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C(ash) R(ules) E(verything) A(round) M(e)

Although having a minimalist mindset, for me, isn’t so much about spending less as it is about living with less, I find myself seriously evaluating where all my money goes. 421 more words

Less Is More

Impulse Buys

Omg I can’t believe it

I made an impulse buy today, bought a book that sounded really good, wasn’t on much of a radar online, and had a cute-sounding romance to boot. 205 more words


Plans for the future...

Making the most of the free shipping from Forge World, the Salamanders are getting some big reinforcements…

With Corax and Fulgrim gracing our battlefields, it was only a matter of time before Vulkan brought his massive hammer to bear! 103 more words


How to reduce impulse makeup purchases

I used to be awful for impulsively buying new releases, and I still do have my moments. However, I’ve recently started to compile a few strategies I have used into a checklist of sorts to reduce the amount of impulse buys I make. 778 more words


Letting Go Of Old Habits #1: Online Shopping

One of my greatest joys in life is…shopping. Online shopping to be exact. I am a huge proponent of supporting small businesses, specifically businesses owned and operated by people of color. 373 more words

Living With Less


Early retiree wannabes need to take a long hard look at their bank statements.  That’s what I’ve been doing lately.  I look at my biggest expense as well as recurring expenses and see if I can minimize them, or better, eliminate them. 271 more words

Battlestars Without Number

I recently backed the revised edition of Stars Without Number on Kickstarter, which runs until the 30th of this month.*  As a backer, I got access to the… 1,084 more words

Campaign Ideas