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Isn’t it odd the things that keep you up at night? Some nights we stay up worrying about the next day, or regretting the last. Some nights, we find ourselves designing a newer, better elevator in our heads. 172 more words

Life And Laughs

Eat Healthy Snacks Before Shopping to Encourage Healthy Impulse Buys

We have all been told not to grocery shop on an empty stomach, but what other tips can help us shop, and consequently eat, healthier? Cornell researchers Aner Tal, PhD and Brian Wansink, PhD (author of Slim by…

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Eatin' Dreams

Chocolate, of 80% or more. Apples, with a tart majority. And yams.

I can’t seem to stop. 317 more words


Relational Selling vs. Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is easy.  Easy as pie.

It has existed since the beginning of time.

Relational Selling is quite a different beast.

It’s her other half.   115 more words

Social Media

When I first booked my ticket to Portugal

It began with a facebook post.

“Ticket to Portugal! $320.00! Who’s with me?”

Twenty-one likes later, no one could commit to the ticket. I looked desparingly at my laptop screen. 219 more words


This Is Machi Koro

In keeping with the recent trend I find myself getting into skewing toward “lighter” games, Machi Koro popped up on my radar a little by accident.  441 more words

Board Game

Fitbit Charge HR

I joined onto the bandwagon of the currently popular fitness bands.

I went out and bought the Fitbit Charge HR yesterday.

It was sort of an impulse buy but also something to get me motivated to get more active. 228 more words