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Business Productivity And Profits Can Now Be Improved With Well Planned Interior Design Business Plan

To create a successful business plan, every scope must be covered. There’s the matter with creating the best possible product to introduce to the clients. There’s the issue with developing excellent services to satisfy customers and even entice the potential ones. 16 more words

A Letter To ME

Dear Me,

Thank you! Thanks for taking seriously the whole “you need to go to the gym” thing. You’ve always been a procrastinator when it came to actually doing exercise. 216 more words

Life And All It's Glory!

I Write Too Much

Already I can tell that any readers who have looked at previous blogs will be double taking. Me? Writing too much? Surely I must be making a joke. 398 more words


What for?

We may have our reasons for uniting ourselves to machines so as to make ourselves better or “better than well”, but what is it about our reasons that matters? 684 more words


Why bother asking, WordPress?

Back in December, WordPress changed its Stats page. They called it a new, improved, upgraded Stats page.

It was new, yes, but improved? Nah. Upgraded? 321 more words


X Rebirth gets a big patch including Linux and SteamOS Alpha

Egosoft recently release a new patch for X Rebirth, the #openworld space #exploration #game is now up to version 3.5. The studio made all X Universe games, including Rebirth, … 240 more words

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