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How to reduce impulse makeup purchases

I used to be awful for impulsively buying new releases, and I still do have my moments. However, I’ve recently started to compile a few strategies I have used into a checklist of sorts to reduce the amount of impulse buys I make. 778 more words


Letting Go Of Old Habits #1: Online Shopping

One of my greatest joys in life is…shopping. Online shopping to be exact. I am a huge proponent of supporting small businesses, specifically businesses owned and operated by people of color. 373 more words

Living With Less


Early retiree wannabes need to take a long hard look at their bank statements.  That’s what I’ve been doing lately.  I look at my biggest expense as well as recurring expenses and see if I can minimize them, or better, eliminate them. 271 more words

Chocolate Monday: Sanders Favorites

My gym is directly next door to Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market, which is especially convenient when I’ve forgotten an ingredient I need for dinner. Although it doesn’t happen very often, it is nice to be able to just pop next door, especially since the grocery store right around the corner from my house has gone out of business. 634 more words


Battlestars Without Number

I recently backed the revised edition of Stars Without Number on Kickstarter, which runs until the 30th of this month.*  As a backer, I got access to the… 1,084 more words

Campaign Ideas

Weeding Don't Needs (1)

So I find it hard to stave off the impulsive buys – apparently part and parcel of bipolar. Let’s see if writing everything I don’t need helps, especially since it’s Amazon Prime Day today… Just as a heads up, not all these things are sold on Amazon, and indeed some of them are things that aren’t sold at all… 447 more words


Minimalism #7 

Planning, learning, researching, waiting, re-evaluating & then if needed, investing.

This world of consumerism can be quite intimidating. Some succumb into their materialistic appeal, while some stay indifferent to it. 387 more words