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In November 2000, SIP was accepted as a ...

In November 2000, SIP was accepted as a 3GPP signaling protocol and permanent element of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture for IP-based streaming multimedia services in cellular networks.

“Spardha-2017” Annual Sports Day at IMS Ghaziabad

“Spardha-2017” Annual Sports Day at IMS Ghaziabad IMS Ghaziabad organized its Annual Sports Day “Spardha-2017” on February 28, 2017. Prof. J.P Sharma, Director – IMS Ghaziabad inaugurated the Sports Day by emphasizing the significance of staying fit in today’s era. 201 more words

IMS Ghaziabad

5G Network Slicing - Separating the Internet of Things from the Internet of Talk

Recognized now as a cognitive bias known as the frequency illusion, this phenomenon is thought to be evidence of the brain’s powerful pattern-matching engine in action, subconsciously promoting information you’ve previous deemed interesting or important. 2,095 more words

Internet Of Things (IOT)