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i can let you go

but please don’t ever think that i didn’t put my heart into it.

just that, even if I could give you more,

it won’t make a difference to the outcome.


sometimes i feel like

i am so tired of being myself.

feeling too much, and being so afraid of certain things.

i really wish life could be simpler – 270 more words


Technical Difficulties and Lack of Recent Updates...

So… anyone new to the blog over the last week has found a ghost town, lacking only tumbleweeds to seal the deal. I hope I haven’t missed out on any new followers as a result! 356 more words


She said He said

How, in the first place do people find themselves in such a place?

How do they allow themselves to open the door wide for compromise to waltz in like a Disney prince? 115 more words


wishing upon the stars tonight

that when i wake up tomorrow morning, i will be a girl with a complete heart

ready to love and ready to receive

ready to trust and ready to live… 195 more words


feeling kinda bad

i suddenly feel so super bad about this experience with someone from my past. i feel so bad about it that i actually teared. i refuse to break down over it. 82 more words