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Using Cute Animals to Improve Focus

Sure we all love watching videos of adorable puppies chasing their tail or kittens wrestling. But did you know that looking at cute animal photos can actually improve focus? 116 more words

"Quote of the day"

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Here's What Playing CHESS Can Do To You


You know it.

The boring  game where two people sit opposite to each other, but keep their faces down looking at a board and move something once in a while. 417 more words


Journal #226 - Came across as Self-absorbed, a work in progress

I just got a revelation today. It turns out I wasn’t self-aware enough at all. In a way. If I am, I would have work to ensure I didn’t come across as self-absorbed. 456 more words

Life Journey

Journey To Self-Discipline

Discipline is something so essential to life, that those who lack it suffer greatly.  If you lack discipline you need to understand that it is a rough journey achieving it. 716 more words


Some people...

… only respect who treats them bad.
Don’t waste your time showing them their error.
It’s like showing the sea to a blind person.