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Does listening to music at work improve productivity?

Does listening to music at work improve productivity? Here’s 5 compelling reasons why it does.

  1. Music improves productivity and attitude

Teresa Lesuik released this study from the University Of Windsor, Canada that examined 56 developers working at a Canadian software company. 370 more words


Creating a Website Design that Improves Both User Experience and SEO

The numerous algorithm changes Google have made in the past few years tell businesses everywhere to begin focusing on their users before anything else—a message that many SEO professionals had ignored long ago. 102 more words

The ViceHQ Bike Light Kit Super Bright Removable Bicycle

To better control the lighting of an open office area, a Synergy lighting control system will separate the general area into different zones. The lighting control system will then control the illumination for the area in a zone basis. 285 more words

Uncovered Teaching Reading in Middle School 2nd Edition A

Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ. Visit local bookstores or check on line to see hundreds of books claiming to have the secrets to a successful business and easy strategic planning. 308 more words

Naturo Nitro Maximus Nitric Oxide Tablets High Potency No2

Nitric oxide is a compound made up of one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom. In order for the body to create nitric Oxide, it must do so with the help of… 244 more words

Routes Top Rated Pure LCarnitine Tartrate 500mg 180 Vegetarian

This report studies the application of RFID in the healthcare industry, particularly the use of RFID blood refrigerators and freezers in blood banks and hospitals. RFID refrigerators are instrumental in storage, tracking, monitoring and control of blood and blood products inventory. 257 more words