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Watch a quick video on Ascom TEMS VoLTE solution


JavaScript required to play ASCOM_TEMS_VoLTE.

Voice over LTE is a complex technology, and maintaining the quality of voice service means getting the deployment right. 294 more words


IndyCar is doing good…..IndyCar is doing bad…. IndyCar is doing good…..IndyCar is doing bad

While away on vacation or, as the British like to say, on holiday, I have enjoyed being on the other side of the fence, leisurely reading the efforts and output of my fellow motorsport bloggers and writers. 1,039 more words

Dancing For Our Future Stars Gala @ The Crystal Tea Room

Saturday March 21st- IMS (Independence Mission Schools) held their first ever Dancing For Our Future Stars at the Crystal tea Room in Center City. The dance competition featured local celebrities from the fields of television, business, and government accompanied by some of the areas best professional dancers and choreographers. 212 more words


With two games for the Rutherford B Unit this weekend, the Cherries knew 6 points were needed to maintain the title push. First up were Telford, who had collected 21 points from their last 8 games and sat above Rutherford before kick-off. 668 more words



The triple-header of weekend IMS men’s football got underway on Friday night with a challenging match up against improving David Collett. The Cherries started the game 13 points ahead of DC and the league position superiority showed in the first 15 minutes when centre midfielder Al Roberts scored first from a set piece. 677 more words


Algo cool de lo cotidiano.

Hoy descubrí que cada día puedes encontrar cosas hermosas, cosas únicas, en donde menos creas encontrártelas, o sea, en lo cotidiano.

Comencé mi día de buenas, fui a hacer ejercicio y no hay nada más bonito para mi que encontrarme con gente igual de feliz, con sonrisas y disfrutando de lo que hacen desde temprano. 604 more words