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Read Your Way to Success

Many youth I know can spin an argument like a flower without a root. That’s right. They can talk pretty, waft attractive opinions around the room and philosophize like their point is so natural, but when you dig to the bottom of their argument, there’s often nothing feeding it. 375 more words

The Gift of Reading for Children

Yesterday, I came across this stack of treasured childhood books and the nostalgia was overwhelming! These books meant so much to me as a child that I still feel a huge attachment and connection to them now, so many years on. 843 more words

Have you heard about ETP?

Last night community members met to learn about ETP. What’s that? It is the Early Teaching Project that is now being offered in Roseburg and Douglas County. 179 more words


Excellent Tips to Help your Child Develop a Reading Habit

Books are a man’s best friend, yes except dogs of course. If introduced early on in life, books become excellent teachers and friends. They stay with you for life, unconditionally, through all the good times and bad, showering you with love, engaging you like no one else ever can. 467 more words

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Best book practices for Toddlers

When I was in library school we learned Ranganathan’s 5 laws of library science.

When it comes to toddlers it is very important to remember the number one rule of libraries. 841 more words

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Why I Read (And Why You Should Too)

I’ve always been fascinated by languages, words and the worlds that they can construct. It was obvious from a very young age that my interest for the alphabet and reading stretched far beyond what was considered ‘normal’ for children the same age. 818 more words


#SOL16: To Be a Reader

Traveling to new places

Visiting old places

Making new friends

Visiting old friends

Learning new things

Relearning things left along the way

Collecting words and images… 175 more words