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The Bees | Laline Paull

Enter a whole new world, in this thrilling debut novel set entirely within a beehive. Born into the lowest class of her society, Flora 717 is a sanitation bee, only fit to clean her orchard hive. 1,039 more words


The Rabbit Back Literature Society | Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen

A highly contagious book virus, a literary society and a Snow Queen-like disappearing author.

Only very special people are chosen by children’s author Laura White to join ‘The Society’, an elite group of writers in the small town of Rabbit Back.  1,363 more words


1 Totally Common Shopping Habit That's Wrecking Your Budget

Like to take your time browsing in the store? Watch out: Time is money, as they say, and the longer you’ve spent shopping in a store, the more it could be costing you money. 471 more words

10 Drugstore Beauty Impulse Buys You Won't Regret

We’re all for a splurge from time to time, but when it really comes down to it, our true weakness is drugstore beauty. It’s affordable, it’s fun, it’s easily accessible—and because it’s all of those things, we sometimes find ourselves making uneducated purchases that felt… 105 more words


The Temptation of a Sale

Temptation. Really what is there to say about it? It’s something that will always be there – it’s human nature to crave that instant satisfaction… 615 more words


Money Money Money

I am usually quite savvy with my money. At least I have been since renting out my flat as I have had to make sure that I have enough money coming in to cover the cost of everything going out. 290 more words