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Film in Philly: Don't Think Twice

By: Kate Faigen
Director: Mike Birbiglia
Screenplay: Mike Birbiglia
See it at: Ritz East

Can humor live in moments of sorrow? Ask the six members of the Commune, a clan of improv comics whose rules of performance are simple—say yes, it’s all about the group, and don’t think. 709 more words

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Don't Think Twice (2016) Movie Review

The improv comedy world is filled with community and “yes-and.” It is about being of one mind. What happens, then, when that camaraderie is put in jeopardy by success, or a lack thereof? 302 more words

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“Don’t Think Twice”: Mike Birbiglia’s Masterful Exploration of Adult Relationships through Improv Comedy

Don’t Think Twice is a modern and innovative look at success, creative ruts, and the inevitability of changing aspirations, relationships, and lives.  It is part celebration of the peculiar performance art that is improv comedy and part discussion of the ebb-and-flow that a group of friends experience at the sudden success of one member of the troupe – and only one member.  847 more words

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Guest Post: What LSD (And Other Psychonauticals) Can Teach You About Improv by Rob Norman

You already know the secret to transformative improv.

Sprawled on the floor of your college dorm room, Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief on repeat, waiting for an electric buzz to drop you through the floor into another dimension. 995 more words

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Gorilla Burger - Improv Comedy Carnage - Thursday 11 August 2016

Show Up, Show Off and Watch the Show

Get up on stage, get matched with a selection of other performers and get it on (theatrically! Honestly, it’s not really… 157 more words

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Comedians, Don’t Sell Yourself Short

A friend and highly respected comedian shared this recently, with the plea, “Dear Comedians, Don’t do this. Dear Marketers, Pay your talent.”

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal? 584 more words

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