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Are they Receiving What You're Sending? How to Make Certain Your Message is Clear

Are they Receiving What You’re Sending? How to Make Certain Your Message is Clear

by Cathleen Elise Rossiter

“Our job is to sell our clients’ merchandise… not ourselves. 726 more words


"Warum lieben wir Hunde und essen Schweine?"


Dies ist eine sehr beeindruckende, gut gemacht Dokumentation über Gefühle, Barmherzigkeit und Einfühlsamkeit, die Tiere zeigen können. Wenn wir verstehen, wie verständnisvoll und intelligent sie sind, und dass wir problemlos leben können ohne dass Tiere für uns sterben, wir also nur Tiere essen um des Geschmacks willen, können wir unser Verhalten dann wirklich rechtfertigen? 54 more words


Picture of the day: Ugandan Faces

Age is the ceiling,
Beyond which nothing goes;
But often it’s deceiving,
As we too are liars.

Teenagers are commonplace
With big faces to wash, 86 more words



As if I thought I couldn’t embarrass myself on the internet any more than I already have… well… this happened. I decided to impersonate some of my small YouTuber friends, with terrible results and terrible accents! 34 more words


Impressions - Gravity Rush Remastered

A certain cowboy once said to a certain Space Ranger, that he wasn’t flying, he was simply falling with style. That great little scene from Toy Story pretty much sums up Gravity Rush’s core game mechanic in a nutshell. 861 more words


Luxury is Glashutte Original Watches

In a world were smartphones are attached to us night and day, Millennials sometimes do not see the importance in wearing a watch, of course unless it has the ability to carry apps, talk to you, do your laundry, and the list goes on. 391 more words


Finn Bayley Showed Up At NXT In Indianapolis To Cheer Up An Injured Finn Balor

As we reported yesterday, Finn Balor suffered an undisclosed ankle injury over the weekend. Naturally, everyone is SAD and morale is a bit down across the board in the WWE. 100 more words