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Break the Impulse-Purchase Cycle with These 8 Questions

I think by now we’re all aware that I love a good purge. There’s something incredibly refreshing about cleansing my home from the extra stuff and clutter and junk that was weighing me down. 1,184 more words

Simple Living & Minimalism

3 Small and Sustainable Spring Cleaning Habits

It’s the end of March and many of us are well past the point of giving up on New Year’s resolutions, but we’re just jumping into spring fever and spring-cleaning season. 973 more words

Simple Living & Minimalism

The Temptation of a Sale

Temptation. Really what is there to say about it? It’s something that will always be there – it’s human nature to crave that instant satisfaction… 615 more words


Money Money Money

I am usually quite savvy with my money. At least I have been since renting out my flat as I have had to make sure that I have enough money coming in to cover the cost of everything going out. 290 more words


Sequel Mondays!

Bride Elect (Evolution of a Bridezilla)

Chapter Twenty-Four—Please Take Me Tool Shopping

As my nieces and nephews grew up and out of wanting the latest toy for their respective birthdays, I started a tradition where I would take them shopping for their birthday. 932 more words

Online Grocery Shoppers Spend Less

One of the downsides for grocery retailers looking to shift their consumers to online shopping is that they are less likely to spend extra money on impulse buys.  115 more words