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Tips for Getting Less Detail and Painting Impressionistic Artwork

It seems like most Artists,  go through generally the same phases early in life. Starting out very detailed using pencil, then on to composition then color. 162 more words

The rabbits unexpected journey

The rabbits unexpected j0urney

Our poor rabbit while out munching away came across a new potential food growing around his home in a cow pasture. A little purple ringed mushroom. 81 more words

Yellow Daisies Painted with Ink and Watercolor. Painted on 9 x 12" Arches Block Paper with Maimeri Watercolors, $135.00.

OK, this is the second Painting of my still life using Ink and Watercolor. This one was fun! Nothing like Ink on a white paper, (Arches 140lb Block), and going crazy with Watercolor!

Impressionism vs. Realism. Finished 11 x 14" Soft Pastel Painting $135.00

It seems as Artists we generally go through so many different stages of creating. I’ve always thought Drawing or Painting something to look exactly as it was, was the goal. 41 more words

Rose of Sharon Everlasting

A different version of my previous Rose of Sharon Blossoms still life. This Rose of Sharon still life digitally painted with textures and script in an impressionistic and expressionism style. 53 more words


Artist of the Week: Leonid Afremov

You may have seen his work floating around on Etsy, Pinterest or even Facebook. Modern impressionistic painter Leonid Afremov has been creating his pieces for many years and has attained considerable notoriety online. 128 more words