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Fear of water

Right at the heart of the pool yesterday, a gripping numbness seized my lungs.

Some background might be useful. Months ago, i attempted to swim with a budding cold. 600 more words

The Everyday

Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Dear Sir.

Loss, i have learnt, finds us in new ways unique to the one we mourn for.

This morning, groggily, i flipped on the tv just in time to hear PM Lee collect his quavering tone. 219 more words

Important Events

Short note on Lee Kuan Yew

Early in March i picked up LKY’s autobiography. Less than a month later his health is dipping, the nation steeling ourselves for the eventual. I am not devastated, that would be overdramatic of me – but definitely more saddened than i thought i’d be, given how inevitable death is for everyone. 486 more words

Important Events

Solar eclipse in the UK...

There has been a solar eclipse here in the UK on Friday 20 March… the majority of the UK was treated to between 95%/98% maximum totality – but in the UK island of the Faroe Isles, they got a full ‘total eclipse’. 119 more words

Any Old Chatter...


Os recordamos que la semana de FALLAS abrimos los días:
Lunes 16
Martes 17

La escuela permanecerá cerrada los días:
Miércoles 18
Jueves 19
Viernes 20 (FestivoLocal) 32 more words

Hi5 Info-Courses-Students

I know I'm a day late & a $ short, but...

This is the link to the YouTube video of President Barak Obama speak at the foot of the Selma Bridge…It, at times made me laugh….sometimes it made me cry AND sometimes it made me DANG PROUD to be called an AMERICAN of THESE UNITED STATES…and yes…I’m shouting, in case you were wondering!