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New Improv Show Starts tonight on Channel 4

If you are a fan of Improv then the show that starts tonight on Channel 4, Host The Week, may be somethng that you want to tune in for. 158 more words


Episode 16: PsychoDrama ft. Stephanie Coker

Click here to listen!

This episode is an intro into Psychodrama with one of my favorite clinicians I’ve ever met, Stephanie Coker LCSW LCDC CDWF. Psychodrama is a therapeutic approach that allows the client to physically engage in the counseling process. 50 more words

Mental Health

Dizzy | [Clock Strikes 10]

The room’s spinning. Trial and error; the poison’s kicking in.

Clock strikes 10 -> 10-word pieces at 10:00.

via Daily Prompt: Loop

Improv Literature

Inserting Trampolines

“On September 11, 2001, five-year old Noam Saul witnessed the first passenger plane slam into the World Trade Center from the windows of his first-grade classroom at PS 234, less than 1,500 feet away. 563 more words

Rule # 10: For humor, commit and take choices to the nth degree.

We might not be intentionally creating funny scenes when we are leading, however I think the rule is still good advice.

When people work toward humor in improv, sometimes the urge is to drop into a form of stand-up and try to drop some one liners during a scene. 352 more words


Feliz día de la música!! Hoy Berlín vibra, y la Improfamily también. :)

Careful | [Clock Strikes 10]

Most people lose a finger touching what isn’t rightly theirs.

Clock strikes 10 -> 10-word pieces at 10:00.

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

Improv Literature