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Bombshell Books is an imprint of Bloodhound Books and they are back with a bang! 

Bombshell Books launched with the hilarious The Queen of Blogging and are now back with two new authors and three novels.  249 more words


#1158 – DORIS THE BOOKASAURUS by Diana Murray and Yuyi Chen

Doris the Bookasaurus
Written by Diana Murray
Illustrations by Yuyi Chen
Imprint   7/04/2017
40 pages    Ages 3—6

“Hooray for books!
They make me… 647 more words

Children's Books

Little vs Full

Devotion is that kind of thing. If you dismantle the structures of who you are and you are completely absorbed into something, if that something is powerful enough, it will just imprint upon you. 211 more words


Marketing Your Novel: Why Send Press Releases?

Disclosure: I work for a marketing firm. While I have no formal education in marketing or business and would never claim to be an “expert”, working in online marketing for two companies over the last  four years has taught me a lot.  248 more words

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

Note verbale

IT’S like making an imprint of the spoken words. That is what is something right about “write words” here. We hope, dream and aspire to make an impressum of what we think, feel, write and do. 250 more words

Kaplan's “Algeria’s new imprint”...an old colonial vision of Algeria

My response to the Nation article.

Alice Kaplan’s “Algeria’s new imprint” article published in the Nation, and sadly celebrated and shared by the Francophile Algerians, exemplify the old colonial tale which value the subalterns’ ideas only when they fit the so called universal western norms of thoughts. 622 more words