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365 Days in My Kitchen: 158 + 159

Edible Flower (pansy)

Stamped Mug Detail

Black stamped detail on a wide blue/white striped mug.

365 Days In My Kitchen

Talent Identification: Find Your Top Talent

We hear a lot about talent gaps especially at the executive level. Is the hype real or are people exaggerating? The harsh reality is, there is in fact a talent shortage. 477 more words


The Bed

It was a chilly Saturday when I was awoken by someone pinching my toes. Having a brother, that happened alot. With my eyes still closed, I told him to stop. 77 more words


Daniel From Germany

When I travel, I always find myself meeting people. I know it’s probably a surprise to many, but I can be very talkative and social sometimes (that’s sarcasm). 1,021 more words


Loren's Badass Chick: Sophie Trow

This week’s Badass Chick is 8-year-old Sophie Trow who recently wrote to Clark’s Shoes asking them to make boys’ dinosaur shoes for girls, too.

She and her mom were shopping when she spotted an awesome pair of shoes that leave dinosaur footprints behind (seriously, what’s cooler?!). 179 more words


A Moment: Morning Has Broken

I was driving under overcast skies early this morning, listening to the radio and singing along to “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens. Just as I crested a hill towards the lake, the sun burst through two layers of clouds, flooding the windshield with light. 10 more words


Executive Board Tells All: Part Three

With the deadline to turn in executive board applications being just three days away, we’re featuring the third part of our “Executive Board Tells All” series. 1,637 more words