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I have risen as the mighty bull of gold which has the head of a phoenix...

Oh that wacky Thunderider and his merry ways.

Having been ousted from the good ship Hawkwind our hero Nik takes off for Egypt on holiday and somehow convinces the Egyptian government to allow him to blow his flute in the Great Pyramid. 379 more words


A shelf of unread books

When the Used Book Superstore opened up two miles down the road, I began buying books by the dozen. Books I’ve never heard of, in genres I’d never read before. 491 more words

The Day of the Fire Pit......

So Jon and I had the random idea to build a fire pit the other night. We are both incredibly impulsive and terrible with money, LOLOL – yes, I’m candid! 185 more words

News for Brandi Amanda

Hello all! I hope my creative and beautiful followers (shout out to all 10 of you!) have been well over the past week. Now that I am through with being sick (fingers crossed), I am excited to write about what I have had my hands into! 474 more words


Day 4: Last Splurge Arrived via Amazon

Hit up the Wednesday farmers’ market this morning with the chiddlers. I knew I needed to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as I could. 552 more words

Inexpensive Chocolate

I knew a German
She brought me Tolberone
It tasted pretty darn good
I knew a woman
She gave me Godiva
It went down pretty smooth… 43 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things

Two of the things I spend way too much time on include online shopping and doting on my cat. Yesterday these two things happened to combine, and I thought, “what a great opportunity to share charming nonsense about my life on my blog?” (Isn’t that what a blog is for?) 38 more words