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Strange how it works, isn’t it? You can paint one room in a house and ultimately discover every other room needs to be painted. I guess the same can be said about memories. 1,097 more words

"Young And In Love Conquers All"


Watching this programme called Kings Cross ER on 403: Crime & Investigation.

This old man just had multiple, consecutive heart attacks. He broke down at a railway station, had someone exercise CPR on him, ‘revived’ and got sent to an ER at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, where he continued to slip in and out of consciousness, as they tried repeatedly to resuscitate him for good and keep him conscious. 422 more words


i am a master of paint.

I had this feeling that I had to really put this episode on this blog but I procrastinated. Much with everything else about me right now. 608 more words

Should I be amazed?

This is actually the second time I am typing this post.

I don’t know what I did but I deleted my entire draft. Which was just arghhhhhh, which is quite unfair because I really do need to get sleep. 707 more words


Let's change!

I cannot really handle watching news these days. Too much of hatred, corruption, fabricated news, killings, wars, violence, etc… Truly the world is FUCKED UP (excuse my word) yet we carry on everyday as if nothing is happening </3 We need to wake up on what really matters in this temporary world. 241 more words


I don't want to work today, I just want to play

I don’t want to work today
I just want to play

I don’t want to work today. No no.
I just want to play. Yeah Yeah. 148 more words