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Improv Jam - Thursday 23 February 2017

This week’s jam: Who? What? Where?

The jam is brought to you by Parky.

If you’ve ever seen a good improv scene, the chances are you enjoyed it because it had interesting characters in a nice relationship. 192 more words


IMPROV IS A CULT! (Introduction)


Is improv a cult? After spending most of my adult life involved in improv comedy I have just recently come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, a cult. 235 more words


Fun Fact

The longer you take to decide on a team name, the shorter you’ll stay a team.

Improv Comedy

Gorilla Burger - Improv Comedy Carnage - Thursday 9 February 2017

Boom! It’s Improv Time.

Get onstage and do something awesome, and drink and laugh at other awesome funny things created on the spot.

Never done it before? 108 more words

Improv Comedy

New Clocks And Tees And Laptop Sleeves, Oh My!

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Improv Comedy

The Show Must Go On, Part Three: All The World's A Stage

You’ve trained. You’ve rehearsed. You’re ready to rock’n’roll. But where?

In the past, improvisers performed where they studied, or looked for existing shows to be part of. 1,424 more words

Improv Comedy

Fall Foilage: Last Trivia Show of 2016!

There wasn’t a December 2016 Trivia show at The Coronado, and to make matters worse, I never got around to recapping the November edition, and for that I am very very sorry. 264 more words

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