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Have an Improper Bite? A Family Dentist Can Treat Your Bite Problems

An improper bite comes with many issues. It can cause difficulty in chewing and speaking, and most of all, it could keep you from flashing that potentially heart-melting smile. 114 more words

You know how to install insulation...

both properly and improperly, both in attics and in walls, and both with gloves and without.


"that's just gay" ?!?!?!?!?

while trying to convince my friend to come to a party, i was telling him that the bday girl is our friend and friends are always there for each other etc. 496 more words

A territory of wondrous orgasms,

So I’ll try to pick up from where I left off in the previous orgasmic inducing post.

2 months had passed swiftly , our ‘ 217 more words


Exploration into sexual awakening,

Here we are, 3 years ago, at the very outset of our exploration into sexual awakening. I can recollect the graceless discussion with my partner about wanting to advance our bedroom antics, I wanted for us to delve into the fruity world of electrifying… 297 more words


I’m Deitra Grey

I’m 20 years young, I have a partner of the same age and we have been entwined since we were puerile, half-grown, inexperienced 14 year olds. 146 more words


Poopy Party Poopers Part 2

The warning signs are everywhere

They just want to stop you having fun – crouching like some superhero.

I’m sure this could be more widely applied…