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Tips for Improving Your Photography and Capturing the Best Moments

• Learn your camera and its functions so you can make the best use of what of you have and make decisions based on what you want to photograph. 519 more words


5 Tips for Great Landscapes Photographs from DigitalRev TV

5 Tips for Great Landscapes Photographs

In this video from DigitalRev TV, Kai goes back to his photographic roots, Landscape Photography. The whole team goes out for a nice and early sunrise shoot to give some top tips on how to shoot your own stunning landscapes.

Nature Photography

Adorama / OnSet Video Tutorial: Shooting Portraits with Holiday Lights

Shooting Holiday Lights – OnSet ep. 64

In this video tutorial Daniel Norton from Onset shows us a fun way to create simple yet fun  portraits for the holidays using a mixture of flash studio lighting and multiple strings of holiday lights.

Landscape Photography Tips

B&H Prospectives: Landscape Photography with Robert Rodriguez Jr.

In this episode of Prospectives by B and H, Robert Rodriguez Jr shares with the staff of B and H and their audience his artistic process toward landscape photography. 46 more words

Landscape Photography