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and so i came across this brilliant song

I am just going to come out and say it too. I LOVE her voice, and how she sings and how she carries herself.

I came across this song when I was out shopping for one of my precious disciples and this song was playing in Prints. 531 more words


#todaysconclusions 12/04/15

I’ve had a fantastic weekend.

Two fantastic burgers in one day is a bit excessive. Delicious but excessive.

I’m can be impromptu.

Realising you’ve been to a certain bar when you walk through the door is worrying.



Nightmares 💔

Have you ever had a nightmare? If yes, what makes it so?

I told this experience with my mum whom was there beside me when I’m having a nightmare and to my boyfriend. 1,416 more words



An impromptu jam session after dinner with friends :)


20 Minutes to Free Write

The first assignment of WordPress Writing 101 is to take twenty minutes to free write. Here I go.

It rains outside. An Indonesian puppet master, Sujiwo Tejo once said that “If you can’t make a poem when it rains then you’re ….” I forget what he actually said. 321 more words


holy weekend

the holy weekend just passed and I haven’t really had time to pause and think about it.

I never really saw Lent as important. I don’t know why. 205 more words


Morning Reflections

Crazy. Each time I get back into tech it’s cheaper and better. Nice screen, snappy performance, loads of features for an almost silly price. Shame Web OS was a flop, it really is a smooth, logical system, and so much more comprehensive than iOS. 312 more words

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