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‘ImPromptU’ will (hopefully, if I manage to keep it going) be a series of stories triggered by writing prompts I find online.

Because I am in the midst of a study break and I figured that I have to do something useful with my time, besides (maybe) volunteering in other activities and trying to figure my life out. 41 more words


somewhat mundane work day

but still kind of thankful for it because of the time i managed to spend with the honestbee gang.

there’s still fear running through my veins about what the future holds, and i am always thankful for the affirmation and the assurance. 176 more words


Creepin' at the Heathens Den

♠◣◥ ◣♬CREEPIN’♬◥ ◣◥♠

╠♠DJ: Spin Creep

╠♠WHERE: Heathens Den

╠♠WHEN: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

╠♠GENRE: Mix

Let’s get some proper music in this club! I dunno what the hell I walked in on, but I’m fixing it! 42 more words

Heathens Den


She knocked down her walls for him.




what to do now? 😶

THAT Kinda Love

Hello Blog World, It's Drama Coach, Kim Cooper!!

Hello everyone,

Have you ever heard the expression “I don’t do drama? ” Well a little drama is necessary in our lives. There is good drama and there is bad drama. 116 more words


forrest gump

why can’t i feel like a poached egg after watching forrest gump?



New Purpose

So originally I planned to write about the little beauties of life

The things people miss

The little moments you look over

The goodness in things just left as is… 114 more words

Not So Random