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Knock knock..

Being in the same town as one spent their childhood in, is a great blessing, indeed it is. Having been around the world and come back to the familiar surroundings with memories strewn everywhere is more valuable than one can imagine. 319 more words


Peeling Oranges

Every December 28 Verdiales bands gather in Puerto de la Torre to compete for a prize and enjoy time with friends. These men are preparing a drink with oranges, probably sangria. 13 more words

Down on the farm

Eric went to meet the new neighbours at Granny’s farm today with Cousin Myla. Myla is such a poser and I got some great shots of her in the natural January light. 79 more words


Hanging with Cecilia - Moody Piano Impromptu and Poem

There’s a wee spider beneath my keyboard…

so I’m…

Hanging With Cecilia…

Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider spun her silken web

Lady Cecilia Meenor Spider controlled the flow and ebb…

158 more words

Those days

Went to a cafe. A little noise at some corners but mostly quiet ones, busy with their books, laptops, etc. Not really a fan of these kinds. 334 more words

Impromptu Lunch: Soup for the Soul

I am not someone who is comfortable writing about food. Don’t get me wrong, I love food.  I love to eat, love to read about food and love watching food channels in TV.  403 more words


TFJ Vlogs - Mr. Vesterby and the Elvish Dreamer - Impromptu Story

I decided to make up a story on the go during my drive back home from work. I think it came out ‘ok’ with its chief strength being atmospherics. 86 more words