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Kembali ke 11 tahun lalu, saya teringat kejadian suatu malam. Kejadian yang sampai saat ini, dan entah sampai kapan, masih teringat jelas dalam memori saya. 25 Mei 2005, AC Milan melawan Liverpool dalam final Liga Champions Eropa. 995 more words

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My Prayer For You


Be encouraged this morning! I don’t know what your circumstances are or what you may be going or praying through; have faith to believe that it is all working out for your good.

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Impossible is nothing

Over four years ago I was recovering from very serious injury. At that point it was questionable if I would be able to come back to work as an accountant. 518 more words


Let me start by apologizing for not blogging yesterday. I was watching the Muhammad Ali funeral/memorial service, as many of you probably were too. I then started cooking, had Iftar with the family and went to pray taraweeh. 952 more words


Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016)

Photograph: Neil Leifer/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

I don’t have anything to say about Muhammad Ali.

The only thingĀ I can say is that he was part of the collective consciousness. 92 more words

RIP 'The Greatest'

I had this poster on my wall for 12 years and it is not coming down anytime soon. RIP Ali.


Impossible is nothing

I was most definitely never a boxing fan, but today is a very emotional day for me. Not because I am mourning the death of Muhammad Ali(because I believe that we should not mourn deaths of great people), but, because I was overwhelmed by the grandiosity of his persona, being reminded of it this morning as I read the news. 395 more words

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