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Junowrimo is over!

But I still ain’t done! :|

Well…that’s not entirely true, I only have, like two chapters left to write.

So…YAY! :D

This is the most I have ever written for any story or book, and even though I didn’t reach 50,000 words, (I only got like 30,000 so far!), I’m still really happy with that. 300 more words

Top Five

This weeks Top Five.

Everything Colossus touches turns to gold at the moment. Looks like Haste Audio is one to watch.

The guitar lick in this is sooooooooooooo lush… 18 more words


Spirit DNA

Spirit DNA

Most of us have heard of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which holds the genetic coding (blueprinting), of all living organisms. DNA has fast become the gatekeeper… 552 more words

The Sublime

Try Something New - Wooden Imprint to Cloth

Last weekend wanted to do something different and remembered the wooden imprint motif that was purchased some months back.

Took an old possession – my hubby’s bed sheet that I liked a lot because of the color and got the full freedom to spoil it… :) 53 more words

My Art

Abstract | Paper Stack #5

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Paper Stack

By xldesign

Source: 500px.com


Rustic Cake

Hey guys!

To close this week with a golden key, let me show you my buttercream rustic cake.

This imprint technique is pretty simple, you just use a fork to mess your perfectly smooth buttercream (yes… this can be harsh… LOL). 80 more words


Craftsman in the River

A fluttering leaf,

Tossed by fleeting gusts,

Passive in each gale,

I am not.

A rock, fixed and unyielding,

Cold, untouchable,


Not me.

Instead, fluid and free, 54 more words