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What does “obedience” mean to you?

In many examples of literature and journalism produced by Christians, obedience is a strongly positive term, especially because it’s so strongly associated with teachings on how we should behave toward God. 463 more words


This Is What You Need to Do to Build a Successful Home Business

It’s no secret that not all home businesses will succeed. In truth, many different factors influence whether a business will thrive or not. Each case is unique. 811 more words


The Publishing Industry and Professional Writing

I have always been fascinated by the written word. Reading books and writing stories of my own has continually been a method of escape from the melancholy elements of life. 715 more words

Injury woes

Obviously, injuries are a common part of a contact sport. There is an argument that many of the injuries that occur – whiplash, collarbones, dislocations, torn tendons/ ligaments – are an inevitable part of the game. 326 more words