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why do girls like bad guys?

maybe because they want to believe they can be the special one, the first girl to stop their bad boy cycle, and be the last girl for the rest of their lives.


unexpectedly good

i had a really good conversation with someone today. The best I have ever had in a longest time. The excitement, the shared amusement, the eye contact, the common topics and interests.. 35 more words


Racing Thoughts

This is an impromptu poem today. I don’t know why i thought of doing a poem instead of journal, but here goes. I apologize if it sounds stupid or has errors. 281 more words


Hauz Khas: Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Performs Impromptu Show in New Delhi Bar

Chris Martin, the vocalist of Coldplay’s, unannounced arrival at Summer House Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, took everyone by surprise and got us all wondering: what the hell was he doing in Delhi in the first place? 84 more words


Dance with Me?

Dance with me, will you? You choose the song then we dance. You may look clumsy while I look silly. You can step on my foot and I will make you laugh. It’s okay. Just dance.



This is my flight meal. :D  They still have the list to teach us how to make bibimbap! HAHA.      I finished the whole tube of paste. 317 more words

As a writer

In words, we find solace stitched in our hearts.
In words, our hands intertwine with fire on the trembling ground.
In words, we chase our realities and wake up living our dreams. 49 more words