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What an interesting week it's been!!

For those of you who read my last post, I talked about how I needed to be more ruthless and take leaps of faith. Well this week, I have taken a massive leap of faith. 675 more words

7.4 Billion people in this planet, if you find someone who shares the same color of your soul, hold on and never let go… And I held on and did not let go.

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Common Sense

Deal 758: Terraformation

The call this the Red Planet, but it really is more of a dull rusty red than a proper bold red. Still, one thing it isn’t is green. 559 more words

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Deal 758 Preview

Color me a River:
On a puddle of red (#fb8072) are dealt
Support, Gentleman, Plurality, silence, axe, Widget, and Impulsiveness

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Deal 752: Out of the blue, a talking rat.

His vision swam for a moment, making the world spin. His ears popped then cleared, as if he’d suddenly changed altitude. It was that sensation that was the real convincer, it being decided difficult to fake. 970 more words

Daily Deal

Deal 752 Preview

Color me a River:
On a puddle of sage (#8dd3c7) are dealt
The Unknown, Lantern, Impulsiveness, balm, Rat, Levitation, and stick

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