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New Publication: Towards a History of Projects

In his 1697 Essay on Projects, Daniel Defoe referred to his era as the “The Projecting Age“: a time of schemes, plots and plans to make life (life in general, and the projector’s life in particular) better. 207 more words


DIY | Marble Windowsills

When we bought our house in Milton Keynes last year, the previous owners has coated every single wall, skirting board and window sill in an off-white… 490 more words


The Art of Improving Yourself

I’ve met many people (and even lived with some) who are constantly working on themselves in order to take out more of their endless opportunities and bring more into the world, in return. 713 more words


"Not My Best"

On the rare times I share a work, whether it’s a story or music or a painting–anything creative–I usually present it with the caveat “it’s not my best.” Sometimes I say that out loud to the person to whom I’m presenting it. 621 more words


Self-reflection is the best way to self-improvement.

I am a big believer in the process of active self-reflection. To really improve yourself you must look closely at yourself and see the good, bad, worth and ugliness. 348 more words


5 problems with Agile...and how to solve them

The following sentence will come as a shock to you…I don’t like Agile. Now I don’t know where someone would get that impression, I mean I did write some other articles about it, right? 934 more words

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Day 175 - Flamingo in the Woods

December 5th, 2016 – After getting off work today I went for another Geocache adventure. This will be my last Monday Geocache adventure for the semester. 71 more words

1K Photo Challenge