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Track of the Week : Sleater-Kinney - Leave You Behind

I’m surprised it’s take me this long to choose a Sleater-Kinney track as my track of the week. They have been one of my absolute favourite bands since back in the late nineties. 241 more words

Tracks Of The Week

I can't handle life

so I went out and bought $15 worth of shimmery gumballs.


As Seen on TV

I walked to the store for spaghetti, crushed tomatoes, and mushrooms. It was a very specific list because I am on a very specific budget. I had NO IDEA that there was an As Seen On TV aisle.  326 more words

1 Totally Common Shopping Habit That's Wrecking Your Budget

Like to take your time browsing in the store? Watch out: Time is money, as they say, and the longer you’ve spent shopping in a store, the more it could be costing you money. 471 more words

Emotional Spending

Occasionally we find ourselves feeling stressed, lonely, tired, bored, or even down-right depressed. When any or all of these moods strike, it’s fairly easy to convince ourselves to make a frivolous or unnecessary purchase. 223 more words


Impulse chickens.

Well, it’s still snowy here. Snow over a substantial layer of muck and mud, that is. Which is why, I imagine, I slipped and almost fell out walking the dogs this afternoon. 361 more words