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Sudden Change 4

I really want to know the answers to these questions.

I have spent too many years feeling like I was stuck is slow sand (like the movie quick sand but much slower). 185 more words

Idea Hoarders vs Idea Over-Sharers

Are you an idea hoarder? Do you have thousands of ideas a day but keep them all to yourself whether you act on them or not until they pile up near the ceiling next to the broken appliances and kitten nests? 120 more words


“I can’t do this.”

Four words that you’ve probably told yourself more than you would like. When you say them, you feel like you really mean them though. 947 more words


Renew Your Mind

Some people make the statement, I will never forget a certain event as long as I live. Sometimes we need to dump those things from our past that are unimportant to our future. 265 more words

Hello !

As you all an pretty much see here , I’m a very new person to WordPress and I don’t know what spurred me to create a blog but I just did. 228 more words


Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday.

Today I experienced the now. The realization that I want more and more to be less and less was shockingly visualized, when I walked past a shop window and was surprised at my rotund reflection. 240 more words



platitude–noun: a statement or remark so often used as to be dull or meaningless.

Coach Mulberry assuaged the sting of losing by showering the team with platitudes and ice cream cones.