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F is for dying (Day 30)

where X is moon of wonder opening
for desire, grief gone in ringing fingers
my fine, fiery need for horizons
i word i rhymes 416 more words

Crime Scene Investigation (Day 29)

gamma-rays around the blazar
make the inactive days
(at the same time) likely,
the most unsociable and least understood
extragalactic objects
where light cannot easily escape, 169 more words


brambles and gratitude (Day 28)

brambles and gratitude
each expression a blessing
a fixed companion
every benevolent exertion
for a body
for a birth
each desire a grief 220 more words

hum (Day 27)

quote i torrents and
rain of torrents through
and standing see him
speak you, if him speak
saw nobody quote i 143 more words

Related but Distinct Concepts (Day 26)

removing all my body hair
(not the main patches, of course:
armpits, eyebrows, head, pubic)
all my other body hairs:
fragile, wispy follicles, 202 more words

something on my mind

i don’t really know how to say this… but i realised i am still really afraid.

and maybe a part of me believes that i will never find it… 20 more words


Curve (Day 25)

Why we remove the moist morning:
I do, I try, I—or, well, pass.
Oh all my turn, a time aubergine, 142 more words