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Flea Market

A flea market took place in the city center today. This picture was taken last year, I had better things to do today.


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Beta Impressions

Mirror’s Edge is back! See, last weekend I had the opportunity to play around in the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst closed beta. Now I’ll say right off the bat that the game is looking promising. 1,260 more words


Wedding Day

Today my youngest is getting married to a beautiful young lady.  My little guy is tying the knot, he would probably hate that I said that, but if you have grown kids you know what I mean.   26 more words


up & away

Blinds drawn in a room

that used to smell like summer.

You can’t always tell

if you’re underwater.

But you’re alone

beneath the atmosphere,

and hoping someone else… 42 more words


Lush Cosmetics (First Impression)

Hello hello! Today, I went shopping at Lush Cosmetics. I’m always welcomed by the strong, eye-watering smells of different natural products. From bath bombs to face masks galore, you will never get bored in there. 474 more words


Jamming with Grandma immediately takes a turn with kidnapping

Look at that screenshot above. It’s a little girl tied up inside some sugar factory, with a pile of dynamite to her side and a spinning saw blade of doom heading right towards her. 558 more words


Nioh Alpha Demo Impressions

Hey everyone, I got a chance to check out the Nioh Alpha Demo and just wanted to share my thoughts and impressions on the gameplay.

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