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One way to deal with dogmatism and bigotry - philosophy

We could all learn a thing or two from philosophy.

Questions of what makes a citizen a citizen, who can and how we participate in the processes of democracy (if democracy is even preferable), whether our own concepts of participation and democracy stand the sniff test, and who we should look to in an age of increasing intolerance all crop up. 512 more words


Using Scriptures to Reject Temptation

Child did something they weren’t supposed to do; child doesn’t want to read scriptures; child doesn’t understand why reading scriptures is important.

Scripture Lesson… 656 more words


The Importance of Setting Spray

It’s Wednesday and I’ve got 2 weeks left before the semester is over FINALLY! Yay summer 🍉😎

But no matter what season it is, you want your makeup to be in place all day. 207 more words