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Deal 882: Otis remembers Bess

It was George’s turn to work with Otis. The menagerie had become used to him wandering in for a chat, especially at times when Michel was busy with a client. 980 more words

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Deal 882 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: Levitation
The Old: orange, Typewriter
The New: Racket, Impulsiveness

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Deal 881: Otis had a past

Clearly, the dog is the key. He answers to Otis these days, and we met under circumstances that would try anyone’s patience. Of course, both of us being somewhat unusual, the circumstances were a catalyst to friendship. 244 more words

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Why Keep Our Promises?

Keeping Promises

Have you ever promised to do something for someone and later realized that to do the task would make things difficult for you?  What do you do in such situations?   585 more words


Deal 881 Preview

Old to New:
Pivot: dog
The Old: Voodoo, quill
The New: Impulsiveness, Beauty

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Trusting the wrong people (and forgiveness) 

As 2016 draws to a close, I wish to reflect on what was probably my biggest mistake of all;

Trusting people.

It’s not that the people I trusted were necessarily bad. 442 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Mercury retrograde, Mars, Uranus, and North Node. Get a grip!

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is the House of communication ruled by Saturn which is a cardinal sign. This is going to bring to light what you want for this new season we have just stepped into. 391 more words