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Happy New Year!

2015 was a whirlwind.

It was the year that a law enforcement agency on a federal level did what two local agencies could not do, finally bringing my stalker to his knees. 247 more words

3 Excuses We Use When We Mess Up

SOURCE:  Relevant Magazine/Adam Highfill

Most of us get shy and shameful when we hear the word “self-control,” mainly because most of us aren’t good at it. 1,076 more words

Healthy Living

Deal 490: Elves Must Go.

Tough times prevail across all of toyland, the candy cane harvest is exceptionally poor, the plushie farmers can bring only threadbare and understuffed plushies to market, the great playground ball swamps are drying up, and on top of that the elves are demanding higher production, higher taxes, and offering lower prices at market, all of which suddenly flipped the teddy bears over the edge from cute and cuddly to toothy and scary. 59 more words

Daily Deal

Taking the IELTS with poise

(Disclaimer: This is not a step-by-step procedure on how to ace your IELTS exam.)

OhhhhMyyyyGossssh. What a wonderful title for this entry. No wonder I only got 7.5 in the Writing section of the IELTS. 1,611 more words


Guest Post: YA Fiction- 5 Behaviours of Realistic Teen Characters

Ah, to be a teenager. It can be the most glorious moment of your life, or the part which you would never ever want to relive again – or both, at the same time. 477 more words

Guest Writer's Note

How Impulsiveness Can Boost Your Creativity: A Guest Post by Linda Craig

Have you ever felt the random urge to dump a milk carton over your head? Or to break into song in the middle of the office? 615 more words