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Madi's Story: Chapter 5

“OMG! This is gonna be such an awesome trip! Shopping and collecting seashells and eating and shopping!” Jordy rattled on, oblivious to the whirling thoughts in Madi’s head. 736 more words


Some Of The Creepiest Persons On Earth

We all wish for that superpower which would make us famous. I can see that from the way Hollywood produces superheroes movies. It’s in our cartoons, it’s in our movies, it’s in our speech, it’s in our minds, it’s everywhere. 395 more words



Earlier this week I had a massive trigger moment. One of those moments where you can’t catch your breath and your stomach falls through the floor. 1,406 more words


Oops. I made the mistake of thinking that I was doing really well, that I was handling stuff, and that I was all better (well, not completely all better, but definitely a little bit better). 1,142 more words

Pippa's Story: Chapter 4

Pippa readjusted her backpack and set off again on her quest. Her excitement over possibly finding a dragon anywhere in England had mostly fizzled out after a couple of hours of walking and climbing through the corridor pointed out by the family elders a few weeks before. 361 more words


Guilt & Gratitude

How do you ever make it up to someone that you sent them a suicide letter? Even if at the time you didn’t realise that was what you were doing because things were so fucked up in your own head? 918 more words


I’m not much of a twitter user – most of the tweets that go out are automated, like the account linked to this blog. I have a personal twitter account, but I hardly ever log into it. 1,024 more words