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Attempt to improve my life #1. Day 1

Hello there!
Did you miss me? No? Well, I certainly did miss blogging and you :) I don’t want every post to be filled with excuses on why I don’t post, so I’m just going to smoothly move on to the base of this post – I am attempting to make my life better. 281 more words



Are you sure this is not the opportunity you have been waiting for?
You have often wished you could get yourself to write a page of that book everyday, w ished you could get up earlier than normal everyday so you could adequately prepare for the day ahead, wished you could take some time out everyday to study your Bible and pray, wished you could take calculated steps everyday towards the achievement of a particular goal. 244 more words

21 Days

That perfect someone 

Settle down with your perfect someone. That’s the dream we’re taught to wait for – from Disney, from the media and from friends. But I’m 23 and I still don’t know what perfect is to me. 541 more words


Starting the change 

So, you have decided you want to improve your health and make some lifestyle changes, but how to go about it? All too often people start off by changing everything in one go but quickly end up falling back into old habits. 820 more words


What is FABlife31????

What inspired the name: It’s pretty simple, it represents living a fabulous life. The number 31 is inspired by the ultimate woman in action from proverbs 31. 221 more words


My Own

Do not tell me who to be inside this shell of me

All I am surrounds me unburdened

My own truth arises

Yours pushes me under drowning me…

165 more words
Controversial Poetry

Questing for Feedback!

I about to talk about some techie stuff. If you are worried this will be overly verbose and boring, well you are probably right. I will do my best to be somewhat interesting. 410 more words