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I Decided to Carve A Jack O'Lantern Last Night

While shopping around Target for a new umbrella, I passed by a crate of pumpkins and stopped to look at them. When I saw that one pumpkin was only $3.99, I decided to buy one just for the heck of it. 414 more words


Internet Killing Impulse Purchases

The internet has created smarter shoppers. With the presence of online reviews, the ability to connect with others, and opportunities to research products, shoppers are able to make informed purchasing decisions long before they even reach the cash register these days. 149 more words

Content Strategy

book of september: the woman who stole my life

I’ve featured a few Marian Keyes books as books of the month before. My first Keyes book was purchased for me by my dearest Evelina as a Christmas present. 282 more words


(L25) Budgeting

How does making a budget reduce impulse shopping?

Making a budget reduces impulse shopping and impulse buys by allowing you to exercise self-restraint in advance. Having a plan with your money causes you to be as thrifty as possible in the moment, and price compare before purchasing an item.  93 more words


Impulse Buy: Olli Salumeria — Artisanal Slow-Cured Salamis

Olli Salumeria — Artisanal Slow-Cured Salamis With Sangiovese Wine
Norcino (Mild); Calabrese (Spicy); Napoli (Applewood Smoked); Toscano (Fennel Pollen) each 170g; $12.00 available at Whole Foods and other premium food stores, see… 244 more words



I am a bit of a sucker for impulse shopping, a lot of the time I will get home and realize I really didn’t need what I picked up, a bit of buyers remorse, I have realized this and have made it a goal to stop doing this. 172 more words


Circles, circles spinning round...

Hall of the Mountain Grill is 41 years old today. for some reason that seems important.

So happy swishy, whooshy, bleepy birthday to a record. And why not I say when corporations are people albums can have birthdays. 107 more words