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Impromptu 3. Sus ojos | Her Eyes

De pronto, y ya resignado,
aparecieron como flechas
lanzadas por un arco infalible
… sus ojos.

Y, atravesando los míos,
su fulminante mirada
alcanzó su tierno y pulsante objetivo… 77 more words


23 Aug 2016

Why they were born?

You think that’s what people want to know about the most?

Nothing else could be more important or less understood.

I think, Marcus, all that people want to know about, for sure, is the future. 93 more words


I can’t prepare for everything
That’s coming my way today,

So those impromptu activities

Will surely come into play.

Since that is the case

I don’t have much to say,

11 more words

22 Lines

A lonely moth–

how’d you get into the grass, foot-trodden

how’d you cuddle leftover winter leaves

and the boots of the landscaper

we always are alone until no… 92 more words


my foot

been on my feet a lot recently… because of work.

thank God because they raised the pay and it seems like it should continue…

hate the heart flutter and stomach churning kinda feel but that seems to be how life works recently. 151 more words


Impromptu 2. A Poetic Conversation Between Languages 

Allow me that I begin
this extraordinary conversation,
although my fear I must confess
there might be no communication.

Unbegründet sind deine Bedenken
und unvernünftig deine Angst, 185 more words


Episodes #01

You did not make a conscious effort.

Did not sweep me off my feet.

Didn’t throw any subtle clues.

Made no promises to falter on later. 16 more words