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Deal 1008: Standard Story

Once upon a time, the standard collection of three brothers were assigned the usual set of pointless tasks.

The oldest brother, being at all times the biggest and knowing himself to be the smartest, took no care at all. 283 more words

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Spiral on my Mind:
Wisdom, Lawsuit, Eye, Music, Love, Plurality, Past experience, Impulsiveness, and bat

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Temptations and Impulsivity

The theme of the past 4 days has been that there is a single food I’m craving each day.  Thursday was M&Ms, Friday was pretzels, yesterday was garlic bread (with extra mozzarella cheese), and today was shrimp fried rice.  627 more words

bright colors

At the National Gallery yesterday I encountered my old friend Cezanne and his Still life with Apples and Peaches.  I made this rapid, unfinished drawing with water soluble crayons.  107 more words


Deal 987: Haiku

many times hatred
based on ego and caprice
would vanish with dog

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A Wink and a Smile:
Eyes: Abhor, Plurality
Mouth: Selfishness, Impulsiveness, dog

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profusion is an abundance or a large quantity of something

I will never understand the impulse to tame the still life table. Every corner of the universe is colored, littered with light, lousy with lines, sumptuous in shapes, an alacrity of alliteration. 28 more words