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Where to start, where to start… life has been shitty and I feel like shit.  How’s that for a start?  Things are different compared to when I was super depressed a few years ago though, but it’s a different kind of shitty.   1,158 more words


Make up your mind!

One second I’m down, the next I’m ecstatic. I wonder if this is a form of bipolar? Right now I’m feeling very inspired and motivated. Full of bounce and energy, could go on forever and not stop. 297 more words


In Change Your Brain Life The Breakthrough Program for

A lengthy standing issueProblems managing anger has usually been a issue for clients suffering from addictive issues. Pioneering research by my mentor, Dr. Sidney Cohen at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute demonstrated the connection in between, anger, violence and the use of alcohol and or cocaine. 288 more words

Falling Apart

Everything feels like it’s come to a halt today, or over the past week.  I feel like I am falling apart and spinning out of control and that the world won’t stop and I just want to get off.   1,268 more words


I got lost this morning coming to prayer

I got lost this morning coming to prayer. Instead of starting with my usual opening prayers to “come into the presence of God,” a rather circumlocutious way of saying that I remind myself that God, always and everywhere, not only surrounds me but is in me, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and I just “lose track” of them, though how one can lose track of God is a conundrum for the ages. 295 more words

Personal Journey

Don't Even Know Where to Start

I’ve been doing some writing outside of WordPress but not much.  My mood has been all over the place but mostly sticking in the anger/rage/mania? state.   2,128 more words



Subconsiousness: n. impulsive brain activity while awake which influences our behavior to a large degree, especially good and/or bad habits


Despite popular myth that the conscious mind determines most of what we do in life the truth is that the subconscious rules supreme and makes impulsive choices based on prior experiences in our daily lives which are really our good and bad habits repeating themselves over and over again. 171 more words

Common Sense