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How to Repair Drywall

Something strange has been happening in my garage for the past several weeks. I didn’t think to take pictures until I had repaired the damage, but the corner of one of the Sheetrock panels was falling down! 891 more words


road of Moonlight and Sunflowers

Yep, fiction.
It certainly does allow to improvise, emphasize or lose oneself without a trace.
Oh, the sweet freedom of words.
No boundaries. No GPS. 9 more words


bottle joy

For photrablogger’s Mundane Monday: Bottles.

Here is a fabulous use for a bottle, to feed Tictoc and our other hummingbirds. We read and found that the Anna’s hummingbird winters in our area, so she is an Anna’s and we are not messing up migration. 47 more words

Rural Doctor

And the Leavers shall stay

What is Life? A play in which we are free to improvise? In fact, a play in which everybody is free to improvise so much that one would be baffled at the possibilities. 269 more words


How Jazz Can Shape Apologetics

Jazz is a national treasure, but is no longer a common pastime. First rock and then hip hop eclipsed its popularity long ago. Historian Gerald Early claims that three things uniquely define America: the Constitution, baseball, and jazz. 1,977 more words


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

The black belt test was a success last week and we had candidates pass the test. During the last part of the test, the fight, I was reminded of the Army Ranger, Green Beret core belief “improvise, adapt, and overcome.”  The Army Rangers are a group that spends a lot of time drilling and preparing for situations. 909 more words


Adversity Brings Strength

Adversity is what makes us strong.  It teaches us valuable lessons.  It forces us to adapt.  It allows us to develop skills, so we can overcome obstacles.   10 more words