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Croissant Buttons

Never heard of them?  Yeah, it’s a new recipe.

My daughter and I made them up today.  We were having a fabulous feast and I pulled out some refrigerator croissants in a can.   112 more words


2017, May 21 - 2633 - bohème 4

play in the moment (5)
create something musical (7)
and spontaneous (5)


Improvisation and comping

There were two things that would have helped me substantially as a bass player if I knew them earlier. These are things that every musician should do, but I feel like bass players tend to neglect these aspects of jazz musicianship. 348 more words


Improvise and put a little jazz in your life

From a recent post to the Jack’s Wining Words blog come today’s inspirational saying – “Life is a lot like jazz.  It’s best when you improvise.”  … 710 more words


A Dream

I had a dream.

I was at a dance course at a prestigious university full of dancers who were tall, beautiful and muscular. They had the correct shoes, leotards, make-up, and perfectly tight ballerina buns.   1,026 more words


Time to Improvise!

We’ve all had the lovely opportunity of experiencing a moment, a day or maybe a weekend when the unexpected found its way into our quilting reality. 569 more words


[Sneaky Sweet Treat – Protein Slabs / Balls]

So this here is not a self-made recipe just my take on it, basic in a three step fase.

I am not a calorie counter, but here is a little info if you’re looking for some tips wiki is my go to  – … 275 more words