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As Seen on TV

I walked to the store for spaghetti, crushed tomatoes, and mushrooms. It was a very specific list because I am on a very specific budget. I had NO IDEA that there was an As Seen On TV aisle.  326 more words

1 Totally Common Shopping Habit That's Wrecking Your Budget

Like to take your time browsing in the store? Watch out: Time is money, as they say, and the longer you’ve spent shopping in a store, the more it could be costing you money. 471 more words

Emotional Spending

Emotional spending is hard to control and is more common than you think. Occasionally we find ourselves feeling stressed, lonely, tired, bored, and even down-right depressed. 246 more words


Impulse chickens.

Well, it’s still snowy here. Snow over a substantial layer of muck and mud, that is. Which is why, I imagine, I slipped and almost fell out walking the dogs this afternoon. 361 more words


I am an impulse buyer. I work in marketing so I know the reasons why certain products are put where they are and the tricks retailers use to lure people in. 611 more words


Hershey Wants To Make Impulse Candy Purchases Part Of Self-Checkout

Technology is changing how we buy groceries: self-checkout, curbside pickup, and delivery are all models that aim to make shopping more convenient and efficient. Walmart is even experimenting with a store that does nothing but curbside pickup for online orders. 335 more words