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Improv Theatre & Unrequited Love

Overall, life is remarkably good. I am developing my new little business, slowly but surely. I am seeing a lot of friends, discovering old ones, finding new ones. 462 more words


30 Day Improv Challenge. Day 26

Today let’s mash up two different exercises!  Some of the best exercises are combinations of one’s you know.  It creates a sense of familiarity, but the rules change every so slightly so that you don’t play on autopilot. 85 more words

5 Round Character Creation warm-ups

Looking for a fun improv warm-up with some character-building tools?  1,248 more words


"Don't Think Twice"



“Don’t Think Twice” celebrates the craft of improvisational comedy and offers an intimate glimpse into what creative types think of their chosen profession. 705 more words

2016 Film Reviews

Aladdin Retold: Part 3

The first day of school was going by surprisingly quickly, Al thought, as he dropped down into a seat in the cafeteria. Aaron plunked his tray down beside him, and a few others from some of the classes they were in earlier joined them, all talking about how the morning had gone. 1,155 more words


Carleen Macdermid And Keith Malda - Improv London Podcast

Each week I’ll be giving you the story behind the latest episode of the Improv London podcast. Each episode is self-contained, so you don’t have to start at episode 1, though I would be delighted if you felt inclined to do so. 324 more words


Sometimes you just have to be silly

I looked on in horror as the facilitator arched her back, lifted her shoulders, raised her arms as if she had claws, opened her mouth and let out something resembling a screech. 429 more words