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Experience The Luxury Of Gold With Contemporary Furniture!

Admit it or not but we all want evergreen furniture beauty in our homes and what can be more timeless than those metallic finish furnishings, which are specifically designed to last for the lifetime. 496 more words


A Sign that you are Growing.

You realize that you’ve grown when you have the ability to look back at your work and correct it; when you can spot your OWN mistakes and replace them with something better. 35 more words


“13 Reasons Why” Review (Mild Spoiler Alert)

I honestly don’t even know how to begin this post. This series had a lot of shock-value, but the strange thing is, it was wildly realistic. 760 more words

Self Nurturing

My childhood memories 1

I am Uthaya( it’s boy name, so don’t think i am a girl). I am From Tamil Nadu (India). Today onwards i am going to write about the little memories from my childhood to till now (Currently my age is 29). 374 more words


What's Your Why? (2 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Dino Gautam

Founder & Owner of: Urban Confucius

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Stories, Successful Living and Technology Writer

What is the fundamental factor that drives you to do what you do? 580 more words


Ask and You Shall Receive

This post will be a bit different than my others. No sources or citations, just some thoughts and advice – short and to the point. 245 more words



Hello dear friends. I will startup this topic with scenarios for better understanding.

We look at a young business entrepreneur and say “Wooh… what else could he ask for?” He stares at himself at the mirror and murmur to himself, “I hate my big eyes… I wonder why my friends won’t talk to me… I hope mom and dad would still work things out.” 684 more words