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Europe's surprisingly strong economy is now the "engine of global trade," says the IMF

The European economy has experienced an impressive turnaround in recent years. From a position so weak that some countries needed international bailouts and central banks launched unprecedented monetary stimulus to stave off broader turmoil, the region is now considered the “engine of global trade” and economic growth by the IMF. 327 more words

UK Car Sales & Construction Industry in Recession, US Consumer Debt Rises Fastest Since Trump Victory...

The trend of declining economic data in the UK continued over the past week. New car sales have now fallen for seven consecutive months and are mired in recessionary conditions. 1,249 more words


AS TOLD BY CITI FM: "Left to die: Ghana's Onion Industry Close to Extinction"

Ghana’s onion industry will soon be completely wiped out if challenges hampering its growth are not dealt with.

Ten years ago, the industry was a bustling one. 72 more words


Show-&-Tell: FDA at the Port

In 1974, FDA added 14 mobile laboratories, which allowed the Agency to inspect imported foods at the dock.

The law gives FDA the authority to examine imported food (and any other FDA commodity) to verify its compliance. 216 more words

Blu-Ray Review: The Legend of the Holy Drinker

Based on Joseph Roth’s 1939 novella, Ermanno Olmi’s 1988 film, The Legend of the Holy Drinker is about as good as it gets if you’re looking for a bottle of melancholy to sip and sit with that’s also a fine whine of meditative work featuring a flawless performance by Rutger Hauer as the titular homeless drunkard, Andreas Kartack. 594 more words


What Is KORUS, And Why Is Trump So Mad About It?

(Source: www.forbes.com)

U.S. President Donald Trump makes his first visit to South Korea next week, and nuclear weapons won’t be the only controversial agenda item. 910 more words

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Keeping the Lights On: solar manufacturers and installers face an uncertain market

In the wake of a landmark trade case, the solar industry faces an uncertain future.

On a sunny afternoon in a Beaverton suburb, longhaired solar installers from Portland-based Elemental Energy heft panels from a crate stamped “Made in Korea.” Along with the 290-watt Hyundai model, Elemental sources panels from Malaysia, Canada and, of course, China, whose government-subsidized solar manufacturing sector cranks out notoriously cheap products. 15 more words

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