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High Court Judge Makes A Lame Statement About Peacocks; Gets Trolled

According to him “A peacock does not indulge in sex with peahen. The peahen gets impregnated when she swallows the tears of peacock.

Source: High Court Judge Makes A Lame Statement About Peacocks; Gets Trolled


A Dirty One-Track Mind.

Call me ehat you will, most people prefer “misogynist”, but, I like writing sexually explicit material, mainly stories involving incest, and now, for the first time, mind control, body transformation, dollification, human trafficking, impregnation fantasy, I also want to explore hypnotism. 196 more words



Hey kids!

I know. I know. I’ve been a bad host. I’ve been absent from my own party! I so sorry! The rest of my life ran me over. 499 more words

Forced Lactation

The Virgin Clouds

The Virgin clouds playing

hide and seek with the crimson Sun

were summoned by Indra Devta

to shower the lands to impregnation


Warning: This is significantly darker than my usual work. No happiness or joy is to be found down this road. You have been warned.

Home had been awful, abuse and neglect her constant companion. 259 more words

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Punishing the Bratty Girl

Clara did not care about rules. There’s no reason to. Her parents were filthy rich and the school paid more attention to the balance sheet of the annual donations than the student’s disciplinary qualities. 601 more words