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You know those conversations you start with your husband that go

“I heard Bertie and Maisie barking in the garden and I knew Nala and Minnie must be there so I left Finn in the sitting room and climbed out of the window….” 380 more words


Deal 1333: Forgotton

I walked for a time in silence, enjoying the sense of peace. Everything was quiet. Even the brook I was walking near was more whispering than babbling. 268 more words

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Deal 1333 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale peach (#eeddcc) are dealt
stick, Impulsiveness, Intelligence, Peace, Baseness, Stagnation, and Spatula

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Intuitions, Impulsiveness, errors, mistakes –– the science behind it!

I have been intuitive and impulsive for most of early life, which has got me into trouble on a lot of occasions. I have been lucky to receive tough love several times from special people in my life and realize some of my shortcomings. 1,531 more words

Deal 1325: Hoofbeats

Running, chasing the aardvark. The reason was unclear, it was just one of those things that had to be done. If it hadn’t been the aardvark, it probably would have been the zebra that needed chasing. 100 more words

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Deal 1325 Preview

Walk in The Dreamlands:
On a puddle of pale blue (#ccddee) are dealt
Impulsiveness, Eye, Afterlife, Clumsiness, Reconciliation, Temporary, and Limited

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Anger Management, Damn It...Sin One

Funny that – the business of selling anger management courses…It’s all the rage these days in the Big World, though perhaps the word ‘ rage ‘ is a bad choice. 391 more words

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