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Gorilla Burger - Nottingham's Improv Karaoke - Thursday 11 February 2016

Love is….not asking questions

We’re back, with the only BYOB improvised comedy night in the UK.

Names drawn from a hat, on-stage games and scenes, laughter, love and tears – all followed by the joyous return of The Corner House Players in the improvised whodunnit mystery… 191 more words


Comedy has Come to Campus

By Amanda Bertsch

A circle of students sit on the floor of the auditorium, eyes closed. Together, they count up to twenty, trying to sense when another person is about to speak. 324 more words


Improv Jam - Thursday 4 February 2016

This week’s jam: “Oh God – what am I going to say next?”

This week’s improv jam is brought to you by: Lloydie

“Oh God – what am I going to say next?” 145 more words


TEDxRFT: the ultimate in Edmonton improv

In the wild and crazy world of making it up as you go along, what could be wilder and crazier than this? Julian Faid and Kory Mathewson improvise TED Talks. 459 more words


Improv Jam - Thursday 28 January 2016

This week’s jam: It Takes Two

This week’s improv jam is brought to you by: Neil

Character building is important during scenes. This begins by naming your scene partner. 128 more words


Difficult Gifts

I have to confess that this whole week I was pretty snobby about when I entered scenes and who I’d play with. My 301 class is amazing and I love improvising with them, but some of the open workshops and jams I went to have a much more mixed crowd. 599 more words


From Improv4Humans - Ask the UCB: Playing Gay Improv Characters

From Improv4Humans:

In this bonus Ask the UCB episode, Matt Besser, Seth Morris, Eugene Cordero, and Will Hines discuss playing gay improv characters and improvising with what you know.

286 more words