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ESD 20:20 Accreditation and ISO Certification Improves Manufacturing

Electronic technologies have come a long way in such a short span of time; it was just a decade ago when cellular phones were still bulky devices devoid of touchscreen functionalities, and computers just started using dual-core processors. 106 more words

Toddler Activities are great fun! Make yourself one...

Hello all, “Teaching while Playing” is the best and most effective way to teach toddlers. Sometimes I follow, search for lot new ideas and ways to teach my son. 117 more words


Two Minutes of Walking Each Hour Drastically Improves Health: Study

Workerswho take an extra two minutes every hour to walk around the office, may live longer than those who do not

4 Ways Order Management Improves Omnichannel Customer Experience

In present omni channel world, consumers anticipate the same level of service whether they buy in the store or something online. They want useful product details, near-real-time product accessibility, and the capability to check on the status of an order or return. 104 more words

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