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feeling kinda thankful for the past 24 hours or so.

i had a good, though very much delayed, conversation with a friend. Well, at least it happened, and I do hope we are on track for a better future as individuals because of it. 128 more words



Time. Refusing to stop, pause, adamantly pushing through.  Why does it not pause? It does pause, in the moments that one is empty, the moments that one has nothing to fill us up with. 434 more words

bats ftw

totes what i imagine discipleship to be? hahahahaha

sorry, i don’t know who’s the original artist, and i hope to be enlightened on that fact. :)



Impromptu Friday.

Newly rearranged wall in one of the girls rooms. Enjoying the view.

Did you know that you are more likely to cut yourself with dull knives then sharp ones? 240 more words


confessions of a workaholic

i am only halfway through my off day and i am already feeling thoroughly bored and i am losing my grip on reality. i am almost tempted to take up a last minute shift. 201 more words


the impromptu trip!

seriously anxiety attacked me on last sunday which made me super emotional and couldn’t fall asleep until 2:30am (i had only 8-hour sleep on friday and saturday night in total, which supposed to be easy to get tired and sleep). 346 more words


A Moroccan Beachside Affair

Nothing speaks to a beautiful climate than an outdoor dinner. When you live in such a place as Santa Barbara, California you must learn to take advantage of it’s perfect weather. 333 more words

Beach BBQ