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Breaking through our limitations

” Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds ”

– Napoleon Hill

Having started my interest in the topic of personal development in my early teens, I had come across this piece of brilliant wisdom at quite a young age.

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Motivation & Encouragement

Linear vs Leverage income

Linear Income is when you do the work and you get paid once. When you have a typical 9-5 job, you get paid linear income. You’re exchanging time for money. 552 more words


Impossible Is Nothing

The greatest barrier to entry is what you’re not willing to go through to get to what you desire.

The Bible says, all things are possible through Christ. 235 more words



Since I discovered the words – “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”, popularized by the Legend, MOHAMMED ALI, I haven’t been able to bring myself to stop mouthing it. 544 more words


В’єт нам (До)

Impossible is Nothing, це я не про слоган Adidas (до речі, навмисно знайшла їхню рекламу щоб переглянути – така собі реклама:), але слоган же ж чудовий?), а про маленьке індо (втомилася весь час казати-писати Індонезія) правило про те, що неможливе стає можливим в цій магічній країні (навіть без «чарівних» грибів, вживання яких там поширене). 12 more words

Monday Morning Motivation - Impossible is nothing.

Have you managed to overcome adversity? How?

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IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING : 5 Steps to Turn Your "I Can't" into "I Can"


Ah the new year! So fresh with possibilities and newness. Is it just me or does the air smell different on January 1?  There’s so much possibility in each breath. 868 more words