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A Little Passion Poster

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Passion Flower Postcard by JLGlass

Beautiful, delicate, and growing on my fence…. The passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) shows it’s early season blooms. Locally these flowers are better known as May Pops and tend to have more vivid colors as they first bloom which fade as the flower ages by a few days.  12 more words


What Makes You Tick

Perhaps you are hypnotic or chaotic sarcotic or neurotic somewhat despotic exotic symbiotic or frightfully unpatriotic or greatly erotic Perhaps you are asthmatic or ecstatic or euphemistic or sadistic simplistic or even spastic You might be dyspeptic or an agnostic or a heretic I suppose You could be overly dramatic or idealistic or autocratic or too ballistic Maybe you are masochistic or you have run out of mastic or perhaps you are in hiding in your attic Well isn’t this all just too pathetic



Multiple exposure while twirling the camera. Funky technique. This is a yellow maple tree that, to me, morphed into a rose.

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Time Fragments


This time of year makes me frantic. It’s not due to the fact that winter is around the corner, but the fact there is so much intense, magnificent color around, I want to capture it all. 14 more words

Time Fragments