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Attn: Ellen (10/26/16)


Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

I have discovered something about owning a home – it feels great to do things to make the house nicer, especially when those things take little effort. 39 more words


What the fuck is self-accountability?

Good question.

It is a word I was pretty sure I’d read somewhere, but when I looked it up, it seemed it was just a random word my brain had pieced together. 802 more words


Pre NaNo Maintenance

NaNoWriMo was approaching, and Phil was planning his novel. He sat in a coffee shop, his Americano giving power to his plans. He was ahead of schedule. 251 more words


Having dreams and staying motivated

Another post I wrote a few years ago, some of it is slightly similar to my life post but hopefully the message can still have an effect whilst I’m on working on some new posts! 519 more words


Inspiration. Where does it come from?

I’ve been super busy lately so this blog almost died as soon as it was born, but I’ve got more free time right now. This post is actually one that I wrote a few years back on another blog, but I still agree with everything I said and hopefully you will too. 534 more words