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Overcoming the impossible

Mobberly Sunday School, December 21, 2014
Exodus 14:1-31

This week we’re going to fast-forward past a number of events in Moses’ life and take a close look at the most celebrated story in Moses’ life: the crossing of the Red Sea. 2,742 more words

Small Group Lessons

Is There Anything too Hard for God?

Rabbi Greg Hershberg is a Messianic Jew who oversees the Beth Yeshua International Ministry. His teachings are biblical and phenomenal. Watch and Enjoy!


through seas and great waters.

It’s an early Saturday morning and it’s been a rough week, marked with upset stomachs – and everything that comes along with that.  Our family has been encountering sickness after sickness.   365 more words

The Love & Mercy

Laughing at Impossible Situations

Genesis 18 tells us of the well-known story of Sarah laughing at an impossible situation. She was told she would bear a child when she was past child-bearing age; at least to her she was. 699 more words

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In the {Nick} of Time

These last couple of months have been packed full of hopes that have reached high’s and low’s as Adam has applied for many jobs. The job that he has been working since we got married finally had to cut his hours, due to their last of business within the summer months. 534 more words


When EMPTY is Really FULL

To be completely honest, emptying myself of me is my greatest challenge, but there is where God meets me, on my knees, empty and small in my own eyes. 193 more words


Yewtree, moral responsibility and the impossibility of a way out

It couldn’t have been timed better. We know the story well enough: the post-war liberals who fled the sterile consumerism of Australia, where even the Supremes barely charted during the 1960s, and made Britain fresher, more tolerant, more open, back before Anglospherism curdled, and another wave came from the same direction to revise our future, to replace post-war paternalism with something nastier, pettier, more closed, the opposite of the genuine improvement we’d looked likely to get before. 2,269 more words