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Just Say 'No'

The end of our grad school loans is near. In one of my first posts, I shared that we had about $43,000 in debt at the end of my Master’s program. 820 more words


How to successfully thrift

I try to keep clutter to a minimum and to do that I frequently sell unused items on Ebay and whatever I can’t sell is taken to the thrift store. 246 more words

10 Ways This Shopaholic Cut Out Impulse Buys

I was once the queen of impulse buys. Name the store, and I walk in like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka singing, “I want it now!” But, I’m a mom on a budget, and the older those kids get, the more I seem to have to stretch that budget. 1,779 more words

Impulse and inspiration today

I have been thinking about making frogs and want to make native NZ ones instead of the classic shape i see.  I could probably find a picture on NZ Forest and Bird but there is so much more fun to it when you get to study them in person. 100 more words

A Note on Impulse Buys

Yesterday morning (06-Mar) I received an email from Scott’s Cheap Flights about a special offer from US airports to Johannesburg / Cape Town.

This offer wasn’t going to be around for long, and they offered a return trip journey for between $200 – $400, where they are usually $1,100. 147 more words


Some frugal tips for your Monday

  1. Soups and stews are a great way top use up leftovers, get your veggies, and stay within a budget.  We have been on a huge soup kick here at my house.
  2. 328 more words


Today I learned what an apricot is, because I picked up a peach thinking it was an apricot, but it was not. That was my dumb blonde moment of today. 672 more words