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(il)Legal Copycat

In what Internet universe would a lawyer steal the words and work of another and not expect to be caught or called out? Why would a lawyer post “news” on their website by simply trolling the Internet and stealing others news? 584 more words


The Untoward

untoward (ˌʌntəˈwɔːd ; ʌnˈtəʊəd )



  1. characterized by misfortune, disaster, or annoyance
  2. not auspicious; adverse; unfavourable
  3. unseemly or improper
  4. out of the ordinary; out-of-the-way…
  5. 476 more words
Self Discovery

Casting lots

Provide for yourselves three men from each tribe so that I may send them, and that they may go through the land and write a description of it with regard to their inheritance; then they shall return to me.   464 more words


Error suitable,

so unseemly improper,

inappropriate. 15 more words


Do Not Judge!
Today’s Reading: Luke 6:37-38, 41-42 Version CEV

The truth is that we cannot live without judging or making judgements. We make them constantly; and sometimes it is necessary to judge: When certain atrocities are committed, prosecution should be quick and firm. 172 more words

Daily Message


The way you live
is special.

The way you see me
is different.

The way you compliment me
is beyond natural.

You are a child… 140 more words


Improper means of Persuasion

In his Rhetoric, Aristotle has done a lot of talking about the proper means of persuasion; now, he opts to take a cursory view of the five improper means of persuasion, or as he puts it, the “non-technical” means. 299 more words