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Lumberton New Jersey's Nike Missile Battery PH23/25

Honoring and Preserving a Cold War Legacy

When passing through the idyllic and peaceful countryside around Lumberton, New Jersey, one would never expect to come across a fearsome relic of the Cold War. 985 more words


Perfectly Imperfect

I recently discovered a love for painting. About two months ago I had a major breakdown, I don’t want to get into the details of it, it was entirely mortifying, but it was because of this that my friend decided to take me to one of those art classes where you paint and drink wine. 834 more words

Self Discovery

Morning Magic Outside Of Phoenix, Arizona

Strange, Surreal, and Fantastic Light in the Arizona Desert

I’m going to depart from the rust, mold and decay of the abandoned places I’ve been photographing this Fall and return to our Arizona trip in October. 211 more words


Sorry Sedona, That's Just The Way I Feel

When my friends told me about you, I couldn’t wait to meet you. They said you were absolutely beautiful and that we would really hit if off. 371 more words


The Grand Canyon vs. New England

Attempting to Rate the Beauty of the American Landscape

The Grand Canyon

New England

In the last couple of weeks we were on a whirlwind tour, first in Arizona and then in New England. 219 more words



The Impressionists were a movement of like-minded artists in France in the latter half of the 19th century who revolutionised how we look at the world. 569 more words


The Brooksbrae Brick Factory

An Urban Wasteland in the Middle of the New Jersey Pinelands. 

No matter how long I live in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, it is surprising that there are always new things to learn about.  168 more words