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News for Brandi Amanda

Hello all! I hope my creative and beautiful followers (shout out to all 10 of you!) have been well over the past week. Now that I am through with being sick (fingers crossed), I am excited to write about what I have had my hands into! 474 more words


Day 4: Last Splurge Arrived via Amazon

Hit up the Wednesday farmers’ market this morning with the chiddlers. I knew I needed to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as I could. 552 more words


Inexpensive Chocolate

I knew a German
She brought me Tolberone
It tasted pretty darn good
I knew a woman
She gave me Godiva
It went down pretty smooth… 43 more words


A Few of My Favorite Things

Two of the things I spend way too much time on include online shopping and doting on my cat. Yesterday these two things happened to combine, and I thought, “what a great opportunity to share charming nonsense about my life on my blog?” (Isn’t that what a blog is for?) 38 more words


6 Ways to Avoid Impulse Buying

It’s SO easy to go into a store thinking you’ll buy one thing and end up leaving with three bags full of stuff! We’ve all done it – especially right after pay day. 566 more words


It is so unbelieveable how others influence your decision badly!

I love this piece of article. It is so close to heart as I had encountered so many supreme “financial advisor” whom tends to give the wrong advice. 32 more words

Day 1

1. Five Star 3-subject notebook | $3 | St. Paul bookstore

It’s been a struggle to find notebooks lately. Target Express and Super Target ran out of my favorite 3-subject notebooks—the only things left were one subject decorative notebooks for kids. 281 more words