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7 Reasons Why You Should Go To Church

Do you want to know God better, live a happy, fulfilling life, and help make a positive difference in your community? Join a local church! Here are seven important reasons why going to church is important. 829 more words


5 Steps For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is widely recognized as an effective tool that helps to drive the success of business. This comes as a result of the numerous benefits obtained which include: increased domain influence, higher search engine rankings, and generation of traffic which increases sales potential. 566 more words

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What if we loved Christ?

In the Christian faith, we have this weird phrase that no one really understands. We say that people must be born again or be saved. There are a couple of questions that usually come up when we are speaking to someone who isn’t familiar with Christian lingo, or Christianeze. 3,126 more words

The Importance of Urban Farming | Urban Gardens NYC

The Importance of Urban Farming | Urban Gardens NYC

Urban farming. Photo: Shutterstock By Alex Holt Food production is an important part of our existence as humans, but the traditional definition of farming conjures up images of rolling wheat fields and large fields of fruit trees.

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One way to deal with dogmatism and bigotry - philosophy

We could all learn a thing or two from philosophy.

Questions of what makes a citizen a citizen, who can and how we participate in the processes of democracy (if democracy is even preferable), whether our own concepts of participation and democracy stand the sniff test, and who we should look to in an age of increasing intolerance all crop up. 512 more words