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First Step to Shattering Productivity (& Profitability) Records in 2016

Written by Grant D. Robinson – President of People Values


Have you already set your business goals for 2016?

I’m sure one of your goals is to improve the performance of your team and the profitability of your business.  812 more words

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Coaching Tip of the Week: Future Focused Feedback

Why did you put all that data in the spreadsheet incorrectly? Why didn’t you do it like I showed you?  Why didn’t you take care of it like we discussed two weeks ago? 319 more words

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Are your office meetings driving down productivity?

There are many obstacles that you have to deal with each workday, but to keep your staff on the right path, you need to make sure unnecessary interruptions are severely limited or eliminated all together. 578 more words

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15 ways to improve your attention and stay focused

By David Joel Miller.

Here are 15 ways to boost your ability to pay attention and stay focused.

Most of us were never taught how to stay focused and pay attention. 1,465 more words

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How to Improve Your Staff Productivity… Today

Written by Grant D. Robinson – President of People Values


Improving employee performance has been ranked the #1 business issue for the past 10 plus years now. 769 more words

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Improving My Productivity

For the past two weeks, I haven’t written a single post because I’ve been too busy to even think about blogging.

Or at least, that’s what I repeat to myself as I continue to procrastinate from doing my AIESEC work, university assignments, and household chores. 431 more words

Better Communication Improves Productivity

Productivity of an organization is a collaborative effort of all the stack holders where:

There are no misunderstandings….managers communicate clearly the tasks to be performed by the employees…. 308 more words