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This quote tells of a fear many Americans feel as we move into the final day of voting, Nov 8, 2016. 7 more words

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#FOODPORN wrap up

A year ago, we decided to do what we love, with people we love. A year ago, Chop Chilli Chop came into being. We spent the past 12 months meeting periodically, drafting and re-drafting, conceptualizing and editing. 398 more words

Important Events

US Training Before LC

Hey WV,

We held a US training session on our capital server, Frostbite. This may prove to be our final practice before we have to face the Nachos in our Legends Cup semifinal rematch. 33 more words


An Invitation To Veterans for Severance Days Parade

Totally worth sharing!

Please spread the word to any veterans you know. Thank you to Severance Community Church for supporting our veterans, and thank you to all those who serve and their families for all you have sacrificed to keep our great land free.

Enjoy Severance Days everybody!

Legends Cup Training on Frostbite [US Event!!]

Hey Water Vikings,

Today we held a US training session on our capital, Frostbite. We maxed 34 and averaged 32. This is a very good size when you consider how long our US division has been inactive for. 40 more words


Legend Cup Quarter-Finals - Results!

Hey-o everyone!

Today, we logged onto Klondike for our Legends Cup, Quarter-Finals battle against The ACP. However, after 5 different room changes, confusion on whether to stay online or log off, and bot raiding the entire time, we decided to log off. 137 more words



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 Then join us in our next battle on CP and be on chat!

To enter the full version of our chat click here… 282 more words

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