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Deal 905: Going Sideways!

In hindsight all was clearer. It had all been a ruse to find the one true heir to the empire. But at the time, it was far more confusing. 354 more words

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Deal 905 Preview

Side A: window, stick
The Difference: Purity—Baseness
Side B: elevator, Impulsiveness

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Deal 895: Killed seance

“Now is the time for silence, as we join hands and complete the circle.”

Thirteen of us sat close-packed at the table properly sized for ten. 624 more words

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Deal 895 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: silence
The Old: butter knife, Gentleman
The New: Untruths, Impulsiveness

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Deal 887: Poisoned Snow, from another viewpoint

I may be the only one who knows the whole story, not that I can tell it to anyone.

Everyone thinks they know, but I’ve been letting using their ignorance all this time. 397 more words

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Deal 887 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: fowl
The Old: Apple, Poison
The New: Selfishness, Impulsiveness

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Deal 882: Otis remembers Bess

It was George’s turn to work with Otis. The menagerie had become used to him wandering in for a chat, especially at times when Michel was busy with a client. 980 more words

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