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Friday Film Shot

Skye gave us another scare yesterday morning, but she’s rallied yet again.  It’s so hard to know what to do for the best. She gets steadily thinner, as her intake is less than desirable. 15 more words



Polaroid 600, Film: Impossible Project / Third Man records

I quite like the idea of that film. However, I am either totally inept at taking good Polaroid photos or the film just didn’t work for me. 17 more words


Polariod | Instant Photography of NYC

Instant photography has had a real resurgence over the last few years with a variety of new instant cameras coming to the market. The attraction with instant photography is that you are able to see your photographs appear in front of your eyes and each image is unique which can never be recreated again giving each photograph a really personal story.  128 more words


Friday Film Shot

Polaroid SX~70 instant B&W film

Have a good weekend Wordypeeps.


Nikita Gross: Star Child

Imagine for a moment the atmosphere; the invisible, delicate barrier between the planet we live on and the heavens above. And around. Below. Imagine if the atmosphere was a person, someone who can watch everyone living their lives from day to day, but is equally aware of the moon and stars, knows the planets, even the ones we can’t see by name, and from a bird’s eye view, also watches the seasons come and go, looks forward to springtime when the cherry blossoms bloom, and more than anything finds a certain joy when those blossoms fall like rain through a golden light and and collect on a park bench where a mother sits with her child, pointing at the sky, teaching him what magic is, knowing the laws of nature by heart. 1,124 more words

Impossible Film

Fourth Polaroid Showcase

~ Happy New Year 2017 ~

So, I cut my hair. It’s off. The freedom started, haha.

I went to Prague for that and took this shot. 198 more words