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Gorilla Burger - Improvised Christmas Carnage

It’s The Most Wonderful Gorilla Burger Of The Year

It’s the second Thursday in December, so that means just one thing. It’s Christmas Gorilla Burger, so join us for presents, food, and… 209 more words


Gorilla Burger - Improv Comedy Carnage - TONIGHT!

NCF On Stage Action

Woo, join us for the finest improvised comedy fuckabout evening in the Midlands.  Tonight is the time for anyone to get on stage and have a go, in the comfort of an immensely supportive room, filled with wildly enthusiastic humans (mostly humans). 130 more words


Going Abroad!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Glad to have you back for another post here on Makin’ This Up As I Go

This week I was inspired when talking to a professor of mine to think about Improv on an international scale. 295 more words

Improv Drop-In: Thursday 19 October 2017

This week’s drop-in: Don’t Speak

Brought to you by Parky.

Boffins say that communication has very little to do with what we actually say. Research shows that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice we use, and only 7% is the actual words spoken. 134 more words


Audition for MissImp's Female Improv Troupe!

Auditions for MissImp’s newest performance troupe will be held on the 13th of November 2017, at 19:30 upstairs at the Angel Microbrewery, with Emily Brady ( 279 more words

Improv Comedy

Improv Boston

Hey Hey Hey!

Welcome back to the Blog!

Today I am going to talk about the pleasure of watching professional Improv.

Improv is an intimate performance art and the fact that all suggestions come from the audience is one of the most clear signs of this. 301 more words

Gorilla Burger - Improv Comedy Carnage - Thursday 12 October 2017

Yes The **** Out Of Thursday

Wowsers. It’s here – your fantastic mid-month opportunity to cut loose and go wild. This Thursday is Gorilla Burger… 222 more words