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Few things are more inspiring than reflection photography. Reflections are incredibly beautiful, and once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised to discover that they are all around us. 374 more words

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Unlike technical aspects of photography, artistic aspects cannot really be easily defined and applied to every photo. Probably the most important element of any photograph is its composition. 754 more words


IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! Rules of composition In Photography /byhttp://www.creativefreedomphoto.com/

There are no fixed rules in photography, but there are guidelines which can often help you to enhance the impact of your photos.

It may sound clichéd, but the only rule in photography is that there are no rules. 864 more words

The Importance of Custom White Balance

As you start photography your main concern seems to be fixated on whether or not you have good positioning, good surroundings to take the photos in, etc. 339 more words


Improving Your Photography - Review Your Work

Some of you have heard me talk about my yearly review process. Each year as the weather turns cold and the temptation to be outside shooting is tempered, I review images made in the past year. 633 more words


David duChemin: Vision is Better

There are few photographers that I find as stimulating and worth reading as David duChemin. A Vancouver-based “world and humanitarian photographer“, David founded… 685 more words