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Guest Post: YA Fiction- 5 Behaviours of Realistic Teen Characters

Ah, to be a teenager. It can be the most glorious moment of your life, or the part which you would never ever want to relive again – or both, at the same time. 477 more words

Guest Writer's Note

How Impulsiveness Can Boost Your Creativity: A Guest Post by Linda Craig

Have you ever felt the random urge to dump a milk carton over your head? Or to break into song in the middle of the office? 615 more words



Just imagine when you was four years old, and somebody offered you a candy. If you’ll wait a little bit longer you will get two candies but if you don’t want to wait any longer you will get only one candy. 383 more words



I’m sure it has happened
To many other people before.
There comes a moment
A feeling one cannot ignore.
A want, a drive, an impulse… 420 more words


The Impulsiveness of US Power

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s impulsive use of power is a danger to America and to the world. Arrogant Washington politicians and crazed neoconservatives are screaming that the US must shoot down Russian aircraft that are operating against the US-supplied forces that have brought death and destruction to Syria, unleashing millions of refugees on Europe, in Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government. 224 more words

World At WAR

~ Twisted ~

Twisted heart,

coiled in mess

where is the rest?

For the heart shall yearn

in its twisted ways,


for love, lust and rage.

All to be judged. 63 more words

Deal 402: Unremembering

They say I don’t think things through, that I act too quickly, that I don’t learn from my mistakes.

Sometimes, I wonder what they mean, then I just get on with whatever I’m doing. 115 more words

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