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A two-hour delay, crazy hair, puppy eyes, and what to make with leftover sour cream

A conversation that just happened after today’s breakfast. “There are new toy dolls, Mommy! They are so cute!” Child at computer ready to show me examples of the dolls. 337 more words


il Pleut des Cordes

I spent this weekend in Lille and have to admit to feeling a bit guilty drinking beer and stuffing myself full of cakes when I  should have been doing my weekend swims. 282 more words

More Small Wonders

~~ 1 ~~

banks of the canal
littered with Styrofoam cups—
last night’s wild party

~~ 2 ~~

a broken paddle—
her only means for forcing…
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Learning as you go

The story of Biafra’s failed struggle for independence moved me so much when I researched my first book, x0, that I spontaneously decided to pledge 10 per cent of x0’s proceeds forever to the international aid organization that was born out of the conflict, known in the U.S. 548 more words


The One Where I Got Stranded in San Francisco

Hey, kids! Gather ’round. Have I told you about the time I was stranded in San Francisco? No? Well you’re in for a reaaaaaal treat, let me tell ya. 1,059 more words

How to improvise

  • Look around the room – the people, the objects, and of course the room itself can be fantastic inspiration. Need a colour? Pick a random person and go with the colour of their shirt.
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Improvising A Marathon

We all make mistakes, sometimes when we are the height of our game. An experience that immediately jumps to mind was in the Summer of 2011. 647 more words

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