiskContainers\": [ { \"Description\": \"First CLI task\", \"UserBucket\": { \"S3Bucket\": \"des_s3\", \"S3Key\" : \"new_source.ova\" } } ]}"

aws ec2 import-image --cli-input-json "{ \
\"Description\": \"from source\",
\"DiskContainers\": [ { \
\"Description\": \"First CLI task\", \
\"UserBucket\": { \
\"S3Bucket\": \"des_s3\", \"S3Key\" : \
\"dest.ova\" } } ]}"
aws ec2 describe-import-image-tasks --import-task-ids "import-ami-asiyrkbx" |grep -i status



Convert Microsoft Project MPP to MPX to import to Primavera

Nowadays, Microsoft Project save file as MPP format. However Primavera allow to import file as MPX format.

So, here is the tool help you to convert MPP to MPX. 11 more words

Primavera P6

wabah adalah cara terbaik untuk mengatasi overpopulasi

Judul : Inferno

Penulis : Dan Brown

Penerjemah : Ingrid Dwijani Nimpoeno dan Berliani Mantili Nugrahani

Penerbit : Bentang

Tahun Terbit : 2013

Tebal : 644 Halaman… 514 more words