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Let's go back?

Let’s go back

To a much simpler time

When you weren’t so far

And time was worth a dime

We’d go out

And we’d go often… 69 more words



it is annoying that I thought it would just be a short brief meeting and we would bid our goodbyes, resuming the part of our lives that do not involve each other, but then it turned out to be such an uplifting encounter. 119 more words


You don't have to be a celebrity to feel like one

Impromptu red carpets could possibly be better than the ones you have to get dressed up for.



I feel like I’m not fully developed.
I’m still a caterpillar who doesn’t know how to fly, a device not completely charged, or a book that hasn’t been finished reading yet. 211 more words



I sit on a mat. A laptop on my lap. My notebook and pediatric textbook on my side. I’ve read the textbook and taken some notes. 20 more words


Brief Confrontation Walkthrough

I just feel that if you really want to step up to a confrontation with me, please kindly complete this mental process to evaluate if you should. 434 more words


Unexpected rest night :)

I am so tired.

And I posted a very brief summary of my week on Facebook, and oh. my. gosh. the responses. I guess I could give thanks that people are erm, concerned about my life. 299 more words