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Try and Try and Try Again

“You must never feel you have failed. You can always come back to something later, when you have more knowledge or better equipment, and try again. 306 more words

The most successful people in the most impossible situations are the ones who are sure they’re gonna get out of it, and they go on thinking that, even if they die trying. – The Mountain Story, Lori Lansens

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Impossible Writing Projects

I sensed the Lord’s direction to share a particular story from my family’s life, and I began to write about it when we were still in the heat of the crisis. 430 more words

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“Have you ever given up on a project because it seemed impossible?” A thought-provoking question from Karen Jordan in WordServe Water Cooler. Her reply is good news for writers and the rest of us. The impossible is possible after all. So don't give up. Finish the assignment. Embrace your calling. And trust God to see you through it.

Impossible Situations

What do you do when a life storm sets in and you can’t find a solution?  When you give someone everything you have, do all you can do for them and they still treat you badly.  1,060 more words