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I was asked during my recent stay as an inpatient, if I was angry at the world. This question came from a psychiatrist who treated me nearly 10 years ago, who I’d been referred to only after after I’d been on meds for a couple of years. 728 more words

Deal 1122: Unexpectedly pie

The daily grind continues, with all the office denizens serving as puppets to the whims of their boss and company. But the strings aren’t all pulled from the top. 142 more words

Daily Deal

Chapter 2: Pippa's Story

It was a little past sunset in Castleton and most of the locals and vacationers had headed indoors. The days were getting shorter now and the temperature was a bit nippy this evening. 583 more words


Deal 1122 Preview

Again the River:
On a puddle of green (#b3de69) are dealt
Puppet, Lantern, Impulsiveness, Apple, and Typewriter

Daily Deal


I got a call today that there could be a place for me in a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) course starting next week, and it was an incredible relief to hear that. 525 more words


I’ve had trouble sleeping the past couple of nights, so have been up late doing a lot of research into psychology. I was quite shocked to find that Borderline Personality Disorder is grouped in with Cluster B personality disorders, which also includes Anti-social, Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorders. 1,296 more words


Have you ever felt so embarrassed, or thought you stuffed something up so badly that you wanted the Earth to open up and swallow you whole? 1,291 more words