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London, Days 1-2

So, we made it, to merry old London.

It would be remiss of me not to mention how great our hosts have been. Although they are still grieving for the loss of their father, our great-uncle (who passed away just 7 weeks ago), we have been received so warmly and spoiled so much. 389 more words


Valetta, Europe's Smallest Capital

It is something odd with Malta and Valetta. Valetta is an amazing town with a lot of nice things to do and see but it does not have this “capital feeling”. 190 more words


Destiny 2 – Beta Impressions

The Destiny 2 Beta is out now for everyone on Xbox One and PS4 to try out! I’ve been able to play it for the past few days now and I have some thoughts so gear up, strap in, and prepare to sit in orbit. 620 more words


Destiny 2 Beta - Gaming at a Glance

My history with Bungie’s Destiny is one that I’m sure is shared with many other people. Eagerly anticipating the game in 2014, I made certain that I was able to partake in both the alpha and the beta testing and played the game extensively – only to find by release that I’d pretty much played the whole thing. 964 more words


Shootery Lootery

I’ve spent a little more time with the Destiny 2 beta. It’s amazing what I’ll do to get a shooter fix when Battlefield 1 servers are empty after the update. 633 more words


Parisians be like...

Everybody has the stereotypical Parisian in his mind:

  • shirt with stripes
  • baret
  • smoking
  • and eating a baguette

But is this really true? I made the test and wrote down how Parisians appeared to me. 594 more words


First Impression: Bello Pet Stroller

I have known about pet strollers for a few years now, ever since one of my grandmas showed me a picture she took of this lady who came by her sari-sari store while pushing a stroller that had her pet dog in it- I never really entertained the idea of putting my pets in a stroller, but I did think it was cute- and a bit extra! 442 more words