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Artificial Love: A short story

I will admit that this short story was influenced by the Spike Jonze’s movie ‘Her’.

A young woman sat her computer, her hazel eyes fixated on the bright translucent screen promoting men to date. 2,655 more words



‘But when I see her.. I feel warm and my heart rate goes up. She takes my breath away. It is hard to breathe and hard to focus.’ 49 more words


Impromptu outing with the kids of AHHHfamily

As the title says it all, we organized an impromptu meeting to catch up over the times we were not together. Initially, I met the two chaps at Vivo city with the plan in mind to watch a movie, probably the famous Marvel’s Ant Man, or the horrifically terrifying Ju-on 4. 876 more words


what a messy world

I am quite disturbed by the path my friend is taking.

But well, what’s new, Vivien is always disturbed about something.

I am quite disturbed by the path some of my friends are taking. 22 more words


Hard-boiled egg curry with tomato, ginger and yoghurt

I don’t make egg curry often and when I do, it’s often one of those ‘the cupboard is bare‘ meals, so I don’t like to get too fancy with it. 348 more words