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Make yourself useful to someone else

Life is all about being useful to someone else. If you are not being useful to another person in deed, life will be empty for you. 301 more words

Mental Health

Book Challenge!

I dug through the massive archives of my blog and found the post about the reading challenge I had been searching for! Now, as promised, I need to see how I’m doing and who better to do this with than all of you! 253 more words

Rahs Mirror

How We Shape Our Lives

Recently,  I’ve been exploring the idea of what truly causes us to mature and grow as individuals.

We always see a friend/former lover/family member after some time and say, “Wow, you’ve changed.” Usually it’s for the better. 334 more words


Learned Industriousness

“individuals who are reinforced for exerting high effort on a task are also secondarily reinforced by the sensation of high effort”

This theory was developed by Robert Eisenberg and essentially speaks to the “flow state”. 173 more words


Strength Training and Insecurity… Ironic, isn’t it?

Weight loss is a struggle…

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it (arguably obsessed or highly passionate, take your pick). I know I do, I’ve become immensely zealous about it. 798 more words


"Rolling Up on Dixon Circle"

“This summer, racial hate left holes in the heart of Dallas. Four summers ago, it could have burned the place down… Not much has been heard from the tiny neighborhood since then… We found nothing healed…”

736 more words

The Days Are Getting Better

At least, it seems so. I still have a lot on my plate, but always seem to. My laptop is back and fixed, so that is awesome. 235 more words