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“G” is for a Good Read

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

How important is it to be a reader in this world of instant information?  Does sitting with your child and playing computer games produce the same outcome as sitting with them and reading a book? 

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જીવનમાં વાંચનનું મહત્વ

જેટલું વધુ વાંચશો એટલું વધુ જાણશો, જેટલું વધુ જાણશો એટલું વધુ શીખશો, જેટલું વધુ શીખશો, એટલા વધુ સ્થળોએ તમે ફરશો. આ જાદુ માત્ર પુસ્તકો જ કરી શકે છે.

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Importance of Reading

Reading is a skill that has been emphasized from time immemorial. I remember when in my younger days my grandparents would keep emphasizing on how I need to read and read beyond what is necessarily related to what I study. 429 more words

Mental Health

You Are What You Read

Reading is an all-consuming pastime for our family. We devour books individually, but travel-schooling has allowed us the chance to read together as well. WE LOVE THIS. 1,637 more words

A Brief Tribute to the Love of the Book!

Many seniors enjoy their retirement years pursuing the hobbies and interests they have loved throughout their lives.  For some people, retirement finally provides time to finish that long list of books they have been meaning to get to. 408 more words

Advice For Seniors And Caregivers

Are Newspaper and Journals Vital this very day?

Newspapers and reading print journal may not be a thing today. The majority of us who grew up in the 90’s tends to change into reading online or skimming via Facebook to understand current affairs and correlated facts. 468 more words

Importance Of Reading