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Making A Spectacle

Yesterday was a slow news day for Garfield Strachan. Apart from an impulse buy of some new spectacles, a beard trim and making up that my christian name is Garfield, there is nothing overly exciting to report from my Friday. 544 more words


Confessions Of An Impulse Buy

On Thursday night I impulsively spent 179 000 won (about R2200 or US$160) on a winter jacket. Here are the facts: 600 more words

ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

This was a total impulse buy,one of thoseĀ “the beauty bloggers made me buy it…”

No regrets what so ever though,it’sĀ freaking beautiful and i absolutely love the lilac suede covering. 576 more words


An Old Find

I was walking to the store earlier today and passed by this little corner store near my place. They have these shelves set up outside that usually have flowers for sale on them but today there was an odd assortment of items for sale. 444 more words

Home Life

Officially a Bike Owner

So for better or worse I’ve made a somewhat large purchase.

A somewhat large and expensive purchase.

It’s one of those things that I’ve thought about for years, one of those things that I always thought would be super cool to have. 394 more words


Pet-ccesories you never knew you needed (until now!)

At the Doctor Loulittle zoo, we’re constantly tripping over harnesses, collars, multi-function leashes, poop bags and fancy dispensers, hands-free running kits, cani-x gear, multi-purpose bowls, and a whole other range of *must-have* gadgets for the dogs and cats… Seriously, my bank balance hates me. 249 more words


Golden Hour

I picked up this romper last minutes on my way to an event, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite outfits. It’s the perfect easy, comfortable summer look and can be styled up or down. 62 more words