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Important Updates

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in these past months 😬 It’s because 2016 was a very busy year for me. And I’m going to explain why: I put up a new blog. 143 more words

Economy Update From NPR: Economist Says Manufacturing Job Loss Driven By Technology, Not Globalization

Economist Says Manufacturing Job Loss Driven By Technology, Not Globalization
NPR’s Scott Simon talks to economist Michael Hicks about how most of the manufacturing jobs lost in this country are due to increased use of technology and not outsourcing to foreign countries.

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How to Make a Christmas Budget that Actually Works (in Singapore)

(Source: blog.moneysmart.sg)

I now understand why Christmas dinners are huge. It’s obvious that, having spent the GDP of a third world country on this one celebration, that meal had better keep us going till March. 864 more words

Money Matters

Real Estate Market Alerts: Putting 800 Square Feet to Work

The renovation challenge: Downsizing from a loft to a studio, without losing the feeling of space.. via NYT Real Estate http://ift.tt/2hcOi5U

Real Estate Market Alerts: Trying to Undo a Lower East Side Diaspora

Tenants who were driven out by an urban renewal project that stalled for decades are hard to track down.. via NYT Real Estate http://ift.tt/2glgPXg

Real Estate Market Alerts: A Rooming House for Career-Minded New York Women

A building with 375 single rooms created for the shopgirls of the early 20th century continues to thrive in Midtown Manhattan.. via NYT Real Estate http://ift.tt/2glLaVF

a vow

I vow to love those who are harder to love.

I vow to make peace with those I say are my enemies.

I vow to smile throughout my darkest days. 67 more words