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The Ultimate Bull

Well cucky, you’ve finally gone and done it, haven’t you?  You finally pissed your wife off so much that she decided to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget.   305 more words

New Series

My Son's Girlfriend: The Virgin Cheerleader - Part 1 and 2

Michael Williams is a good husband and father, at least he tries to be, even after Danielle, his son’s gorgeous 18-year-old girlfriend moves in.  He knows that she doesn’t mean to turn him on so much, she’s actually quite innocent after all.   211 more words

New Series

Probed by the Tentacles

Cosima is the bored and lonely caretaker of a mining station on the distant moon of Europa. Her five-year-long assignment is almost entirely spent monitoring reports and checking on machines. 154 more words

Irma Marazza

Release: "Love Intercourse" by Shiokonbu

A story of consensual heterosexual vaginal sex between married partners in (but not limited to) the missionary position for the purpose of procreation.

Edit: In case you’re wondering, we will translate the four-page prequel to this story too. 41 more words


Alien Profiling, Recon & Defensive Countermeasures

They have been studying us for a very long time. Likely before we can remember. After some time scouring the depths of the internet, I believe one at this time can put together a realistic profile of details and important knowledge about aliens, at least the greys, not only for defense but to take matters into one’s own hands. 29 more words