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The Folly of Passion

Every rule lies smashed, twisted and broken,

Fiery passion dictates the state of play.

Throwing caution to the howling gales of hindsight,

That only serve to extinguish the flames. 81 more words


Play the Game Of Silence : Who is the quietest of all?

Children today are TOO busy being busy! Maths tuitions, Skate class, Dance class, Drawing class, school homework, enrichment class, extracurricular sports and the list is long. 353 more words

Antisocial Child

Why we do.. what we do?

Educational games on Computers and other devices – come with its own costs and benefits. e.g Multitasking is best learned when playing soccer, as well as video game. 493 more words

Antisocial Child

The Secret To Overcoming Procrastination: It's Not About Willpower

Procrastination is a universal problem. Even the most irritatingly well-organized people know the agony of putting something off until the last … possible … minute. Why do we put ourselves through this misery, knowing the consequences?

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Tips And Tricks

Impulses and duct tape

I am currently sat with a pair of wireless headphones on. The trouble is, I am listening to Tommy and keep shaking my head around! I grabbed my duct tape and strapped them on. 608 more words

0125: Impulsivity in a tattoo parlor

Sometimes I have to try something to see if I like it. Say hello to the girl that I am.

I originally pierced my eyebrow over the summer, after weeks/months of looking at… 339 more words

My So-called Life


Computers are primarily made up of two parts-memory and a processor. The memory stores information and the processor manipulates the information mathematically or logically.

Initial programming languages used simple logical or mathematical instructions which compared numbers and based on whether one was larger or smaller branched or went to another place in the code or program. 648 more words

Common Sense