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Today I learned what an apricot is, because I picked up a peach thinking it was an apricot, but it was not. That was my dumb blonde moment of today. 672 more words

Strings attached 

They say you shouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry. The same apparently goes for music shops. Especially if they’re having a big ‘everything must go’ sale. 105 more words

Limited Edition Toll House Cookie Dough : Noms

We were wandering around our local Wal-Mart, doing our weekly grocery shopping when, all of a sudden, BAM! Blueberry lemon and Strawberry shortcake cookies from Nestle Toll House. 235 more words


Impulse Buy: Korean Cheetos

So I love Cheetos. They are my favourite junk food of all time, which means my life is a journey of one cheeto bag to another. 224 more words

Impulse Buy

Impulse Buy: a New Year, a new Adventure

I bought into a break from http://ptownhobby.com/https://twitter.com/P_TownHobbyBox.

Let’s start this off with adventures in USPS. I am not one to compulsively check on tracking but this was so absurd that it caught my attention. 478 more words


Impulse Buy: Coolpis Toc Peach

Stopping by my local Korean grocery store, I picked up some of this adorable little drink:

Unfortunately, my husband drank it before I could have a chance to try some. 128 more words

Impulse Buy

Making A Spectacle

Yesterday was a slow news day for Garfield Strachan. Apart from an impulse buy of some new spectacles, a beard trim and making up that my christian name is Garfield, there is nothing overly exciting to report from my Friday. 544 more words