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Deal 1273: One froggy picture

The smartest frog in the world sat for his portrait. Red velvet upholstery nicely set off his green skin tone, while a potted fern and a blue-gray cloudy backdrop provided tonal balance to the composition. 110 more words

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Deal 1273 Preview

Paint me a picture:
Subject: Frog
Frame: Rebirth, Voodoo, Intelligence, and Impulsiveness
Canvas: red (#fb8072)

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Roaming the street listlessly
Mind in chaos utterly
Shoulders slumped
Looking stumped

Afraid for the first time
Feeling she committed a crime
Thinking why she did not use her head… 93 more words


Deal 1258: The Wire

At first glance, the figure was hovering in midair, more than far enough above the chasm to break every bone in his body.

The wire he was standing on could be seen in enough sections along its length to make it clear that overt magic was not involve. 214 more words

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Deal 1258 Preview

Paint me a picture:
Subject: Fearlessness
Frame: Rebirth, Protection, Impulsiveness, and sunk
Canvas: lavender (#bebada)

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Deal 1254: Well dressed Mr. Bond.

Being on a mission did not have to mean I was too short of time to admire this year’s fashions. Especially when the case took us through the core of the district and all the shop windows were freshly decorated. 156 more words

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Deal 1254 Preview

Paint me a picture:
Subject: tuxedo
Frame: Baseness, Voodoo, Impulsiveness, and Raven
Canvas: blue (#80b1d3)

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