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Why We Hate Taxes - And Why We Shouldn't

A somewhat shorter version first appeared in Alberta Views January/February 2015 as Taxes: a Small Price to Pay for Civilization.

About a year ago, my son Jordan, some friends and colleagues and I put together a book on taxes in Canada, … 3,533 more words

Improving Public Institutions

The Year Taxes Made a Comeback

A slightly shorter version of this piece written with Jordan Himelfarb appeared here in The Toronto Star.

It’s just possible that 2014 will be seen as the year that taxes made a comeback in Canada. 1,296 more words

Improving Public Institutions

Austerity and Trickle Down Meanness

Alex Himelfarb, former clerk of the Privy Council, was interviewed by Adam Kahane.


In this excerpt of Adam Kahane’s interview… 672 more words

Improving Public Institutions

On the Weakening of the Collective

Summary of interviewed, June 23, by Adam Kahane as part of his Possible Canadas project and first appeared here on Possible Canadas website

Kahane: What keeps you up at night? 1,262 more words

Improving Public Institutions