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“And far and wide, in a scarlet tide, The poppy’s bonfire spread”. 

Poems of the Orient–The Poet in the East  ~ Bayard Taylor  

I found a beautiful field of poppies today, and then I found a most beautiful poem that reminded me of my friend… 6 more words


The Sphinx

Here is a shot that I finally got scanned in. I was wandering around a large graveyard, looking for something really unusual to shoot, and I came across this Sphinx all the way in the back of the graveyard. 145 more words

The Sunday fraggle report

A busy weekend this weekend as on Saturday night I went out to a surprise party for Phil’s daughter Shelley. Her friend Sam organised a joint baby shower/birthday party for Shelley and we all turned up at The Avenue pub in Sunderland before Shelley arrived. 271 more words


Impossible MiNT SX-70 Lens/Filter Set - Blue Filter

I recently purchased the Impossible MiNT SX-70 Lens/Filter Set from The Impossible Project and over the past several weeks have been experimenting with the various lenses/filters. 533 more words

Instant Photography

Books, Books, Books!

I love books… all kinds of books but photography books in particular. I’m not really into “how to” photography books these days but I love books of photographers’ work. 389 more words

Instant Photography

Polaroid on the Streets - Chapter 2

As a street photographer, I am shooting with one of my Leica cameras (digital or film) about 98% of the time. Recently, I have started to carry a old Polaroid SX-70 camera with some Impossible Project black and white film just for a change of pace during a day full of shooting street candids and street portraits. 162 more words

Instant Photography

Buskers of Washington Square (NYC) Series -- Continued

Buskers are performers, most often musicians, who play for donations on the streets, in the parks and subways. Washington Square, in Greenwich Village and surrounded by the New York University campus, is home to many regular and itinerant buskers. 111 more words

Instant Photography