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A Singularly Awesome Day; Also, Have Some Improv

Today, a small group of us got to do an exclusive trapeze performance for a group of people who are way under-served in our community. It was fantastic to be able to take our show to them — they had a great time, and so did we. 698 more words


Aladdin Retold: Part 2

Parker apologizes for the untimely manner in which this was written and posted! Enjoy!

The Muse concert was as awesome as it had promised to be, but Al couldn’t help feeling distracted through most of it, wondering if Jasmine was having a good time, or if she was thinking about him, too. 1,106 more words


Open Script

The curtain rises and its not for a joke…  I’m illuminated by the brightness of the spot light of my uncertain sunrise as I prepare myself to go onstage. 273 more words

Improv Diaries - Special Edition - My Last Rat Race

Hello – so this week I thought I would treat you with an extra article which is extra special as it is all about my last improv show in Newcastle as I am moving back down to London in the middle of August and this past Sunday was the last time I was able to participate in a show until I move back down south. 1,720 more words


Episode 117 - Video Game Fight Night

Hey all! This week’s podcast is about competitive video game tournaments. Specifically EVO 2016.

We didn’t know it was a thing, but now we do. Listen to us observe the final few fights of the night as we root for people we know nothing about! 75 more words


We're All Mad Here

As I sit here in my living room smoking with Mike and blasting Audioslave in my ears, I wonder what might become of me.

I know. 115 more words

Personal Story

First Day Of Improv


Several folding chairs are set up on a wrestling mat.

Coach: “Hey everybody! Welcome to your first Improv class!” 74 more words