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One Word: Home Security

Get The Answers To Your Personal Property Security Basic questions

Are you concerned that someone will break into your own home one day? For people who have a good home security plan set, you can fixed your troubles aside. 1,061 more words



Airports are fun. The people watching is the best part; the people greeting their loved ones, the people sad to leave, the little kids excited for their first flight, the “Home Aloners” rushing to the gates… No matter what time of morning or night, you’ll find something. 636 more words

What a Change! :D

DAVID LET ME CUT HIS HAIR!!! Oh my gosh! After talking about it for a few days (he started the talk) and him going back and forth a bit as I helped him consider all sides, he brought me the scissors and asked for a hair cut! 269 more words


Week 11 Day 6: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Putting myself into a position of having nothing to lose benefits from, once in a while, giving myself a break. Although I have not mastered or mistressed all of life, I still love and appreciate myself. 31 more words

Best Class Ever

Easier Said Than Done

InĀ an interview conducted by myself, I questioned two individuals on their opinions about the term, “Easier Said Than Done.” We’ll call individual #1, Bob, and #2 will be Jim. 425 more words


First Post! Huzzah!

Hello anyone who might come across this in the vastness of the interwebs…

This, as you perhaps may have gathered, is going to hopefully be a blog details the struggles that I will hopefully being going through over the next fourteen months as I become a whole new me. 141 more words