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The Difference Between Giving Up and Moving On

The past two weeks I’ve been agonizing over one simple decision: whether or not to continue taking my improv class. I completed four levels (each six weeks long), which is definitely much more than I expected to complete. 460 more words


Die-Nasty's Soap-A-Thon suds up for Airport '75

“There’s no more time. Stop all engines and get out. Repeat. Stop all engines.”

A sense of impending disaster hangs over the upcoming improv marathon, slated to land for 50 straight hours on the stage of the newly rebuilt Varscona Theatre on Friday night. 614 more words

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Side Projects: Kirsten Rasmussen's Life Charts

Improvisers aren’t just creative on stage. They’re also artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, writers, podcast hosts and more.

Some of these things turn into new careers, but for most, they’re a chance to shift gears, experiment, and try something completely different. 44 more words

Improv Comedy

Millions of Voices - The Improvised Star Wars Show - Saturday 10 September 2016 - Frazer Theatre

Star Wars: Comedy Theatre Unleashed

After selling out the Nottingham Playhouse, MissImp bring their newest show to Knaresborough’s Frazer Theatre for one night only.

“A Fun Filled Hour of Geeky Entertainment”

188 more words
Improv Comedy

Gorilla Burger - Improv Comedy Carnage - Thursday 8 September 2016

Show Off or Watch the Show

Gorilla Burger is your best chance to get up close and personal with your own dark side. Get on stage, get matched up with our selection of other performers and see what wonders will emerge. 142 more words

Improv Comedy

Critical Theory 4 - Improvisational Storytelling with Quinn Wilson of Swallows of the South

Hello friends and welcome back to Game Closet. That’s right, we’re rebranding, and making Game Closet our full time focus. We’re no longer The Riverhouse Games Podcast even though we’ll still do our other segments, Critical Theory and From Scratch here & there. 178 more words