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Exempt importations

  1. Agricultural and marine food products in their original state;
  2. Livestock and poultry yielding foods for human consumption;
  3. Breeding stock and genetic materials;

Polished and/or husked rice, corn grits, raw cane sugar and molasses, ordinary salt and copra are agricultural food products in their original state. 660 more words



VAT defined.

When first introduced last 01 January 1988, VAT means the tax on the value added by every seller to his purchases of goods or services; as well as on importation of goods into the Philippines, whether for personal or business use. 453 more words


RDC : l’autorisation d’importer des véhicules de plus de 10 ans vise à « aider la population », selon José Makila

Le vice-premier ministre en charge des Transports, José Makila, affirme que la décision d’importer des véhicules de plus de 10 ans en RDC « vise à aider la population ». 263 more words


ShipX Customs Brokerage

ShipX Customs Brokerage specializes in the processing of imports and exports of both sea and air shipments with over 30 years of experience.  It is our honor to be a part and grow with you. 148 more words

Jamaican Government looking to make it easier to trade

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Chairman of JAMPRO Don Wehby says the agency is currently pushing for simpler, more transparent and cheaper avenues for both the importation and exportation of products, to boost investment. 123 more words


APHIS Reopens Comment Period: Importation of Hass Avocados from Colombia

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is reopening the comment period for a proposed rule that would allow the importation of Hass avocados from Colombia into the continental United States.  327 more words


The Latest Information About African Leopards

SCI and the SCI Foundation are working together to respond to the latest attempt by anti-hunting groups to interfere with sustainable use conservation.  Most recently, these animal rights groups have focused their efforts on African leopards. 681 more words

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